Galge Review – Semiramis no Tenbin

001_jbxC6WPRBpvBQA“The Scales of Semiramis” is a title that goes out of your conventional carefree love-comedy. It’s a dark tale where everything is lies…EVERYTHING IS LIES!!!

Story & Characters

648_EVCG_ev068bHayami Reiji was supposed to be just an average high schooler, wasn’t it for two things, one being his strange “paranoia” that causes him to hear voices in his head. This sickness is already known by a considerable amount of people on his school, but no one treats him badly, thanks to his other special trait, his abnormally high charisma, which grants him friendship with people from both genders and different classrooms.128_EVCG_ev022aHe spent his days happily, being surrounded with friends and fun activities, until the arrival of Kamiyo Ami, a transfer student who catches everyone’s attention right at her first day. Reiji does not care so much for her, but the voices on his head warn him that this girl is dangerous.122_EVCG_ev020bThey met after school and she suddenly asks for shelter. According to Ami, she lives alone with her uncle, who is a human-waste and is just one-step from rapping her. She not only wants to stay on Reiji’s house for the night, but also requests him to take her virginity before she loses her right of choice.146_EVCG_ev023aThis doesn’t turn too swell for Reiji, as he gets tricked into Ami’s trap. She blackmails him with the many photos she took of them having sex while Reiji was under the effect of drugs. She claims the story about her uncle was real and she convinces Reiji to let her live at his place for a while. At first, she tells him all she needs is a place to sleep, but upon further sexual intercourse, she drags Reiji into becoming her “ally”.semiramis05It immediately gets clear (for the player, at least) that Reiji is just a convenient tool for Ami. He is a very popular student with lots of information on many powerful people in his school, has no special relationship with anyone, lives by himself, has no worries with daily expenses and makes a decent performance as a living dildo. Using his help, she intents to turn everyone in school into her “comrades”. Everything for the sake of her ultimate goal: To kill her uncle and go free of any suspect. For that end, she must become the most influent person in school. She decides to make Reiji’s club into her main base and joins his fortune-teller club.561_EVCG_ev063aAmong the people who will be more involved into Ami’s schemes is Akibe Eru, the president of the fortune-telling club. She is a mature and reliable girl who is known as a “saint” among other students. She acts very friendly towards other members and usually keeps a calm demeanor, but she completely has her composure broken by Ami when she is accused of using her “friends” as mere peons.semiramis06Takahashi Sunao is the most popular girl on Reiji’s class, she loves her position and Ami rapidly notices that she is a self-centered girl who feels disdain for her classmates. After having her rank robbed by Ami, she falls into a deep depression and exposes herself to Reiji, leading her to join their club later on.338_EVCG_ev041bAnou Touko is a too honest and pure of a girl to be on this story, she is a childhood friend of Reiji who secretly has her work published and has gained a certain fame, but this forces her to lose many hours of sleep, which gets Reiji worried. Thanks to Ami’s intervention, she is finally saved from her strict schedule and is made into joining the fortune-teller club as well. Little by little, she will lose her innocence by being exposed to all of Ami’s plans.425_EVCG_ev049bInui Fumika is a tiny kouhai from Reiji’s club who has a hard time being noticed around school and is unable to reach high places. Reiji is very useful for her, pressing the buttons of vending machines for her and even becoming her pillow for naps on the roof top. She is skilled with the computer and usually uses it to communicate with other members, since she is very shy, but thanks to her interactions with Reiji, she becomes more sociable.

Routes & Themes

semiramis07Just like Ren-ai Made Sentaku wa Hitotsu, this game’s real protagonist is NOT the male character whose point-of-view you follow (in this case, Hayami Reiji), but it’s actually Kamio Ami. This is very clear as the plot and characters are always revolving around her.013_EVCG_ev002aShe is also the responsible for the development of every other heroine, and solves many of their problems thanks to her absurd intelligence, while Reiji just watches. There are some rare occasions where is Reiji who does the talking, but he is merely being moved by her words, sometimes he is simply following instructions but, unknown to him, he is manipulated into doing her will as well.284_EVCG_ev033bFor this reason, when one of the heroines have a problem, it’s for Ami they go look for, while Reiji isn’t capable of doing much. It’s really pathetic, since the two live in the same apartment, but the girls just ignore him and go after Ami.347_EVCG_ev043_a3Ami is also an extremely talented person and is able to do about everything and is a fast learner. She always manages to stay at the top of any situation. For instance, Ami says Eru is the only person she can’t read into, but this is immediately proven wrong, as Eru is always bested by her and always loses her cool next to this red-haired devil.011_EVCG_ev001So, she is Light from Death Note! In other words, she has meta-powers and the writer grants her any ability necessary for her to get over all obstacles. Nothing against that but, if she is Light Yagami, I wonder why I have to play as Misa Amane! I freaking hate Misa! She is a lame character who only serves as a convenient tool for the main character. There’s a good reason for why she isn’t the protagonist of the manga, it would be really boring to follow the story by her point-of-view, and this is exactly what happens here!076_EVCG_ev013bThere are good Visual Novels where the main character is a female, so why don’t we follow Ami’s perspective here? It’s just because she wouldn’t be able to have sex with a bunch of different girls? But if it’s like this, it will make it difficult for me to pretend to be playing games like this for it’s rich plot rather than for fapping material!381_EVCG_ev045cIf the guys from Caramel Box didn’t wish for this to happen, at least give me a decent main character! Reiji is not an over-the-top idiot like most “hetare” protagonists out there, but it doesn’t change the fact he is really dumb. I can also accuse Ami of “superficial-intelligence”, while she doesn’t use unnecessary difficult words to make herself look smarter than she really is, she DOES make Reiji suddenly become stupid when next to her in order for her plans to work. This wasn’t really necessary, as Ami is already a pretty convincing con-artist, but Reiji is so unimpressive that makes you wonder why he is scoring all those girls.semiramis09There are some really stupid things in the plot, like Eru being the blood-related daughter of a priest…Look here, Japan: PRIESTS CAN’T MARRY! There are some rare cases where married men can be converted, but it’s a really delicate matter full of complicated conditions! I believe you guys are looking for a Pastor/牧師(A.K.A. Parish Priest) and not a 神父, those are two different things! JUST GOOGLE IT! FOR CHRIST SAKE!560_EVCG_ev062bI must admit I am no specialist, but Eru being a hermaphrodite whose only abnormality is that she can’t get pregnant, sounds all convenient for fapping sake. It also feels really unnecessary and silly!semiramis10But the biggest problem with this game is with the choices and the influence they have in the story flow…which is none! To be honest, it’s only for the last three or so that the events will start to change depending of your decisions, until then, whenever you pick something, Ami will convince you to do whatever she wants, so you don’t really have a choice in the matter. It’s true that many other (shitty) Galges have this same problem, but Caramel Box gave us a choice-meter which marks all your decisions as blue or red, so you would expect your action would be more significant.semiramis07The game has an interesting feature, which is two playing modes: “Balance Play” and “Digest Play”. Balance Play is you usual Galge-fare with lots of choices until the specific routes, while Digest Play is much more pragmatic, as leads you directly to a heroine’s route, with no choices required. The only downside is that you can’t see the many bad endings within the game, which would make School Days fans really disappointed…


