Galge Review – Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai

HoshiOriYumeMirai05v2Hatsukoi 1/1 was a fairly decent title, but after releasing it, tone work’s became infamous for taking forever to go anywhere with it’s romantic developments. Now, they are trying to change that by making a pure-breed chara-ge! Read further if you dare to see the results!


cg992Hino Riyousuke moves back to Shionagi in order to fulfil his dreams of becoming an architect. Consequently, he ends up meeting with many girls on his new school life. Some old and new faces. They all would become inseparable friends.


cg2740Ousaka Sora is a slow-paced girl who doesn’t try to become closer to anyone and is always alone as the sole member of the astronomy club. This is until she has a fated encounter with Riyousuke, which eventually results in her becoming friends with the other girls he befriended. She loves stars above everything, and Riyousuke is part responsible for that. If only he could remember it…cg017Shinozaki Marika had a very weak body during her childhood, but thanks to her swimming  practice, her body became much healthier. She was inspired by her childhood friend Riyousuke, who always visited her to say how fun his daily-life was, making her wanting to experience the same things as well. Hence forth, Marika feels like he is her savior, and she is unable to say anything other than compliments about the boy.cg1050v2Segawa Natsuki is the ultra-loud and mischievous photo-addicted girl who is responsible for the graduation album. She is always planning new ways to tricky and make fun of people. She also has a thing for forcing people to do heavy labor for her.cg551Okihara Misa is the younger daughter of a famous aquatic biologist and, by the influence of her father, she loves any aquatic creature (specially jellyfishes). Much like Sora, she is the president and single member of her club: the aquatic research club. She would be very popular, but no one was able to keep up with her when she started her non-stop aquatic babbling. But then, Riyousuke came into her life…cg1698v2Narusawa Rikka is the daughter of a famous pianist who has a inferiority complex because of her much more talented little sister. When the opportunity to study abroad and eventually become a pro appeared for the siblings, she choose to stay in Japan and live by herself. For this reason, Rikka became known as the cold beauty who never speaks with anyone. But, one day, a transfer student named Riyousuke sits beside her during class and is able to become her friend by ignoring everyone’s warnings.cg3444Yukimura Touko was once a normal human being, until she was abducted by mysterious entities who proceeded to perform a cyborg surgery in order to make the perfect soldier to be used in the plan of conquering Earth. However, She was able to escape, and now lives as normal life as a Japanese student. Well, this is actually the origin story of Kamen Rider, but this would be a good explanation for how she is able to be better than anyone (and I mean ANYONE) at anything without even trying or practicing. At least it would be better than the official explanation: “She is really really talented since birth” (-_-‘). She becomes acquainted with Riyousuke when the two start to hang out in the same abandoned room in the old school building. She used the place to hide from the many club-captains who she smashed, since they were always begging her to join their club, which she has no interest in doing so, since those easy games are boring for her. In exchange for Riyousuke helping her to ge rid of those annoying club scouts, they become friends.

