Shameless Review – Omega Quintet (PS4)

Compile Heart has done some crazy shit before, but now we got this: A game about Pop-idols fighting evil monsters with microphones that look like anything but microphones and the power of fan-service! So much for that bullshit about Galapagos RPG being their sub-brand for more serious games! I don’t even need to make jokes about it, because it’s too easy when the game is already a joke by itself! So, join us in this epic battle against generic monsters. There’s no need to fear! Because song is the weapon!

12 responses to “Shameless Review – Omega Quintet (PS4)

  1. The greatest joke is that it should be supposed to be a PS4 game … maybe if they had said that it was a PS Vita game it would have been more realistic

  2. DUN DUN DUN until we all realized it’s meant to be a PSV game spin-off to the fairy fencer series… WHICH THIS GAME WAS SUPPOSEDLY SUPPOSE TO FALL UNDER… now what about neptune V2…

    • I like Fairy Fencer F, and now that the Agarest series seems to be dead, it is my favorite Compile Heart game. It would be too sad if this lame pop-idol game was connected with FFF. I am not a big Neptune fan, so I doubt I will buy the new game for the PS4…

  3. Wait, is that you dancing like a retard in the back? LOL
    Oh man, talk about having a fucked up setting and absolutely no originality or effort into creating a game!

    Still can see how this’ll attract the true weeaboos, though…
    It’s still worse than Love Live, and that’s a pretty mediocre series.

    Loved this review, and hoping you can do more, especially with galge though, since I will rarely even hear of PS4/PSV titles

    • It is hard to believe, but that promo at the end is actually real! Compile Heart paid a poor gaijin to dance together with cute anime girls because…”it would be funny?” (I am not really sure what was going on their mind when they recorded that, though…)

      I had someone insisting that I should make a full parody of this CM by recording ourselves dancing with those characters, but I don’t own a PS4 camera, and it would be absolutely impossible for us to do it with one, no other way…NO OTHER WAY!!
      Instead, Ed was kind enough to lend his adorable voice to dub that weird gaijin dude, because he clearly was the one in our group with the most feminine voice!

  4. As always I love your reviews.

    I played the demo last week, and while a had great expectations, mostly because I haven’t played any Jrpg for years (xbox 360 owner), I wanted to use the chance to get a good jrpg now that I have a PS4, but the combat sistem was overcomplicated, I needed 30 minutes to defeat a certain monster, I guess the demo didn’t have enough tutorials (not that I missed them after watching your review).

    So I guess I’ll wait until it gets localized (if it ever happens), so that I don’t have to spend a lot of money on importing it, and just play it without expecting anything from it.

    • Thanks!
      I didn’t know there was a demo, and the demo lacks tutorials? Haha! How ironic!
      I am not against tutorials but, just like we said in the video, they need to be more than plain text, or at least they need to be brief and well explained. Compile Heart’s tutorials are nothing like this! There’re even more problems with them than what we said in the video! For example: Compile Heart is infamous, not only for adding too many tutorials, but for being horrible at explaining things! Especially in games from the Agarest series! Those made people filling the boards on Gamefaqs with topics about trying to understand the battle system! Talking about Agarest, the skill-chain combo system from Agarest is pretty much the same in this game, while the overall battle-system is closer to Agarest 2.
      But…yeah! This game is not a good restart in the JRPG world! For now, there’s no good JRPG in the PS4 library. I would recommend you to wait for Disgaea 5, but I don’t know if you’re fond of the tactics genre.

      • I haven’t really played many tactical rpg, the last one I can remember is Onimusha Tactics on the GBA (and even so, I may be mistaking the genre of those games), but Disgaea surely catched my interest, now the real question would be, is it necesary to be aware of the previous games story, or even if I jump directly to this game I’ll be able to enjoy it with no major problems?

        And well, right now I only have hopes on persona 5 which was announced for the ps4.

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