semiramis01Ah! Norita! How Nostalgic! I was saving the drawings from his web page in my PC before he even started working on Otoboku (in other words: Before he was cool).semiramis02His drawing haven’t changed much since then, which is not a problem, since his art-style is pretty good, but nothing breath-taking. He can draw some pretty erotic CGs, but still has some problems with hands, gestures and poses.semiramis03Caramel Box promised us some petankos, and they did deliver it, or else, Fumika would be just a lie, and I desaprove that, as there is enough lies in this game already! Nevertheless, it’s undeniable that big melons are predominant, and most measures are pretty ridiculous as usual…275_EVCG_ev031b


542_EVCG_ev060_b2The voices are good, We get the most decent “galge-only” seiyuu, but some lack in skills are noticeable, especially during dramatic scenes. In the end, it is more of a mixed-bag, with some convincing performances and others that can be even funny…at the wrong times! The music is also good. It’s not impressive or unique, but it goes one step further from the typical .mid fest that we usually get from Galge. The digital instruments do a nice work and doesn’t sound as artificial as other Galges soundtrack. The composition is average, nothing that will be stuck in your head after you’re finished with the game…


654_EVCG_ev072Does all my many complains mean this is a bad game? No! Semiramis no Tenbin has a well-written dark story with interesting characters and well-paced events! I just think it shouldn’t be a Galge. Maybe a book, or just a Visual Novel without sex scenes and different routes. This wouldn’t make much of a difference, since Ami’s route is the only one that matters, and the other heroines’ routes are really short and weak! But…Oh well, I guess every VN player needs to “onani” sometimes…117_EVCG_ev018b

11 responses to “Galge Review – Semiramis no Tenbin

  1. priests you say as what we have known in Japan Priest = Pastor, hence kotomine… yeah yeah this aint Nasu verse but in Japan Priests can have families

    • Actually Priests are not the same thing as Pastors, even in Japan. This is the first line you get on the Pastor wikipedia page: “「神父」とは異なります。”
      From what I researched, it’s much more complicated than that. Men cannot form families after becoming priests, but when they already have a family and want to be converted, each case has different conditions, it’s even possible that they are required to separete from their families just to start their training!
      Those misunderstandings are not only with priests, though. It’s very common to see nuns having sex and marring on Eroges like it was normal.
      At least, the information I got from the internet say this doesn’t happen, even in Japan. However, since the internet is not 100% accurate, I am willing to trust any information with a more trustworthy source.

  2. Funny how i was giggling at this VN 2 days ago, one i am pretty interested in. So thanks for review this. Guess i need to push this one higher on my list. Just how long is Ami’s route? You’re review is basically telling me to fuck the others, not literally, but skipping their route. So, with just Ami and common route? Short read?

    Would prefer to be light, but oh well, Misa is okay too..I mean, neither Misa’s nor Ami’s bust does any harm. except that misa is stupid.

    • Every route is super short and with a boring plot. Ami’s route is undoubtedly the most well-written, but it wasn’t noteworthy for me, and it seems most people in the Galge community feels the same…

  3. Ehhhhhhh…. Now this is being a bit half-assed… I don’t know if I want to play this game or not. Considering my high expectations, I’ll probably be disappointed, but I actually like Norita’s ero-CG a bit more than others…

  4. Letting Ami be the main character eh… That is an interesting idea that I have never thought about. I personally have no problem with a heroine like her playing the ‘Light’ part while the main protagonist be the support. Reiji wasn’t so much a Misa though in my opinion. He actually grew up and learn a lot of stuff from Ami.I actually find it interesting how his way of thinking changed from the start of the game till the end.

    • I know what you mean, Reiji definetely learns a lot from Ami, but since she has to teach him everything, I never had the feeling Reiji was acting by his own will and ideas. It feels like he’s always being manipulated by her.
      The Galge format was bad for this plot. I think this would be better as a book, since in a Eroge, you need a male protagonist (usually) and lots of H-scenes. It reminds me of what happened with the originally planned Fate/Stay Night novels.

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  7. if you dont mind can you tell me why the mc is covered in blood in the first cg

    • This is one of the many endings where the main heroine manipulates him into doing something horrible. I believe he kills one of the main heroines, but saddly, I can’t remember who exactly was his victim in this CG…

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