Themes & Routes

cg820This game is full of ups and downs. Few characters are truly interesting and charismatic, but for the most part, they become really boring with time, or they were already boring or/and annoying from the start.cg3293Representing the boring side is Touko, as her Mary Sue stereotype always makes everything look dull and banal, and by remembering which was the last game that used this type of character, you can know just how “good of an idea” this element is. Natsuki is the most annoying one, since she is always barging in where she isn’t wanted and proceeds to try becoming the center of attention by making a fool of Riyousuke. It’s not even a bit funny and doesn’t make her likable, but at least she settles down a little during her route.cg1000The main problem is: How the hell did this annoying bitch become Riyousuke’s girlfriend? Actually, there isn’t a good reason for why the characters start a relationship, for most routes. In Natsuki’s case, it’s because he helped her a little with work and became attracted to her when they were in the beach. There are also some cases that are just too ordinary, like with Marika, whose affection levels for the protagonist are already at max since the start, so you just have that feeling of “finally, huh? Took you guys long enough!”.cg281Some of the better developed romances are with Sora, Rikka and Misa, but even those get some problems of pacing or the heroine’s special traits eventually become tiresome, especially with Sora’s “slow-motion-taking” or Misa’s way of pretending Riyousuke isn’t her boyfriend while talking with other people accompanying him, which gets really repetitive during her epilogue chapter.cg2774Talking about the epilogue chapters, this is a thing in this game. All heroines got a long epilogue which is almost as long as their normal route. This story covers the heroines living their adulthood together with Riyousuke and leading to their marriage.cg2653Most of those after-stories don’t have much of a point and are merely a sequence of events where everything is great for everyone and even better things happen for the main couple. Those super-happy scenes have many intermissions with H-scenes that usually take longer to end than the other events.cg015H-scenes, huh? Yes! There’s a lot of them! Enough to rival any Nukige, but they take long to come and there’s a proper building up for them with all the romance, conflicts and drama coming before them, but once they begin doing it, they never stop.cg669Yeah, whatever! This IS a Chara-ge after all, so those type of things are to be expected…I guess! However, the thing that is truly unforgivable is how the developers give you the illusion of choice and rub it in your face just to tease you, which is a pretty disgusting feeling that I just recently experienced through my Semiramis no Tenbin playthrough. In the case of this game, there’s really only one choice that has a real effect in which route you will get.HoshiOriYumeMirai03All other choices are there just to make this game look more complex than it really is, but when you actually decides to choose something different than you would normally do, there’s no change to the story. Riyousuke will have a second thought and choose to do what HE wants, or one of the heroines will insist or force him into doing what they want.cg081This is particularly irritating during an event where Riyousuke has to do a series of challenges, where he will be punished by the girls if he ever fails once. You get to choose his actions, but none of the choices are correct, thus the pay-off is always the same, with your main character losing and being humiliated several times…GREAT!!cg3318Mr. Okano Touya, Mr. Shiroya Tsuki, Mr. Ni-shi~ and Mr. Imaka Rio, would you gentlemen please go Fuck Yourselves deeply?!


cg553Mutou Kirihito, Iidzuki Tasuku, Koizumi Amane and Akino Tsubaru! Wow! And this is without mentioning Yuuki Gao’s SDs! I have to admit it’s impressive how the art-style keeps consistency among 4 different artists! I appreciate this game’s graphics for most part. The girls look sexy and cute without looking overly moe.cg3079But once you get to the epilogue, it’s difficult to not notice at least a bit of laziness from the artists, since those chapters usually take place 8 years after the main story, but the girls look about the same. While Marika and Touko get longer hair, the other characters only get a change of clothes and that’s all! THEY ARE ADULTS NOW!hoshioriyumemirai01The characters use a smartphone app called LIME, which is similar to twitter or Skype. There’s a lot of conversations taking place through this cellphone app, and they use some emoticons and illustrations that are kind of amusing.


HoshiOriYumeMirai02And this “LIME-thing” also is one of the bigger problems in this game, as it is a lame excuse to have long plot-driven conversations that don’t use any voice-acting. Maybe some could see this befitting a story about nowadays teenagers, but this just feels cheap for me…cg162The voice acting is pretty excellent, which makes sense, giving the high budget spent in this game. While there’s no famous seiyuus outside of the Galge world working here, it feels like everyone gave their all. If you think one of the character’s voices is annoying, I believe it’s the fault of how this character was written and not the seiyuu’s performance.cg2337Even minor-characters have good voice actors, but there aren’t many different seiyuus to this job, so you end up hearing many voices over and over again, and eventually, it becomes really easy to recognize them, especially for Horikawa Shinobu, who did Roa’s voice from Racial Merge, Here he plays Nirasawa Shiyuichi – Riyousuke’s best friend. His voice is used for almost every male sub-character in the game.


