Galge Review – Niina-chan Lovely Life (Warning: Lolis)

0001__0000Action, conflicts, tragedy and drama! The final installment in the “3 Treasures of The Abyss” saga! What awaits for us in this epic conclusion?! How about a Lovely Life?


0426__0425v2Hashimoto Ken-ichi is a pretty normal guy, just like anyone, even you reading this review! He could be pretty much any of us! Except for his 4 adorable childhood friends who love him dearly and decide to compete against each other to see who will become his official girlfriend. Suddenly, I don’t feel like I can identify with this guy anymore. I wonder why…


0407__0406v2Hashimoto Niina – as her name suggests – is Ken-ichi’s little sister, and a blood-related one, no less! Therefore, she is obviously head over heels for her unremarkable (yet, really kind!) onii-chan! And… She is the most loli of the group and…That’s about it! Have fun!0157__0146v2Mizusawa An is a tsundere, but not really. She goes all dere-dere right at the first scene in the game and bluntly declares her devotion for the protagonist. She also fills the slot for the tomboy character, giving that lovely gap-moe!0734__0733v2Hasekura Yuriko is the most adult girl in this harem, both in body and mind. A very “H” girl, second only to Momoka. She is also a bit of a prankster, and more importantly: She has big boobies! Do not forget about this!0262__0251v2YES! I finally get to write about Yuyuguchi Momoka! Her mere existence makes me laugh my socks off! She openly admits to have many boyfriends, but don’t worry! Those are nothing more than men who love her, and she loves to be loved, so she never rejects anyone, even though she doesn’t love any of them particularly. However, her feeling for Ken-ichi are on a completely different scale, since she was the one to fall in love with him. Therefore, inside her twisted mind, the men who she goes out with regularly are all her boyfriends, but she ISN’T their girlfriend, since this position is reserved only for her true love! Additionally, she also kept her virginity intact, just to offer it as a present for the ever popular protagonist! The idea was to be original and challenging by creating a bitch heroine, but to make her easier to be accepted by Galge players, they came up with this “whore with a pure heart”, which is a concept so full of conflicting ideas that make this character look like a huge mess of a joke!

Theme & Routes

lovelylife02Just like you would expect from a Nukige, there’s not too much of a plot going on in this game. You simply choose a girl to go on a date and choose the location and the clothes she will be wearing. Yes! You choose everything, even her clothes! But your options are limited at first, as you need to build up the heroines’ affection for the protagonist, as if they are not obsessed enough for the guy…lovelylife03Instead of throwing you directly into one route, the game forces you to go through this sequences of choices before any new scene, even though your limitations make clear this is only to give you an illusion of choice by giving you a extra chore.0294__0283v2Every event consists of Ken-ichi going out to some place and then having sex with his partner with not much of an explanation, bulding up, or romantic atmosphere. It is like a Nukige of a Nukige!


1216__1215v2Even though the art is by 3 artists (Shiratama and Niniya) it feels like everything is drawn by the same person (except for the SDs by Shirasu Horio), but again, it’s not like the art quality is particularly high or unique. Actually, some CGs for H-scenes have weird proportions, especially for arms and heads.


0089__0078v2Nothing to be impressed here, not even for the voice acting! While nothing sounds atrocious, there’s nothing pleasant for the ears on those seiyuus acting and as well as their acting is nothing to be impressed with. The music is forgettable and it sounds almost like .midi, but if you decided to appreciate this game for what it is trying to be, music is the last thing you should be concerned with.


lovelylife01Although the name of this game has emphasis on Lovely Life, it’s not exactly a loli-centered game, so I choose to venture myself through this one for last, as it would be a nice recovery after playing through the first 2. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a tremendously shitty game. But this was the first game from the new “Puchi Parfait” brand, so we shouldn’t expect much, or should we? At least I can say that, based on this first title, it’s hard to believe they would be able to pull off something considerably better, unless they make a huge change in their staff. Nevertheless, this epic journey finally comes to an end…for now! But don’t worry, as long 2D lolis have a smile on their faces, a new “hope” will definitely come! Like: Next month, probably!

13 responses to “Galge Review – Niina-chan Lovely Life (Warning: Lolis)

  1. Since you finished Shuki shuki, Chicha love apart, and Niina-chan, I’m here to say congrats that you just unlocked new achievements. First is “All hail to the loli” for finished 3 loli eroge in a row. Second is “The pedophile sage of June 2014” for finished all loli eroge that released in June 2014.
    Btw, how many loli eroge that you already finished so far? More than 10 ?

    • Thank you for giving me Achievements, it’s so unfortunate that unlocking those things is useless, unless this was Soul Calibur…
      Anyway! I am not so happy about it, since those games are not so good. I think Chiccha Love Apart was the best one among those 3, but it was still boring. I usually would be sad after playing such boring games, but since UNI was already released, I don’t really care anymore! 🙂
      You know what? I don’t really keep counting how many loli games I’ve played, so I am not sure, but I don’t play those very often. Aside from the 4 I’ve made reviews for, I can only remember one more by Unison Shift (

      • LOL.
        After read a nukige eroge for the first time, I learned something important about it. Try to never expect a good thing from nukige eroge because most of nukige eroge are shitty eroge. I always keep that in my mind when I played nukige eroge so I won’t get disappointed with it. Nukige is full of ridiculous things, sex, and moans in it after all.
        Glad you finished loli eroge less than 10. I almost give you another achievement if you fnished 10 or more loli eroge.
        Btw, AstralAir is already out. >_<

      • Yes, I did notice that AstralAir was already released, but you sure are excited about it, since you post this warning 3 times…or was this just an accident?

      • That’s true I’m excoted about AstralAir, but I post that warning 3 times was an accident. I use my android (not my laptop) to reply your comment.

  2. At least the character designs are something I wouldn’t mind becoming a 犯罪者 for. ww (This also applies to the previous review)

  3. Congrats! I see you finished all three games and holy shit I bow to your masochism for it: I can never do the same.

    Honestly, I’m really guilty because it feels like I made you play these games, after I asked you about “nukige” suggestions even though you weren’t really that experienced. Well, I tainted another pure soul: my work here is done *poofs*

    • We all have to be hit in order to pay them back ten fold! By writing posts like these, I am able to do what many are not brave enough to do: To point out exactly how horrible a bad game can be. And I love to talk bad about those shitty games!
      Also, you flatter me too much! You’re not half-bad either! Good luck playing G.I.B.! I leave this month’s kusoges at your care! Baton Touch!

  4. Oh mai.. I’ll give this game a try when i’m free.

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