Galge Review – Kakurenbo ~ Futari Dake no Himitsu no Jikan (Warning: Lolis)

kakurenbo01Marble Soft Candy is a sister-brand of Candy Soft (figures) dedicated to do Nukiges. It’s not like the games usually released by the parent-brand were full of depth or anything (After all, they are the guys behind the “Tsuyokiss” and “Nee, Chanto Shiyou Yo” series), but this one has a huge difference from the others: It’s a loli-game! See? I told it wouldn’t take too long until the next one! So, do you like 2D lolis? Do you like harassing those lolis during their sleep? Well, guess what: This is the perfect game for you!

Story & Characters

kakurenbo02Sakurai Kouichi is an artist who works as a freelancer and sometimes writes doujinshis. He lives a pretty lonely and harsh life trying to find a job, and thanks to his career and fat appearance, his luck with the opposite sex is not going too well. It’s not like his devotion for lolis would make any easier for him to find the girl of his dreams.004_HG010002It’s when destiny knocks the door. Actually, it was his aunty Akiko, who brings her daughter Maehara Kanon to stay with Kouichi for a few days. At first, it was awkward for the two, but they became real close after finding out both shared a big love for “True Happiness” (not like the emotion of true happiness. This is a spoof on the Pretty Cure franchise).227_HG020001v2Since Kouichi had lots of True Happiness goods, Kanon invites her two best friends from school, and Nishimura Yuzu is the first to become acquaintance with Kouichi. She is an energetic girl who gets very curious about all the Otaku things on Kouichi’s house and become very interested in him. By hearing Kanon calling him “onii-chan” she becomes jealous, since she always wanted an older brother, especially one who would play with her, so she starts calling him “Kou-nii”.419_HG030001Amane Shiori is a quiet girl who spend most of her time reading and that’s what she does when visiting Kouchi for the first time, but after he chats a little with her, she starts to call him “onii-san” and they quickly become friends, something supposed to be impossible, according to Kanon and Yuzu, since no one besides them were able to even have a proper conversation with her. This is because Shiori is the most Otaku of the trio, and besides True Happiness, she also loves other mangas, movies and books, being the one who relates with Koichi’s hobby the most.609_HG040001v2The three become really attached to Kouichi and start to come over to his home almost everyday. Now, being surrounded by three girls who fit perfectly on his ideals, Kouichi just couldn’t resist for long and when the girls were sleeping, he took the chance to touch them a little, but he was too careless and they ended up noticing it. For Kouichi’s surprise, they didn’t told this to their parents because, at that point, they had already developed feelings for him.


159_HG011001Now you have this scenario about three ultra-cute little girls falling for a fat and penniless Otaku with mediocre artistic skills, but the truth is they are quite fond of his obese appearance. In fact, they love to hug his belly and sit on his lap, apparently because it’s very soft and cozy. Additionally, they find his round face to be fairly cute and say he looks really cool when he is focused on his work! Chubby people tend to sweat a lot and Kouichi is no exception, but that’s ok, because those girls think he smells really nice. And his H-drawings? They find it to be pretty cute! But how come such young girls are approaching a strange man so easily? This is because all 3 just happen to be really attached to their fathers, and they felt some resemblance in the protagonist.310_HG020600How convenient, right? What are the probabilities of all those factors to come together almost at the same time, in the same environment and three times? I will say that much: It’s way higher than most of the settings you find in other Nukiges out there! While there’s no doubt this whole story feels too good to be true, it’s not as stupid as one might think, since the way they fill every gap with convenient excuses at least show how they are working harder than most Galge writers, and this also make their characters more “fleshed-out”.586_HG031501For example, the protagonist is not a hetare! He is pretty much a loser at the start, but there’s a good character progression during the story. Even though we never see his face clearly, he isn’t exactly a vague characters with no personality like most Galges main characters. Kouichi actually has a very strong character since the beginning and it’s pretty passionate about his work. Much of his monologue is about how his progress on his job and he even explains a little about the difficulties of his career.406_HG021500I suppose this character was well-written because the scenario writers (Takehide, Sayuuda Takahiro, Hatsu, Udzuki Ichiyou) probably asked for feedback from CG artists. The result was interesting. Think of it like a light version of Bakuman with much less focus on the professional stuff and much more romance, but instead of that bull-shit drama, we have lovey-dovey stuff with lolis!613_HG040100v2And now that I mention it, the romance is much better than what I would expect from a Nukige, and this is all thanks to the decent protagonist. Kouichi start the game with simple lust for the girls, but he quickly start to feel genuine love for them and many times he hesitates to do things with them because he is afraid to hurt them. He cares so much that he even avoid to see them sometimes. This is also because he is an adult who needs to work, therefore, he can’t just play with his little angels everyday.216_HG011502There are even some events with no H-scenes where they just spend some fun time together (and this is a Nukige!). Kouichi even refuses to do H-stuffs with the girls when they look tired or when they have homework to do, and he wants to help them with that. Even though he is a damn lolicon, he acts like a reliable nice guy. So weird!424_HG030103From time to time, there are sequences of choices called “Hime-Doki Scenes” where you have to choose where to touch the girls while being careful to not wake them up, which feels disgusting, awkward and creepy. When you start dating one of them, this changes to events where the couple tries to do H-stuff while keeping the people around them from noticing, which feels as wrong as before, just a bit less.


