Galge Review – Shuki Shuki Daishuki!! (Warning: Lolis)

shukishuki07This is one of the galges from the “unholy triad” which are three title released at the end of June and are the reason why galgamers are calling last month as “Loli-June”. Since I decided to unveil the truth behind this special period, I am starting with the one I presumed to be the worst. Was I correct to assume this? Or am I on for a big surprise?

Story & Characters

shukishuki01shukishuki04Usami Youji was summoned by his older sister Usami Mimi to come work in her Fancy shop USAMi (for those who didn’t get the joke, their names sound like the Japanese for “rabbit ears”). Since his onee-chan is definitely no loli, Youji couldn’t care less for her, but all Mimi had to do was to say her store was infested with little girls to make Youji appear there in the blink of an eye!shukishuki09Mimi was not lying, as her store was really popular among girls around the age of 10 (but let’s not be too specific here! Remember: All galge heroines are technically older than 18!), and the first one who had to deal with Youji was Miura Chikage, who knew Youji when she was (even) younger. Unfortunately, she became too shy to face men, so she was unable to talk with her beloved onii-chan.shukishuki08No Problem! Because Mimi has the brilliant idea of putting Youji in the role of the store’s mascot: Usamin! Which means his face would be covered by the mascot costume, problem solved, right?!

shukishuki02shukishuki03Alright! I must admit: That part was really funny!…And creepy!shukishuki10Youji also befriends Tamara Vladimirovna Nabowkva, who lives next door to his new apartment. This little russian girl suddenly becomes really attached to him and she even gets used to calling him “papa” from when they were playing house.

0694_songxs_eva61_shop_010663_songxs_eva50_icha_03Futaba Aoi also becomes an important piece on Youji’s new life. She was a small idol who released some DVDs, but became too stressed with her job and family issues before she could make big. She ran away from home, but Youji finds her in the park and helps her. If you enter her route, Youji will offer her to live with him for the time being. Otherwise, you will just leave her alone at the park to die!

Themes & Routes

0002_songxs_ev210_onanie_01From all loli games out there, this one should be one of the most questionable! The girls look realistically young. They don’t have those developed parts and sexy curves that every loli got in this type of game, regardless of their age. But it doesn’t end there: The girls also act more realistically childish (most of times, at least). They like to play silly and boring games and are easily fooled. They sure are convincing when it’s about being a child, but I think they have gone too far! Tamara doesn’t even know how to speak properly yet!0364_songxs_ev320_sumata_04Well, this game choices are pretty obvious. You click at some icons a couple of times and Voilà! You just got yourself into a heroine’s route! From this point on, you just have to be aware for one choice at the end, which will send you to the normal ending or the “big belly” ending. So, even though they are more loli than the norm for most galges, somehow, they already had their first period, so they are all ready to get pregnant! Because this loli fetish really needs to be combined with the “pregnancy” one. Who cares for how conflicting and bizarre those things are?


shukishuki05One of the weirdest graphics I’ve seen for a Galge! While the lolis really look like children, all the (rare) adults look weirdly young and child-like. It seems like there’s a loli disease affecting everyone in this world, little by little! Creepy!1249_songxs_evt60_oil_02


0471_songxs_eva00_taiiku_02Everyone should know the drill by now: Mediocre BGMs and good voice act…WAIT! To be honest, the voice acting for this one is kind of “between”. Obviously, they didn’t get real children to voice this porn game, so we get the usual middle-aged girls voicing little girls who have less than a half of their age. Their voices sound so forced and unnatural that it’s actually kinda cute some times, but I believe most people will only be annoyed by how obnoxious they are!1302_songxs_evt61_ika_03


Different from many other games, this one doesn’t try to fool you by clamming little girls are in high school or that they are adults who just never seem to age, for no given reason. Yeah! Those guys from Iris have balls! Should you give them the thumbs up and play their game? I could not answer that for you. At least, there’s one thing I can say for sure: They wanted to do a Nukige filled with lolis and with no plot whatsoever, and they did just that!shukishuki06v2

11 responses to “Galge Review – Shuki Shuki Daishuki!! (Warning: Lolis)

  1. Yeah! Pregnant lolis! [\sarcasm]
    Now excuse me while I go take a shower. My soul feels dirty just from joking about it…

  2. Let’s be honest, these are better than 3D old hags!

    • Haha! So harsh with the old ladies, but yes, I would love to be some kind of surrogate father for lolis, but anything more would hurt them, and I would never hurt a loli! unworthy

    WELL… Preggo lolis yeah… the first game from Iris soft also has it so I guess they are following the lead that Tanuki-soft made… but let’s not get into this well so whose going to read the oshiko loli game for this month or was it next month… I think next month ohh yeah read Chicha love aparuto out of boredom so so… really…

  4. Oshiko game? It’s funny how this is already a thing! And I thought Love&Piss was a rarity. That’s funny, and sad at the same time…
    Yes, everyone seems to be saying nice things about Galette’s loli games since that “Santafull” game, but mostly thanks to Onii-chan Sharing, and Chiccha Love aparuto is part of the “devilish-trinity”, so…

  5. My… how far your soul has fallen…

    Honestly, this game sickened me from its announcement, and while I’m a hardcore lolicon, I’m definitely not a pedophile. As with Zun said on Micchi’s blog, games like this should really have some kind of an alarm that alerts the authorities upon install, and unlike our hilarious friend, I’m relatively serious.

    Good to know you’re playing nukige more often though

    • Haha! Now I get it! For a moment there, I thought you were talking about the legendary drunk game-developer.
      Well, I would be lying if I was to say my soul doesn’t get dirtier little by little with each Galge I play. This one just happens to be on a higher level…

  6. I totally botched his name, right? It was Zen, not Zun LOL
    I’m tired. I have a train to catch at 2 today and got my blood taken this morning.

    Please excuse me while I comfort myself with more Hapymaher (which isn’t really that good, but I’ll be playing its fandisc for Maia)

  7. This game is sick, I really don’t get how anyone can play and enjoy it.

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