Galge Review – Love Revenge

0002_000v2Love Revenge is DE@R’s first effort in the Galge industry, and it tries to be a funny and sentimental story about love. Does it hold well enough? HELL NO! But if you’re really interested to know the details, go forth!

Story & Characters

0536_CG_karenKusunoki Yuuki is a super-bishie martial artist who saves a lady from peril when a group of men were trying to have their way with her. Her name was Aizawa Ran and our hero becomes emotionally invested for her. She accepts to go out with him, but unfortunately, Yuuki gets the boot when he asks to start a serious relationship with her.loverevenge05She joyfully explains how she was just fooling around by staying with him, and how she only accepted this pretend-to-be-lovers thing because her friends forced her to do it as punishment, since she was the one who teased those men in the first place. But as she was not interested in any “sticky relationship”, she says she will never meet him again, since she already have a new boyfriend, (who isn’t actually very “new”). After saying this, she leaves to her date in a high-spirit.0053_CGH_tatuki01v2When getting home, Yuuki finds out he became afraid of the mere human touch – especially coming from females – when he instinctively hits the hand of his little sister Kusunoki Tatsuki who was merely concerned about him. Instead of becoming angry, scared or disgusted by this reaction, his imouto found it  exhilarating to being rejected by him, awaking her to the M fetish, and consequently making her a Brocon. Even so, Yuuki could not believe in himself anymore and became a shut-in.0385_CG_rieru02_02Through the internet, Yuuki met a person going by Lier. He was desperate, so before he noticed, he ended up spilling everything that happened with him. Thanks to Lier’s counseling, little-by-little, Yuuki managed to regain some confidence on other people again, and he never forgot all the wise words of advice from Lier which made this possible (“what are those wise words?” You ask? I don’t know! Since the game doesn’t tell us, I believe the writer doesn’t know, either), thus their friendship – though online only – became everlasting.0075_CGH_honoka03_03v2Being partially cured, Yuuki was now able to speak with two of his best-friends ever: Azami Taiga (cutely nick-named as “Azamin”) – a strong looking young man who is kind of a wimp and strives to be a model-student, always giving support to the teachers and being really reliable and mature when it comes to delicate matters such as Yuuki’s problems, therefore, becoming a vital person in the protagonist’s daily-life. There was also Hiiragi Honoka, who is Yuuki’s overzealous childhood friend. She is very naïve, has big breasts, loves to eat, and…That’s about it! She doesn’t have much going on…0745_CGH_rin02Since Yuuki still couldn’t freely touch someone of the opposite gender, he always kept a certain distance from Honoka, but this was misunderstood by Suzushiro Rin, who was best-friends-forever with Yuuki’s big-boobed childhood friend, whose existence he had never noticed before that moment, which comes to show how close he is to Honoka. When Rin got close to enquire why her best-friend was being excluded from the group, her mere presence was super effective and made Yuuki faint. On the next day, she felt bad for what happened and offered some cookies as compensation.0798_CG_rin01_13Henceforth, the two became friends (not particularly “good friends”, but still…), she eventually opened up about how she also fears the opposite sex because of a trauma born from when her older sister’s boyfriend almost raped her. Rin’s sister – Suzushiro Aoi – was a nymphomaniac who arranged the rape to happen because she wanted her little sister to feel the same pleasure as her. As this didn’t go well, Rin got away from her bitch-of-a-sister, but the whole thing was investigated by the police, which gave birth to many nasty stories about Rin, leading her to be blackmailed by delinquents who threatened to spread rumors if she didn’t do their bidding.0550_CG_senri01_07v2But enough of that heavy stuff! Look: Yuuki just run into this reverse trap Asagiri Senri. A genius girl who loves “cute things”, which includes people, Therefore, he is always surrounded by girls who call her “prince” (not the singer!). Since Yuuki is a super-duper bishounen, she mistook him for a girl and fell in love with him at first sight.0661_CG_renka02_04v2Even so, she made way for Hazakura Renka, the humanoid robot she constructed when she was just a little child. Renka is Senri’s best (only?) friend and also shares her same taste for cute things, hence why she also fells in love for Yuuki, going as far as forcing the guy to treat her like an older-sister. However, Renka’s weak points are hit in an accident, inflicting massive damage on her, forcing the android to use a spare body of her child-self for a while.0397_CG_rieru04_01What nobody expected was that Liel Anderson would use the powers of her Anderson Corporation to buy the whole city and changed the school into a boarding institute full of games with the theme of love. If Yuuki wanted to stay in that school he needed to move to the new dorm, where he would be forced to share a room with a female.0806_CG_rin02_05 Hoping to be completely cured of his gynophobia, Yuuki accepts the challenge and becomes Rin’s roommate, but he wonders what made Liel go so far to make this with the school. The answer was simple: Liel was the person behind Lier (who would guess?).0420_CG_rieru05_01 She was raised in an orphanage until she was adopted by a man named Anderson, who suddenly died not long after. Since she is super-duper-ultra-max intelligent, she became mega millionaire at a very young age, but the adult world of business was too much for her still-frail heart, and she became unable to trust other people (except for her powerful, beautiful, smart super-maids…but that doesn’t count!). It was when she met Yuuki, the first person to open up to her, showing his true feelings and depending of her help without showing any interest on her money. Before Liel noticed, she was already in love with him and was willing to do anything for him!0434_CG_rieru07_04