270_HG020200The art by Tanabe Kyou is excellent! It’s one of the best I’ve seen among this year’s Galges. It’s not perfect and it’s not like you have never seen something similar to it before, but this artist uses each special trait in his art-style to the fullest, and he combines them all so well that his drawings gain a unique look. I feel like I would recognize his style immediately anywhere!kakurenbo03Tanabe Kyou is also a master when it comes to use different perspectives, giving a sense of depth to his CGs and making poses feel more lively and the scenes more appealing. He also does a good job with proportions, not like the bodies of those young ladies look realistic, (far from that!) but he keeps their measures consistent and their special traits are always emphasized through the whole game, like how Kanon is by far the tallest of the 3, or how Shiori’s bottom is impossibly sexy for her age.506_HG030800


With the exceptions of some mob characters who have voices of “oba-sans”, you will be hearing loli-voices throughout the whole game. Thankfully, those are just the usual adult women pretending to be lolis. If you really want to hear how a REAL Japanese loli sounds like, go watch Barakamon! You can find it on Crunchyroll and it’s really good! Naru is cute and is probably the closest thing to a real loli you can find on drawing form, but I guarantee she doesn’t look or sound anything like the lolis you find here or in other Eroges!168_HG011100


This game is really lacking at the music department. Not only the compositions are those generic tunes composed with digital instruments and effects, but the soundtrack is literally lacking songs, since there are just a few tracks! For the most part, you will be hearing only the sound of silence! (And I am not talking about the song by Simon & Garfunkel!)432_HG030200This is because every “Hime-Doki” scene has only the sound of the environment. According to some, this supposedly makes you feel excited with the silent atmosphere and the sound of the girl’s breathing. I don’t know about others, but I just felt sleepy during these! Especially since it takes forever for those events to end! Also, you can’t deceive me! When you don’t finish part of your job, it doesn’t become “artistic”! It’s just a half-assed work!


692_HG040800Overall, this is probably one of the best Nukiges I’ve ever played and I recommend for every “erogamer”, even for those who are not lolicons! After all, those girls don’t look, act or sound anything like someone of their age usually would and their bodies are actually pretty well-developed (aside for the breasts, naturally!), which makes them look just like adult women with loli-heads stuck on them. The only down side to this game has to be those creepy “Hime-Doki” events that makes you feel like a real criminal. NICE!

7 responses to “Galge Review – Kakurenbo ~ Futari Dake no Himitsu no Jikan (Warning: Lolis)

  1. Wow, what a role model! evry1 b responsble lolicon pls

  2. Lolicons are nice guys!

  3. What’s with you an your influx of loli-games?

    … Oh shit, it’s my fault.
    (Well, going to play this one because you recommended it. Thanks!)

    • Please, don’t feel bad for this! You are not to blame for my pervertness, as I have been a damn lolicon since I started playing Galges frequently. After all, most Eroge heroines look like lolis, even when the setting claims they are in high school. That’s because MOE!!

  4. this games run on windows 10?

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