Game Review – Kinki no Magna (3DS)

Kinkinomaguna118v2Kinki no Magna (Forbidden Magna) is a very interesting game, not only the game itself, but the history behind its development. Nevertheless, an intriguing one! I could not ask for a better title to make the debut of my new “New Nintendo 3DS”. So, LET’S GO!


Kinkinomaguna127Luchs Edward is the manager of “Familie”, an old Inn owned by his family for generations. In the past, Luchs father always told him about how their family have built that Inn in order to keep an old promise to “receive very special guests who are sure to arrive someday, and to treat them as our own family”. For this reason, Luchs’ ancestors never left their small nation located on the Stern Island. Not like this would be a problem for the young manager, since he takes pride in continuing the family’s tradition and enjoys living a peaceful life together with his two childhood friends who help him run the Inn.Kinkinomaguna128Since they hardly get any clients, Luchs need to search for “Crystals”, which are mysterious ores used as currency and main energy source in their current society. However, to properly acquire those, it’s necessary to have the right techniques and materials. People like Luchs – who possess neither – needs to venture into caves whenever there’s an earthquake, since crystals often get released from the ground during such occasions.Kinkinomaguna04One fateful day, while searching for crystals, Luchs come across a strange altar with a sphere of light floating above it and a giant crystal with a young girl trapped inside. By getting closer to the crystal, three gargoyles suddenly attack him, but after hearing a voice inside his head, the sphere of light flies towards his arm and becomes a bracelet.Kinkinomaguna16He uses the power of the bracelet unconsciously to awake the crystalized girl, who glows a number on her forehead and identify him as her master. She easily slay the monsters, but loses conscious shortly after.Kinkinomaguna05Feeling it was the work of fate, Luchs brings the girl to his house, but when she regain conscious, she loses all of her memories and starts to get weaker by the second. As it wasn’t enough, monsters start to appear nearby, putting Luchs and his friends in danger.Kinkinomaguna12In a desperate attempt to help his savior, Luchs decides to explore even deeper at the same cave. It’s when he finds another girl with a glowing number on her forehead who also identifies him as her master. She also had only fragments of her memories, but she knew how Luchs’s bracelet releases a special type of energy very similar to the energy from crystals, which is the energy she needs to live.Kinkinomaguna20By releasing this energy, Luchs is able to cure the two mysterious girls, and by resonating with each other, they are able to remember they actually are 2 of a 7 sisters family.Kinkinomaguna58At this point, Luchs didn’t have any doubts that this was the time to fulfil that important promise. Not only he offered those girls to live with him at the Inn, but he also insisted to help them in the search for their sisters. After all, they were already part of his family. However, as it turns out, he was much more involved in this matter than he could ever expect…


Kinkinomaguna47Kinkinomaguna110Luchs Edward is a very easy-going and kind person who rarely gets angry. Being a very humble man, he insists the girls should not call him “master” and simply call him by his first name instead. He’s infamous for caring so much for his friends to the point where he often gets himself in trouble. This is no different for the case with the mysterious girls, but Luchs knew he just could not leave them alone. For a change, the main character is not a fighter, being probably the weakest in the party, without mentioning his range is very limited. His real strength comes from the many support magic he’s able to cast by using his bracelet.

Kinkinomaguna07v2Kinkinomaguna80 Charlotte is the first mysterious girl found by Luchs. She likes to be called “Charl”. At first, she is often referred as a “spirit”, but it’s revealed later she is of a unique species known as “Artemis”, being the Artemis No. III. She’s very naïve and is probably the most childish among the 7 sisters as well, but her bright personality give her a strong charisma, and she easily befriends everyone around her. Charl envies and admires Beatrice for how elegant, mature and smart she is, and she wishes to learn how to cook like her, which never ends well. She wields the giant sword “Ten-i-Muhou” to fight, and is among the strongest Artemis.

Kinkinomaguna13Kinkinomaguna86Beatrice is the Artemis No. II and the second one found by Luchs, being often called “Trice” by her friends and family. A very serious, intelligent and organized girl with great culinary skills. She develops great respect and admiration for Luchs by seeing how dedicated he is with everything he does, which is also why she usually scolds Charlotte, since she thinks her sister causes too much trouble for their master, while she actually envies her for being so honest and charismatic. In battle, she uses the “Stellar Bow-gun”, which gives her the longest range in the group.

Kinkinomaguna87Kinkinomaguna81Elfriede, nicknamed as “Elfy”, is the Artemis No. V. She is a genius who saves the group many times with her inventions. She was the one who made the weapons used by her sisters, even though she hate weapons. She only made them after a certain occasion when they failed to protect themselves and the people they loved. She loves children and she prefers to use her talents to make toys for them. Elfy has an unexplainable Kansai dialect and fights with the Gatling gun OP4 Vulcan, with which she can easily deal heavy damage.