Themes & Routes

I must start this section by addressing the worst problem in this game: IT’S REALLY ANNOYING!!excalibur_reaction_by_randomepicalex-d55ss5aAnd NO! I am not talking about Tatsuki’s friend Kokonoe Tsukumo! She is noisy, but she doesn’t get near to be as annoying as the real culprits! She is just an overly-energetic girl who is a bit cocky about the size of her breasts and is incapable of reading the atmosphere. Still, she is just a harmless idiot you can’t help falling in love with (kinda like Bulk and Skull). She and Tatsuki form the most tolerable duo in the game, but ironically, both get only a very short H-scene each, and only after completing all other routes!loverevenge02The problem is most heroines and female sub-characters need to insult, punch and ignore males through the whole game, creating a really unwelcoming atmosphere where everyone needs to be arguing/ offending/ attacking/ threatening someone else for some bull-shit reason. This was supposed to follow the “wacky” comedy in the game, but it just made me feel disgusted. Comical-scenes involving those violent and selfish bitches never worked with me. IT’S NOT FUNNY! This game was distracting, unpleasant and it gave me many headaches during my playthrough! And here are the main infractors:loverevenge04Rindou Anjuu, another of Yuuki’s childhood friends, who is the heir of the Dojo where Yuuki learned martial-arts. Like all good martial-artists, she uses her skills mostly to attack innocent people for stupid reasons. The one at the dialog box is Koshimizu Yuri who only appears in the scene to force her hetare little brother to work in her place through violence.loverevenge06Liel’s maids are also awful! Kuga Yuzuha is just as bad as Anjuu, and her sister Kuga Erika is always blackmailing people so they can make things for her. She does this even when they already agreed to help her because she is a bitch!loverevenge03Nevertheless, The protagonist is not the main target of the female rage. No! His best friend Taiga is! And what he did to deserve this my Lord? Well, he is a trustworthy individual who is willing to do anything in his power to help anyone, which includes even those who hate him. And he does everything with no second intentions. So, Why the fuck almost everyone treats him like trash? I honestly don’t know! 0186_CG_honoka06_02Yuuki or Honoka are the only ones to not look to Taiga as like he was a disgusting rat, but I don’t understand why neither of them never help or defend him! They are friends, right? Taiga is always helping the main character, so I believe a bit of gratitude would be good. Isn’t Yuuki supposed to be super kind? Or is this limited to girls? Even though he has gynophobia? Even if I was to pretend this makes sense, I would still classify Yuuki and Honoka as huge douche bags! A wise man once said that “when a person is to be considered truly kind, he has to be kind with everyone, no matter the sex, age or look”.0828_CG_rin04_01But Rin is probably the hugest bitch of all. She uses her androphobia as an excuse to why she treats Taiga like shit (even though he is the only male to get this treatment from her), which is a lame excuse since her fear of men doesn’t mean she has to speak with him like he was a cockroach! After all, Yuuki doesn’t do this to other girls! This is because Rin bluntly says she has a liking for causing trouble to others and loves to laugh at their awkward faces (In an evil way, rather than a sexual-sadistic way). This means she is not just a poor girl with trauma, she is actually an evil person. I guess this runs in the blood, since her sister Aoi started to go by another name after they separated: Aizawa Ran.0849_CG_rin08_03That’s right! The same bitch who caused the gynophobia on the protagonist! But it’s ok! You see: It happens Aoi loved Yuuki for reals and she just rejected him to protect her beloved, because she believed he would get hurt by staying with her. Therefore, she made a noble sacrifice! After hearing this confession, Rin and protagonist forgave her for everything! Well, She IS really cute, thus she has to be forgiven! Fuck them all!!0158_CG_honoka02_07It takes forever to even reach the point of choices to decide whose route you will take, but after that, you can get into a specific route really quickly. Each route doesn’t take too long to be finished, which makes feel like the neutral scenario is about 90% of the game. Which means, since you’re already there, you might as well complete all other routes, too.loverevenge07The plot tries to be really wacky, which is why Liel needs to do a plan involving the whole city for the sake of a single person! This setting reminds a lot of Princess Party, which doesn’t mean anything good. Regardless, the story has potential to be corky and funny, but when the writer – Toutsuka Kazu – tries to make drama out of all that silliness, it’s usual that everything falls apart.0329_CGH_rieru03It’s a waste, because the beginning is really good! I believe most people would feel sorry for Yuuki’s trauma and would root for him! Unfortunately, the resolution to everything is a kick to the balls!


