Demo Review – Disgaea 5 (PS4)

Disgaea 5 (TGS demo) - gameplay - 2014-09-26 08-51-59.mp4_snapshot_01.02_[2014.09.26_13.29.22]Here is something special: A review for the TGS demo of Disgaea 5! The download code was given to me by ‏@I_e_on, so you have my gratitude! Thanks to you, now I really want to buy this game! The complete playthrough will be right ahead, followed by my text review with screenshots:

When you press any button, an event plays with two of the main heroes: Kilia (the dude) and Usalia (the super moe rabbit girl who is fated to be the most popular character in this game).Disgaea 5 (TGS demo) - gameplay - 2014-09-26 08-51-59.mp4_snapshot_03.27_[2014.09.26_13.31.40]v2They say you’re playing a special demo from the Tokyo Game Show and warn you about a horde of “Losts” who are invading the TGS and only you can stop them! (Yep! This is the intriguing plot of this trial!). This event is not voiced, actually, none of the events in this demo is…Disgaea 5 (TGS demo) - gameplay - 2014-09-26 08-51-59.mp4_snapshot_08.46_[2014.09.26_13.45.14]The first thing to notice is how the graphics are beautiful! Even though Disgaea 4 was displayed at the same resolution. The characters are much more detailed. They have more colors and frames for their animations (specially the main characters). The 3D backgrounds blend better with the sprites, but it’s still not perfect, though…Disgaea 5 (TGS demo) - gameplay - 2014-09-26 08-51-59.mp4_snapshot_07.08_[2014.09.26_14.00.47]Now, you are free to move and explore the “main base” screen of this game, if you want. It feels pretty huge in comparison to previous Disgaea games, but it’s still not impressive. Nothing that worth exploring, specially with given that all characters ever talk about is the TGS. Their dialogs are not funny or creative but, oh well, it is a “demo only” thing after all. At least, you can explore a little to take a glimpse at the different classes and monsters available to play.Disgaea 5 (TGS demo) - gameplay - 2014-09-26 08-51-59.mp4_snapshot_06.11_[2014.09.26_13.37.03]v2You can shop in this trial as well! Even though the only thing available at the item shop is a “commemorative TGS medal” which doesn’t make anything! The weapon shop has its own TGS merchandise, in the form of a “TGS knuckle”, at least this one has to be useful for something…Disgaea 5 (TGS demo) - gameplay - 2014-09-26 08-51-59.mp4_snapshot_08.07_[2014.09.26_13.44.23]There’s also a medical center, but it’s useless, since you can’t get hurt before coming here, anyway!Disgaea 5 (TGS demo) - gameplay - 2014-09-26 08-51-59.mp4_snapshot_08.19_[2014.09.26_13.44.38]When you talk to the Prinny with a the “portal” icon at the top of his head, you can choose the level of difficulty of the battle. I chose the beginners, thinking it would give a tutorial about the new mechanics, but it was nothing like that. It was just a ridiculously easy battle that ended in the blink of an eye!Disgaea 5 (TGS demo) - gameplay - 2014-09-26 08-51-59.mp4_snapshot_10.28_[2014.09.26_13.46.31]Aside from Kilia and Usalia, your party is composed of random characters. You can’t recruit, rename or customize your units, but I guess you can at least change their equipment (that “TGS knuckle” has to be useful for something, right?). Will get random members for each playthrough, and your characters will already be at “epic levels”.Disgaea 5 (TGS demo) - gameplay - 2014-09-26 08-51-59.mp4_snapshot_10.11_[2014.09.26_13.45.59]Since I learned nothing about this new game by playing that stupid battle for newbies, I decided to check my skills with the “expert level”. Now this is what I was talking about! You have some worth opponents to test your god-like attacks!Disgaea 5 (TGS demo) - gameplay - 2014-09-26 08-51-59.mp4_snapshot_14.57_[2014.09.26_13.48.06]As usual, the characters don’t have many unique actions during battles, and when they die, they don’t do or say anything. They only go “puff” and disappear. Most of the skills use many animations shared by all characters and will probably feel really repetitive in no time, but for the time being, they are pretty amusing to look at, like this one who is a parody of the “Unlimited Blade Works” called “Sword Inferno”!Disgaea 5 (TGS demo) - gameplay - 2014-09-26 08-51-59.mp4_snapshot_35.59_[2014.09.26_10.59.56]The battle is really fun, even when you’re losing! There are infinity possibilities of strategy. The “Magichange” feature is still present, but I honestly hate it and enemies are cheaters when using this shit since, different from the player, they can use Magichange for an infinite amount of time! I prefer the “Monster Mounting” from D2, which was more useful and fair for both sides!Disgaea 5 (TGS demo) - gameplay - 2014-09-26 08-51-59.mp4_snapshot_15.59_[2014.09.26_13.49.07]The “Revenge” system is a fairly interesting feature. It can easily turn the tables in a battle by giving you access to “Ma-Ougi” (Devilish secret techniques) which has different effects for each character, class and monster type. I really appreciate this, since it’s something that can make your main unites more unique and not just a bunch of place-holders.Disgaea 5 (TGS demo) - gameplay - 2014-09-26 08-51-59.mp4_snapshot_19.30_[2014.09.26_13.50.35]There are Ma-Ougis that can inflict some damage at all enemies just by activating it, they also can let you cast spells even when you don’t have enough SP and Kilia even get an extra action by using it! Really useful stuff!Disgaea 5 (TGS demo) - gameplay - 2014-09-26 08-51-59.mp4_snapshot_53.53_[2014.09.26_13.52.10]Losing or winning, you will automatically end the demo and will be sent back to the title screen. You can challenge any of the 3 levels again as much as you want, but since there’s no progression or save data to be used in the full version, there’s not much point in re-playing it. Nevertheless, it was a really fun demo and now I can’t want to play the “real thing”! Nice one, Nippon Ichi! Now I will finally have a decent RPG to play in my PS4 (after Natural Doctrine, I was really needing it!). And I am looking forward to that other PS4 game as well!

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