Galge Review – Sougeki no Jaeger

Sougeki no Jaeger02v2Sougeki no Jaeger was able to draw some attention by looking like a sequel to Ayakashibito, a previous title by propeller that was rather popular and even got an English translation! But from what I saw, Jaeger is at most a spiritual successor, inheriting much of the same atmosphere but not sharing any story element. Nevertheless, it is a good game by its own merits…Well, this is if it’s actually a good game, right?

Story & Characters

evaco001aYou assume the role of Sakagami Homura, an annoying brat who gets kidnaped by a secret organization who exterminates “Onis”. The reason why he is forcibly recruited lies in his special abilities which classify him as one of the few “Taimashi” (demon-repel masters?) and the fact he is a man makes him even more valuable, since men with special abilities are as rare as powerful, although right now, he was nothing more than a mere child to the powerful women guarding him. His struggles to escape leads him to find out he was already in a boat on his way to an island where he will be trained to fight against monsters. I wonder if T-Pain is also aboard…  Reaching the island, Homura starts to live below the same roof as young beauties who also share the same missions and powers as him.evaco007bNina Alekseevna Tolstaya is a cocky big-breasted Russian girl who is nick-named as Aniya (which is stupid, since Nina is already a nickname for Antonina or Giannina). Since she was the one who had to beat Homura into unconsciousness to bring him to the island, he doesn’t get along with her, and this goes both ways, since the only time Homura is not aggressive towards her is when he gives dirty looks to her body. She responds to this by always trying to prove her superiority at anything, creating quite the unfair rivalry between the two, because Aniya is actually a genius who is able to do anything perfectly on her own and only attends school for fun, since she already has university grade, even though she is one year younger than Homura.evaot006aFujiwara Mai’s family was already aware of the supernatural stuff in their world and have been practicing special arts for generations. As the family heir, Mai is one of the strongest and more experienced member in the group. Since she is also the older in their party, she is considered the leader.evaot019aMorino Kaho is a cold girl who fights for the sake of her hospitalized sister and never tries to get closer to other people, not even her allies who fight alongside her in the organization. She actually has connections with the main villain and works as a spy.evabt019aOguri Chidzuru firstly appears as a normal civilian who Homura meets aboard the boat taking him to the island. Since she was kind with him during a time where he was confused and angry, he befriended her fairly easily. They become classmates once Homura starts to attend the high school in the island, but things change when a suddenly Oni attack become the trigger to awake Chidzuru’s powers. She actually acts very happily to the discovery that she has to fight against demons through all her youth, because she felt excluded from the group and she wanted to be special as well so she could be together with them.


evaot007aOk, first: There’s a freaking school! They need to have a normal school life in an island full of monsters. This was supposed to be the isolated place where the main hero would develop his hidden abilities, but they just needed to fit a school-life somewhere! That’s just perfect! This raise your level of suspension-of-disbelief!evaot010aAs an extra, there’s this detail in the setting that have all “Taimashi” losing their special abilities once they reach adult age. This is so convenient! Now, not only we have a team full of women, but now we have an excuse for why they are all teenagers!evaot005aThe only thing we need now is an explanation saying all female supernatural fighters get giant boobs! Because they do! Maybe their magical energy gets stored inside their breasts…evabt016aAll the heroes bear a special weapon to fight the Onis. Homura wields the talking sword Onitorimaru, Mai uses magical talismans, Chidzuru gets claws later on, while Kaho has that gauntlet-blade-thing. But what about Aniya? Well, she has two 9mm Makarov pistols, because those look really mystical, motherfucker!evaco008bThe characters are suppose to be this “super team against evil”, but they don’t work efficiently like a team. Homura is always left aside during plans and important discussions, they also give him next to no information about his new position, which is comprehensible, since Homura is a newbie and very imprudent at anything he does. However, they don’t seem to trust each other either.evabt009aThere’s this problem with Homura, too: He’s really reckless and stupid. Simply put: He is a brat! Homura is treated like a buffoon by his team-mates and I can’t really sympathize with him. He deserves this!evabt001aDuring the whole playthrough, I was never able to see him as a good protagonist and I was wishing to see the story by another point-of-view, like the cool middle-aged dude Kajimae Tetsuya, who looks a lot like an older version of the protagonist from Ayakashibito.evaco013bAh! Let’s not forget this is a Eroge, so naturally, it’s to be expected some romance and eventually a few sex-scenes. The problem is that those feel really out-of-place in this game! It’s so weird. After surviving a fiercing fight, one of the girls suddenly confesses: “Hey, Homura! You were really cool back there, you know? Do you love me? Because I do! Let’s be lovers!”.evaot016aAnd this is no exaggeration! There’s a dialog that goes exactly like that in one of the routes! This doesn’t feel too romantic to me, it’s like all those girls suffer from “Suspension Bridge Effect”…evahar001bHey! This is a visual novel filled with battles, which means the action scenes are pretty boring. There’s a limit for how exciting you can make a battle look when you only describe them with plain text, and this game doesn’t try anything special to stand out. You will see the same CGS being reused for all battles…


evahch003cThe art by Chiyuou Higashiguchi can be really cool during the action scenes, but just like the romantic development in the plot, his art really doesn’t fit when the game tries to be erotic or cute. It’s the price when you try to be too gritty and dark. He also has a serious problem with the perspective of the arms.


evabt018aGood voice acting for all characters, especially for that Tetsuya dude voiced by Fujiwara Keiji, who is specialized in roles of middle-aged men. He does a prefect job as always. Additionally, this game deserves some extra points for voicing their main character! I love when they do this!


evaot009aAn above average soundtrack for an Eroge, which is very rare! This game gets this for fitting guitar tracks during action scenes, which helps making those a bit more bearable. The opening theme is not bad, it definitely isn’t at the level of Sora no Shizuku. I think the only problem I have with this opening video is that it goes for too long! One Piece can get away for having an opening that goes for almost 3 minutes, but this is because it’s One Piece! In the case of this game, it gets boring…


evaot011aYeah. This game doesn’t live up to the awesomeness that was Ayakashibito. Unfortunately, this felt like more of the same. It’s what you always see when someone tries to do a visual novel with battles elements. Also, the heroes’ battle aura takes the form of green flames! Only stupid character hated by fans and creators alike use green flames! And their destiny is to be completely erased from reality! Isn’t that right, what’s-your-face?ash-k3

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