cg1687v2It seems like many people have great expectations for the musics by Tenmon, MANYO, Meeeon and many other composers and artists. tone work’s has really gone out of it’s way to make this game’s soundtrack be something special. The result was pretty good, actually! It’s many times better than the forgettable shit we usually get in most Galges! It has a big focus on piano and violin, which makes for many relaxing tunes. The vocals are also excellent and many heroines have songs especially recorded for their routes.


cg1739A okay chara-ge! It’s a good distraction, just the way this type of title should be, but nothing more than that. At least, it’s not bad in general. So you can go ahead and play it…if you have nothing better to play and lots of time in your hands…Well, it IS a Chara-ge, after all…

8 responses to “Galge Review – Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai

  1. Ew, a charage? (it already seems like it, so…)

    Pass for me. I’m actually quite curious to the voices and the music (aka, the auditory portion) of this game, but that’s not enough to make me play this game if the story is going to be the same shit different artist.

  2. I would say that the routes are divided into 2 part A which is the school life and part B which is the after-school life and yes I have the same notion Rikka has the most “natural” written scenario from the 3 routes I took because I’m a shallow guy…

  3. still good job on finishing this sludge

    • Oh thanks! This title was a boring one indeed, but I wouldn’t even put this on a Top10 about this year’s worst galges! You are lucky if this one was among the worst for you. I envy you…

  4. I didn’t really mind reading this work. While each heroine’s bound to appeal to a particular taste, I felt that all of them basically had well-rounded routes. While the structure’s fairly archetypal, as you stated, and while the after stories did feel a bit lazy, I didn’t really dislike that part of the work. I mean, it’s a character game. I can’t imagine that choices really need to play a central part of the work.

    Each route felt conclusive, and each route, was written to an extent which didn’t seen awkwardly rushed. The work’s strongest strength is its consistency, and just how well it manages to take off by the end in some routes.

    Rikka had by far the longest route, and from what I could tell, her route was probably written by a different author than the ones previous to it, but I can’t say that I really liked it, granted that it didn’t really have much to do with the theme of the work. Her route, alongside Touko’s, are the two routes that have little to do with the actual school festival planning [and as such, the protagonist really isn’t developed much within the high school arc].

    I don’t think that the LIME inclusion was a bad thing. I mean, while it advances the plot, it did feel a bit novel — especially with how the diction felt natural to a text message. It was probably done to blatantly mirror LINE.

    • For once, I think I gave a harsher impression than what I originally wanted when I wrote about this game’s scenario. I wouldn’t say this game’s writing is excelent, but it isn’t bad either. It’s a bit above average. Nothing to be impressed with, but nothing absurdly stupid. I’ve seen much worse recently!
      The LIME isn’t unnatural or bad for the story. What I meant to say was that it’s an obvious excuse to have long conversations with no voices. I’ve seen many Galges using voice-clips for text conversations, so this felt a bit cheap, specially considering how often they used LIME in the game…

      • By no means is the game’s writing excellent. It’s just rare to find a character game with consistent, solid writing is all. There’s typically one or two characters included within some eroge, for the sake of fulfilling some de facto character quota, that have poorly-written, or rushed routes. It’s pretty outstanding, and from my experience, seldom to have a game spanning 6 characters; each with substantially-written, and logically-cohesive routes [not to mention that each character has between 18-21 dedicated CGs].

        I actually felt that the way that LIME was presented made the work seem more ‘realistic.’ I find it more feasible to believe that someone would text someone information, or have conversations [like you and I are having] via text, than through verbal discussion out of school. At least when it comes to me and my friends, that’d be common. To have those lines voiced, would be a bit awkward, and defeat the purpose.

        Now, the phone itself was probably fairly redundant. Taking pictures didn’t really affect the out course of the game, and there wasn’t the dynamic angle in letting the player call someone either. .

  5. Alex Tanhovsky

    Why do you even review Charage or moege? Clearly not your cup of tea.
    Man, what a shite review.

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