Shameless Review – Under Night In-Birth (PS3)

The people at French Bread got tired of waiting for those TYPE-MOON dudes to deliver new story for their Melty Blood, so they decided to ditch (almost) all the “Nasu-verse” stuff and we ended up getting this new title insted. That was a excellent decision! This game is even better than what I was expecting! Thank you for being a lazy bastard, Kinoko Nasu!

4 responses to “Shameless Review – Under Night In-Birth (PS3)

  1. My sides hurt so much from all these Shameless Reviews, and frankly, it’s even more funnier when I don’t know what’s coming up (so I can’t really laugh at the jokes for the sakusaku one)

    Looking forward to more of these! LET’S LOVE

    • I am glad you like it! This is an awesome game and Ed is right when he said the plot and characters feel like they came from a Galge. Like the Harem with a loli, cool-dere and ojou-sama living together with the main character who is voiced by Kodaka from Haganai. I am sure even “Hardcore Galge players” would feel like home in this crazy setting.
      Anyway! After this experiment, it’s likely that “Shameless Reviews” will become a segment to talk about weird or embarrassing Japanese games with no shame whatsoever (and not just galges). Even so, I hope our videos can still be appreciated by everyone.

      • I seriously think of ways you (or I) can spread the word. I’ve considered several times of linking your videos on my site as well (of course, after I get your permission), but considering how simple my site is, I was afraid it wouldn’t get enough attention.

        In any case, it really needs to be known. They are funny, DAMN accurate, and definitely worth your time.

        (a friend sitting next to me while I watched this genuinely thought I was high on something)

      • I would be really grateful and it would be a honor to have my videos linked at your blog as well. I think, at least, the one about SakuSaku would be good for you, since you also participated in it. But, if every new video could be announced at your blog too, it would be a much bigger help than you think!

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