Anime Review – Tokyo Ghoul

tokyoghoulnewThis time I will talk about what is probably the most mainstream series of this season: Tokyo Ghoul. Funny how I was kinda skipping the manga series even being a bigger otaku about reading then watching stuff. Well, now that I finally got started, is it as good as everyone told me?

Being honest? I have seen little to make my mind on this one. There is a part of me that really wants to love this series but I still not really sure it will keep hitting my spot as it goes.
Tokyo Ghoul Tokyo Ghoul is the story of Kaneki Ken, a young adult who is in his college days. He likes to read and lives a rather common boring life. Not really what I would expect from a protagonist of a violent series, full of blood and gore and… bloody gory violence.Tokyo_Ghoul_PV2Sweet Jesus man!! Ok, I get it, not going to doubt you anymore. Something very interesting about Tokyo Ghoul is how the series bases itself in the growth of the character. Kaneki Starts as a normal dude, who has his life forever changed when a incident turns him into a rare “half-ghoul”. Now, he is part of a different race, one that cannot eat anything but humans!Tokyo-Ghoul-1-8Kaneki can’t stand it and tries, to no avail, to eat normal food. Ghouls metabolism does not digest anything but humans… and coffee… Ok, that’s random. So, from now on, our main character has to learn how to live as a ghoul. Making the protagonist an outsider of the culture used in the story is a very popular way to make the audiency learn with him. Not aways a good choice for being, many times, contrived but here makes sense, so works perfectly.Tokyo-Ghoul-Kirishima-ToukaKirishima Touka is the main heroine of the series. I would not call her The Girl, since she gets in the story after Kaneki’s life changes. Someone else has this honor. Well, Touka is… kinda of a bitch. Like, I admire people who are honest and let you know when they don’t like you, but man, this chick likes to complain.Tokyo Ghoul - 02 - Large 06And I know Kaneki said something she got offended about in their first meeting, but can’t you cut him some slack? Life as he knew since ever had just ended, the guy deserves some space on that. And the worst part of it is that he is actually a cool guy. He is nice and tries hard to adapt to this new enviroment, Does she really have to be so strict with him? Geez…649552Again, let’s talk about a writing technique. Some authors can make their characters with clear flaws or relationship hardships so that aspect is felt as a great character growth when surpased. I like to call that the Kurono Kei Syndrome. If well done, it is very effective, but sometimes feels cheap. Since Tokyo Ghoul is about development, let’s wait and see.650068In the resource aspect, Tokyo Ghouls is doing fine, as you would expect from such a popular series. The anime has some good budget, with very good art and animation. The action feels clear and well presented, let’s hope it keeps the great work on that front.Tokyo-Ghoul-02The sound is very good too. The songs are well placed and the opening is one of the coolests I’ve seen this year. The voices are quite good with some well know casts like Hanazawa Kana.Tokyo Ghoul - 01 - Large 02Ok, but let me nitpick a little now. If you don’t like gory stuff, stay away. This series means business on that front. It is a story where humans are not the top of the food chain, and they GET EATEN. Be warned.

Kaneki Ken Fight in Tokyo GhoulAre those inner organs raping killing tentacles Kaneki has really necessary? I mean, the ghouls are super strong and tough, the fights are already good and the series get the point across well enough that they are way too powerfull for humans to stop them. The anime gives that “almost realistic but not really” feeling, but as soon as those red weird things show up, it kinda goes away. It feels like “shonen necessity number 12” or something…Tokyo-Ghoul-Manga-Leitura-OnlineBut, in the end, it is just that: nitpicking. The series is interesting and very well executed so far. My only fear is that Touka’s development ends contrived and that the magical super duper powers get out of hand. That is a lot of good for this little problems, and I am keeping some of the good stuff out of the review on purpouse because I want to avoid spoilers for the – if there is any – people who have yet to watch. It is worth and I recommend this one if you like your anime a little raw and red.

4 responses to “Anime Review – Tokyo Ghoul

  1. The review is good enough for me to give this anime a go. I have my eye on this anime for quite sometime now. It think i’ll watch this at some point. Have a bit of a time constraint lately.

  2. As much as I would love to try this anime, I think I will pass. Yups it is interesting, but I’ve seen enough pictures to make me stay away from it

    • Yea, it is very blunt on what it shows and if it is not your style, you are completely right to avoid it. This season has good choices for everyone, thankfully.

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