Galge Review – Chiccha Love Apart (Warning: Lolis)

apartment02And here we go: My review for the second game from the “demoniac trinity” in an attempt to vanquish the evil within Galette – a company that got super popular with loli-games such as “Onii-chan Sharing”. This particular title is from the same team who worked on their “Santaful Summer”, which means the cast is…”lolier” than usual! Hooray!


apartment01Karashima Naoto is a carefree guy until the day he meets Tama, the self-proclaimed “god of bounds” who works as a guardian for his apartment. Naoto is asked to work hard in the management of the building by making all tenants happy and keeping anyone from moving out. This is all in order to make Tama stronger again, and to this end, the divine powers will give many opportunities for Naoto to get closer to his tenants, who mostly just happen to be cute under-aged ladies!


0262Komori Hinata is Naoto’s cousin, for this reason, she is the heroine to be closer to Naoto from the start. So close, in fact, that she ends up watching her onii-chan talking with a plushier and immediately feel really sorry for him. Consequently, she asks to all her (loli) friends to become Naoto’s friends, so he would not be forced to talk to plushiers when feeling alone.0030Kuramoto Mutsumi is an energetic-but-dumb type of girl, which makes her mother have Naoto helping with her studies. After Hinata’s request, she starts to spend more time with Naoto, which leads to her falling in love with him. She is concerned about her lack of “feminine charm”, but does not notice her beloved tutor already had “the hots” for her since a long time ago.0063v2Torikai Nina is half Russian, half Japanese and half bear-pig. I don’t understand where Japanese people got this idea that Russian people talk in a very weird fashion, but it is really frequent in nowadays galges, without mentioning animes! On Nina’s case, she has to mix a lot of basic Russian compliments in her lines, such as Horoshó/хорошо (well done) or spasibo/спасибо (thank you). She loves vegetables and has a small garden full of them. Naoto often helps her taking care of it, which brings them closer together.1209Sakurabashi Takano is a little idol who is produced by her own mother – a very skilled actress. Nevertheless, she lives at the same apartment as the rest of the heroines, because…”divine powers”, I guess? Because of the way she was raised, she is abnormally mature, which is why she acts like the “onee-san” of the bunch, always looking after the other girls and being even more dependable than Naoto. However, it’s thanks to him that Takano finds something she had long forgotten: The joys of a child’s life!…and then, they get in an adult relationship…0097Hayami Ayaka is a precocious brat who dreams of having a magical encounter with a handsome prince, which seems to translate to meeting Naoto when her mother brought her along to look for a new apartment. Even though Ayaka was sure that Naoto was the man of her dreams, her family was still not sure about moving to the building, so she starts to visit Naoto every now and then.

Themes & Routes

0791This game is short…No! I am not talking about the heroines! The playthrough’s length for each route is really short. There’s no mystery to complete the game, as you just need to pick the icon representing your favorite loliko for a couple of times to get to a specific route.1093There’s not much in form of character developments and any attempt at drama is laughable. Usually, the girls’ parents find out about Naoto’s relationship with them, to what they respond with a: “We already knew, and we approve!” or a “I am angry, but just because you hide it from me, but I approve!” or even a “Oh, really? That’s great! Why did you keep it a secret?”. This is followed by credits and an epilogue with less than 2 minutes that is basically the same thing for every route: “Look at this CG showing how a live happily with my loli-waifu!”.0007 Oh well! At least, it’s not like the developers were even trying to do something more. This IS a Nukige, after all! And there’s plenty of Ero-scenes for every loli-lover!


1051The art-style is the combined effort of 3 artists: Usume Shirou, Pikazo & Massan. Their styles blend together really well and it’s so incredibly cute that turns this game into a MOE paradise! And yet, I find myself not caring so much for the heroines or their situations. Maybe it’s this “Nukige style” of not doing much building-up for the characters’ relationships and jumping directly to the “action”. 0124Nevertheless, I appreciate this art-style, especially after having to deal with Shuki Shuki Daishuki’s overly realistic lolis. Here, we are back to the tradicional style of making little girls with curves and volumes that makes them look like a miniature high-schooler.


1140v2Once again, voices are by adult women trying really hard to make their most high pitched voice to sound much younger than they really are. It sounds nothing like a real child, but it’s so weird that it’s cute!0316Oh Yeah! The music ROCKS! ♫Chiccha Love, iiiiima wa♪…Just kidding, it sucks! Actually, it’s not that bad, just keep away from that main theme!


0003Got Loli? Because this game does! A lot of them! And it’s also a Nukige, so you’re free from all that boring story-thing that always get in the way of all the fun! All characters are likable and there‘s no one treating the protagonist like shit, which means this is a good game to…relax? Anyway! If this game was not to your liking, the next and last title from the devilish triad might appease you more…

7 responses to “Galge Review – Chiccha Love Apart (Warning: Lolis)

  1. Behold, the Russian loli. See the fine filaments of her flaxen hair. Hear her gentle yet earnest voice and the endearing idiosyncrasies of her speech. Let it be known throughout the land that the daughter of Mother Russia is truly a loli among lolis. Wafu~! nano desu!

  2. IT’S NABOKOV’s fault look at lolita for more info

  3. can yu turn the language into english on the downloadable version???

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