Kinkinomaguna38Kinkinomaguna84Gabriele (or just “Riele” for friends) is the Artemis No. VII, which means she is the youngest of the sisters, although she is not nearly as naïve or childish as Charl. Instead, she is a very cocky prankster, although she has an exceptional respect and admiration for her two older sisters. She also comes to acknowledge Luchs not much later, after she notices how much he cares for them. Gabriele fights with a weird suitcase called “Pandora Box” to throw bombs at her enemies.

Kinkinomaguna90Kinkinomaguna85Diana is the Artemis No. IV and her nickname is “Dia”. She has the spirit of an honorable warrior, which makes her behave very seriously for everything, but she DOES have a feminine side, as she has a passion for stuffed animals, specially bears! Which is why her best friend is Saburo – the bear, with whom she always talks whenever she feels down (Naturally, she also has to play the part of Saburo). She seems to have a bit of anachronism, specially when it comes to female underwear. Diana’s weapon of choice is the spear Kirin, which gives her a pretty long piecing range, but poor horizontal range.

Kinkinomaguna46Kinkinomaguna82Francesca, or just “Fran” for shorts, is the Artemis No. VI. A tomboy who enjoys fights and pranks. She becomes Gabriele’s arch-nemesis, as she is seen often bullying the poor girl. During battles, she uses special claws called “Scar of Gott”. She has the poorliest attack range among her sisters, but she compensates it with pure strength.

Kinkinomaguna57Kinkinomaguna83Adelheid’s nick name is “Ade” and she is the oldest Artermis sister, which means she is the No. I. She is considered the leader of the Artemis sisters and is a very responsible person. Adelheid is believed to be the strongest among her sisters, which is a big lie! She isn’t that strong, but her giant sniper cannon “Scooton Absolute” grants her a good advantage with the largest horizontal range in the group.

Kinkinomaguna68Kinkinomaguna138Amelia is Luchs’ childhood friend. She helps the Inn by providing vegetables from her own farm, and she’s often responsible for the coocking as well. She clearly has feelings for Luchs, but is too shy to make a confession. Everything gets much more complicated with the arrival of the Artemis sisters, since Luchs’ attention starts to focus on them. She knew the sisters would eventually bring trouble for her beloved one, but she couldn’t bring herself to make them leave, since she knew they were not bad people. She knows full well how deeply jealous she is, and she feels disgusted with herself.

Kinkinomaguna11Kinkinomaguna14Bart is Luchs’ best friend. He’s responsible for selling the crystals Luchs gather at Elenam – the nearby city. A happy-go-lucky simpleton who loves girls of any age or personality. That’s why he becomes infatuated with the Artemis sisters, and he decides to include them on his “Maid-in-Heaven” plan. Nothing can stop this hot-blooded idiot when he’s fired up, since he gets the strength to swim much faster than a ship could sail. Bart is also surprisingly skilled at making clothes, as he was the one who made Maid uniforms for every single Artemis, being even able to finish a uniform in just one night, and always getting the right size! Additionally, Bart is arguably a lolicon, since Riele is the only one who gets a “revealing” uniform.


Kinkinomaguna23The main theme is Kinki no Magna is “fate”, as the plot’s structure is built around a series of promises, prophecies and legends. The game starts with a narration asking if someone possesses “the necessary powers and qualifications”. This particular question will be repeated every chapter, and it’s only at the very end of the game when this phrase finally comes into play.Kinkinomaguna129There’s also the “Nightmare with Gargoyles”, which refers to a nightmare seen by the protagonist, which involves a great tragedy. And also a popular urban legend at the nearby city mentions that “outsiders shall bring disaster to the city”, which influences the town’s folk to treat the heroines badly.Kinkinomaguna108In a sense, one could say this game is not trying to make any plot twist, as the story is constantly giving itself away with all those prophecies. Even so, the game still manages to pull out some surprises, but since the story is not hiding much from you, they don’t make that big of a deal with each big reveal in the plot.Kinkinomaguna30Surprisingly, this game is not that much of a slice-of-life, which goes against all expectations, as this was developed by the same team behind Rune Factory. Nobody would expect a story so straightforward and so focused in battles. I could even say this is a case of Crapsaccharine World, since people get killed in this game, and villains die without any chance to redeem themselves. Still, I am a big fan of Summon Night, so I see no problems here!Kinkinomaguna102Also: Nicknames for every heroine! Because Japanese people are too stupid to learn 7 different western names! No! That’s is just too much! Their brains would simply explode!


