Anime Review – Magimoji Rurumo

rurumo01Detta! Finally, I got the chance to watch one of the series I was most excited about for this season: Magimoji Rurumo! Not only this was recommended for every single person I know that has read the manga, it is based on a book written and drawn by Watanabe Wataru, the same author of Yowamushi Pedal – and we have sung many praises for this anime here on Otaku Overdrive before.
01On a bright sunny day, our main character, Shibaki Kouta, meets a girl who is going to change his life forever: Rurumo. The Girl introduces herself as a witch and makes a dire prediction about the short lived future of Kouta. He laughs it off until the little witch uses her magic to show she means business.02Rurumo explains that she will take the boy’s life as payment for granting him a wish he has made. Kouta understands then that the witch means something he asked for the other day:03You see, the main character is a member of the Occult Research Club (or something like that) with his friends in school and they found a book capable of summoning a witch’s power to give them something they wish for. Kouta wanted a girlfriend, but his friends pressured him into wishing something much more usefull: girl’s underwear. Our hero, ladies and gentlemen…rurumogif01The payment for granting such a wish is one’s life, so now Kouta must die. But she will help killing him.

Poor Kouta, he will die for panties he doesn’t know who was wearing. No, seriously, that IS what he worries about. Until Rurumo says that retrieving her only panties is also part of her reason to be there.05Now that he is aware of the existence of a girl going commando in the same room, Kouta’s worries about the end of his life are gone. And that is a good point to talk about something:

Many animes make the protagonist suffer being called a pervert when he just wants to help and ends up in a series of sad incidents. Here it is all good, for a simple reason: Kouta IS a pervert. And for some weird reason that actually makes it all better.06Rurumo explains that witches can’t give their stuff to people around, and that actually will make her contract with Kouta void. Now she is probably going to expend some 130 years locked away. Not a problem since she got used during the 60 she was in for the last time she got tricked by someone – Somebody else feels a foreshadowing?07But Kouta can’t have it and gives her underwear back, saving the little witch. But, since he was given his wish and the girl is still a witch, he has to pay his debt. Oh, well, Being a fair girl, Rurumo accepts only half of the payment and instead of killing Kouta, she just hurts him. A lot.08After all that, the main character receives a package with a bunch of magic tickets by mail and now he can summon the witch whenever he wishes by the cost of one of the little papers, bringing Rurumo from the air.rurumogif02But there is a catch: Each ticket he uses takes a part of his life away and, when they are all gone, he will die. That is explained by Rurumo’s talking cat, who also says that she doesn’t know about the deadly detail. You see, Rurumo is super nice, so, even if it is needed for her that Kouta uses the magic power and ends up dying, she will stop granting his wishes if she discovers this is going to kill him in the end.11Man, I liked this one. And know what is the main reason? The characters are likeable! How underestimated that has become lately. Is the story amazing? No, not really. It is ok but nothing impressive. But the characters are just so damn easy to relate that it gets really hard to complain about anything. Kouta is kinda of a pervert, but his nice moments feel so honest that I don’t see him in the “really, really kind” cliché. He is flawed but not useless. He is active and makes stuff happen. Also, he is quite funny by his own merits, not just because he sucks.10And Rurumo is awesome! She is cute but not annoyingly desudesu cute. She is honest and treats people like a nice human being should. She cares about herself but also avoids being a nuisance to others. She is a very good “The Girl” kind of character, bringing the plot without destroying the merits of the actual protagonist. Seriously, I really liked this character!

Here is to hope this Watanabe Sensei keeps delivering. But, this is still just the first episode.

3 responses to “Anime Review – Magimoji Rurumo

  1. Fun to find more people enjoying this show. Most of the aniblogs I follow seem to be passing this one by.

    Many Nagato Yuki-esque vibes from Rurumo, which is great. I’m more neutral on Kouta’s honest pervert characterization. I’ve actually seen plenty of this kind of protagonist, so Kouta’s not exactly unique in that point. (I’ll admit that the accidental grope->accusations of being a pervert cliche is far more aggravating.) The primary draw of this type of character is the contrast between his perverted side and his kind and caring side. So I’ll roll my eyes whenever Kouta talks about “being fulfilled”, and look forward to the development of his relationship with Rurumo.

    I’m loving the OP and ED as well. The OP’s march element along with the show title itself feel really nostalgic, like from some 90s-ish children’s anime that I haven’t actually watched. The ED is adorable and tells a mini-story as well. Rurumo’s face when Kouta pushes her around on the bike (shoutout to YowaPeda?) is the best.

    • I also love this story. Both the Opening and Ending are also great. Different from most love comedies, they didn’t put all females seiyuus in the cast to sing a high-pitched song in unison. Thankfully, Suzuko Mimori knows how to sing decently, which was a big plus for the opening.
      I also agree the little march element is really charming, evokes nostalgia and it feels different from most compositions in the genre.
      The ending scenes were taken from a actual chapter of the manga, so I guess they will not turn this one into an episode. Oh well…
      Now that you mentioned, I am impressed with how the manga ended with a complete story of its own without the author making any cameo or reference to Yowamushi Pedal, which was being published at the same time. Most mangakas nowadays do this type of cameo so casually that this kind of thing lost most of its appeals to me.

    • It is sad that this ins’t getting the deserved attention. But oh, well, maybe it will catch on later. At least I hope so.
      I see that Kouta isn’t super original, but I think it works with Rurumo by his side in a way that wouldn’t with most heroines this day, in the end it is Rurumo that makes this one so cool for me.
      This ending is one of the most (if not the most) well placed I have seen this season.

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