0149_CG_honoka01_05v2The graphics are by the famous artists behind such titles as the “Akatsuki no Goei” series and the most recent “Reminiscence”: Tomose Shunsaku…. But not really!0670_CG_renka06_02The real artist responsible for this game is a rookie named Kurono Mitsuki. This was his first official job, but I think he is pretty good for a newbie. You would never guess it’s not Tomose Shunsaku without looking at the credits, this is how much their art look identical.loverevenge05v2You can even notice the same weak points on both: Some heads are too big, arms are occasionally too thin or long and, of course, there are absurdly huge breasts everywhere!0982_CGSD_yuzuha01


Hahaha, no! Just…NO!! Instead of this, once again I recommend to hear something better instead, like Mother 3 original soundtrack! It’s an incredible collections of 16 bits tunes made by Shougo Sakai and it’s unbelievable how he managed to make this run on the weak GameBoy Advance sound chip. It is composed of many wacky tracks that fits like a glove in almost everywhere, even if it’s in a game with frogs driving cars!


0979_CGSD_tatuki01Tsukumo doesn’t talk like a normal human would, that’s the truth. It’s a really obnoxious voice. I fear for poor Yuika’s vocal cords, since she had to do this voice for hours! Kirisame Shuri is not suited for strong-manly voices, it’s easy to notice he is forcing too much to do Taiga’s voice, and his voice fails many times, revealing his natural – much more high pitched – voice. 0698_CG_renka10Shinohara Yui does a decent job as a Onee-san type, but when Renka gets in her loli body, she also has to force a lot. She can’t control how high-pitched her voice gets, resulting in a very unnatural performance. The remaining seiyuus do a good enough job, but nothing remarkable.0558_CG_senri03


0951_CG_all03_07Weak! But I will suppose DE@R deserves a bit of credit for this being their first game. Considering this, it wasn’t so bad for a start. It certainly was leagues ahead of the game released by a newbie brand I reviewed last month. As it is now, I recommend this for when you have nothing better to do!

6 responses to “Galge Review – Love Revenge

  1. That was one long review !

    As usual I really enjoy them, Gangrelion :p
    I thought that was Tomose Shunsaku on certain pictures too !

    And how come nobody commented this review ? è_é

    • Thank you for reading and enjoying my review! It sure was a long one. I think it’s because I had a lot of complains to do. I suppose no one is commenting because nobody cared for this game, since it’s from a unknown brand…

  2. that’s what I noticed too at first glance the art and CG style is really reminicent to shunsaku tomose’s style but a deeper look its really not the same but then you would be looking at 2 images done by both artists to actually see the differences

    • Yes, who is this artist, anyway? Is he some friend or relative to Shunsaku? Or maybe he’s just an admirer…

      • well we can take that into consideration… at least it isnt as elusive as who is really abec… you know the artist for SAO LNs, when BUNBUN (who has the same art style denies abec is him, and that abec may have been a high school girl who is actually his neighbor no one really knows)

      • Wow! I was remembering the case with 666 Satan mangaka (who is the twin-brother of Kishimoto Masashi and has exactly the same art-style as him), but this abec/BUNBUN thing is WAY more complicated!

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