Anime Review – Akame Ga Kill

20140121_akame01This story tells the tale of a innocent countryside boy who wants to make himself known and rich in the big city. Being a big fan of RPGs I can definitely relate to this theme, even if it can be a little overused. Besides, this time we have a little different development from what you would expect at the end of this first episode. And I am sorry to say: SPOILERS.

01For this journey, we accompany Tatsumi, a young swordsman who plans on using his ability as a fighter to make money in the army to help his small village. He is a nice person, a capable fighter and somewhat funny. I wouldn’t put too much of a high score for him, but I can say he is a good main character. Maybe a little bit too naive, but I guess that is ok.

02After facing the harsh reality that making big in the army of a big city requires more than skill with a sword, it looks like Tatsumi’s dreams will be shattered. But that’s the perfect moment to introduce a new character: Leone03Oh, well, I guess you would like to see more. Ok, there she is:04After having Tatsumi pay her “lunch”, Leone promises to help him getting a good connection in the army if he gives her money. The main character happily accepts the proposition and stays in the tavern waiting for the girl to bring this promised guy-she-said-she-knows.05Yes, Leone just did take advantage of a innocent country-boy for her own self centered well being. Please, keep this in mind for future reference.

So, now poor Tatsumi would have to spend the cold night sleeping in the street, with no roof over his head. And I said would because this sad chain of events take him to meet Aria, a rich ojou-sama who can’t help but take poor people out of the streets.06She takes him to her house, where her father promises to help our hero finding someone he knows in the army to give Tatsumi a chance to get in it. What a nice old man. He even promises to help finding the two friends who left the village with the main character.07Oh, in this flashback the leader of the village gives the main character an small object that looks like a statue. I bet this is not going to be used later.

Tatsumi also hears about the dangers of the big city. The old man who controls the young emperor and the group of criminals who murders people who live in the capital during the night. Huh, I wonder who is the actual villain in this story…08But I sure know who appears first. The mansion gets attacked by the criminals of the Night Raid all of a sudden there is a lot of blood.09I mean, dear lord, is there a need for this much gore?10Rant time one: The music so far is ok. Nothing amazing but I liked it. Then they put a music that is a rip-off of the freaking Friday the 13th… Seriously? Don’t you wanna whisper some kill kill, mama there too? Geez…22Then we are formally introduced to the Night Raid group, the terrible criminals who… wait, is that Leone? Oh, but it is!! Now Tatsumi is going to get even with her. Except that he doesn’t really recognize her yet… really? sigh….11At this point we see the title character fighting for the first time. And she is very strong, defeating the main bodyguard with just one move.12Seeing the undeniable strength of the enemies, Tatsumi decides to at least try to help Aria escape the mansion, but he ends up being attacked by Akame, who easily stabs his chest and not the statue from the flashback.13The fight is about to continue and it is quite clear that Tatsumi has no chance against Akame, when Leone interferes and hold the girl. The hero finally recognizes her… and calls her boobs. Nice timing for that, bro.14Leone explains that Aria’s family have a building on their backyard that is used to keep people like Tatsumi, poor people who they promise to help. There, the rich family proceeds to torture and kill the prisoners. It is a graphic and heavy moment.15And the main character’s friends are there. Ok, here we go. Rant time two: Besides the fact that it is unnecessary for the audience to see friends of the hero suffering to care and understand that those people were horrible human beings who deserved to be punished, Akame ga Kill just did something that I can’t ever agree with, not even when my favorite writers do it: They introduced characters with the sole purpose of having them killed to shock us.16Killing characters is not a problem. It is heavy and emotional, adding a lot to storytelling when done right. But we need to care for it to be effective. Don’t introduce characters and kill them with less than 5 minutes of screen time! I want to know your characters, damn it! I am not Tatsumi, I did not grow with those two, I get that he cares, but I don’t! I mean, I do, but just as much as I care about the rest of the people who suffered in that place.17Aria proceeds to explain that they do that and no one should care. Rich people have their right to screw poor countryside people and that is that. Man, I would not fault Tatsumi a little for killing this girl…18Holy crap, that is some dead Ojou-sama. Congrats Tatsumi. Ok, I will say that there is ONE reason to make the victims being friends with the hero: making it personal to create a changing point. Even artifices that I don’t like can convince me when well done, there is no denying that. So from now on Tatsumi can act as a reliable main character who has learned the hard way that this place is bad and needs to change. Now he can be more…19Rant time three: I Hate Leone SOOO much. Let’s comically force the guy who just lost his two best friends to enter our group now. No need to bury your friends today, let’s all be happy friends together, listen to your untouchable onee-san.

Please, since this blog tries to keep some level of cursing control, insert a long chain of the most horrible things you can imagine here and have me directing them to this character. Thank you.

Do you remember when I told to keep in mind what Leone did, the fact that she robbed all the money from a poor guy who didn’t know the big city?20What makes her any better than the guys they just killed? Because what she did was less intense? She didn’t kill or torture them? Yeah, how freaking nice of her. She took all the money that guy had to eat and pay for a roof on a cold night. Now she wants to judge the vile people who commit injustice? Sure thing, yu are bery naisu!!

And this comedic scene at the end destroys any chance I had to see that serious and heavy moment of the main character as a serious moment. The episode is all made just for that moment, and after I was trying to like it, you go and screw it up.21So, I guess it is clear that I had some problems with this one, right? But the worse of it is that I did not like the Night Raid. At all. Not liking a first episode is fine, but not liking the main group as a whole sucks, because now I don’t think I can come to like the anime in the next episodes. Tatsumi is an ok protagonist but Akame seemed quite boring, I hope the hero can change her cold tedious heart later on, most of the guys seemed to have unlikeable personalities and… well, did I already say that I hated Leone? Because I do.

But don’t take my opinion too far, I heard it gets much better and don’t forget this is just the first episode.

13 responses to “Anime Review – Akame Ga Kill

  1. really smart review . on a different type of anime.

  2. I think it’s too early to make an anime review, considering we are just two episodes in, I want to hear your impressions when they reach near episode 10, it will be interesting.

    • Well, yes, I know it is early. For now I am just showing a initial opinion, but I think sometimes it is quite interesting to talk about first impression. It is a cool way to compare with what you think in the future.
      But, as I said in the review, I am aware that this series is quite popular and that I can’t just burn it because I didn’t like the first episode. I really hope it changes my opinion, since I need more animes to like these days.
      Thank you for the feedback!

  3. I really did find stupid that part when Leone stole his money and then she starts with her “justice”, thats so fu**ing ironic, but well, I’ll stick with this series because everyone is saying it will be amazing. But so far the characters are really stupid and generic.

  4. Nice first impressions. As for me, one thing sticks – I don’t know how can I laugh on those slapstick moment when a lot of people get cut and there’s lot of blood and gore. Still, it is very interesting. What I said earlier is just a minor complaint. 🙂

    • Yeah, kinda how I aways took Shaman King as light and fun action manga until the day Tao Yuán blew the head of a poor panda with his hands. Some times is hard to balance shock with comedy.
      Thanks for the compliment and I hope you keep liking the show – I may complain but I still aways hope people have fun with the hobbies I like.


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