Kinkinomaguna149Kinki no Magna had an interesting development circle, since it was in the makings for a long period, until it was almost canceled when Neverland – the studio behind it – filed for bankruptcy. If it wasn’t for Marvelous insisting on finishing the project by hiring the main developers to work at their “head-quarters”, this game might have never seen the light of day.Kinkinomaguna27But, if you’re familiar with the Rune Factory series, when you play the finished version of this game, it’s very likely to feel it is not quite “finished”. There are many oddities in the game that give clues to it being originally conceived as something closer to the “life simulation” style from Harvest Moon.Kinkinomaguna48There is a huge bulletin board in the Inn’s dinner room, which was probably meant to be used to accept quests from the people staying at “Familie” or the town’s citizens. But wait! What town?Kinkinomaguna79As it is, you cannot explore or visit different places, except during battles. But Aside from it, the only field where you can run freely and talk with NPCs is the Familie Inn, but there’s an entire city with many different areas, detailed objects and even NPCs walking around. This city is only used on some few cut-scenes, which is a waste!Kinkinomaguna122On the subject, the NPCs from the city are not used too often, and it’s possible to play through the whole game without seeing some of them! Maybe they would have a bigger role if this game had you running around the city to take requests and items that would trigger special events. Events that you would need to use your farm to fulfil.Kinkinomaguna107Talking about farms, there’s a giant map you can gain access through the StreetPass function. It’s a really huge field where items sprout from the ground when you met with someone who owns the game.Kinkinomaguna124However, there are many things that seem unused here. Like this NPC who is only used in this field and doesn’t appear during any other event through the game.Kinkinomaguna123There’s also some curious areas in the same map that could be used for other events or gameplay, like this dock, which would be perfect for a fishing mini game!Kinkinomaguna130Maybe in the future, when people become able to open 3DS ROMs, we might find evidences showing how this game was originally meant to be. Until them, I will just keep my speculations…


Kinkinomaguna132As stated before, the game is a very straightforward tactics RPG that plays similarly to some Shining Force titles or Phantom Brave in the way how you move your units through the battlefield. The main difference is how enemies can hit each other when they get pushed back by your attacks, making them fall like domino pieces. And since you get an extra action every time you defeat 10 or more enemies with one attack, you get encouraged to defeat them like they were bowling pins!Kinkinomaguna133 This gimmick is lots of fun! It’s dynamic enough to provide new challenges just by giving enemies with different sizes or new obstacles in the field, and defeating a bunch of peons feels REALLY GOOD!

Kinkinomaguna117Kinkinomaguna22Luckily, enemies are always summoning weaker versions of themselves that will usually deal only 1 damage point to your characters, they exist only to help you scoring that 10 hits combo!The battle is fast, since you just need to press one button to attack, while special attacks are found inside a special menu.Kinkinomaguna09There are few things to do outside of battles. The main thing to do are special events known as “ETR” (EnTRainment), which are a type of “Social Link” with the main heroines,  but those are not really optional, as they are connected with the main plot, and there are just a few of them available for each chapter.Kinkinomaguna115There are 7 different endings, one for each Artemis. To get an ending, you need to see 3 “ETR” events with a specific heroine, which are triggered by talking with a heroine who got a heart symbol over her head during particular moments in the main campaign.

Kinkinomaguna51Kinkinomaguna41Since some of those events are only available much later in the game, some endings become impossible to be seen in the first playthrough. But unfortunately, there are very few differences between each ending, as the dialogs and aftermath is basically the same for all of them, which doesn’t give too much replayability.Kinkinomaguna140Another thing you can do aside of battles is to take a bath! This will raise your stats temporally for the next battle depending of the type of bath you choose.Kinkinomaguna100But depending on certain conditions, you can run into some interesting surprises!Kinkinomaguna101Here is some fine examples of the high quality service you can receive in here!Kinkinomaguna141


The game uses SD graphics for the most part. Those look like pre-rendered models for me, but it also looks like real-time 3D models with cell-shading effects sometimes. Nevertheless, it’s far from being impressive, but it’s decent enough! Instead of using a text describing the action during events, the SD models are always used, and there are many detailed animations for specific events!Kinkinomaguna43The character design is by Ototsugu Konoe, who is now famous for his works with TYPE-MOON. I like his designs! Each character looks distinct from each other, and each one have their own special traits!Kinkinomaguna120Something really nice is the animation in the characters portraits! They are always moving! Even inside the status menu, which add life and personality to events. For instance, Beatrice’s animation shows how she compulsively touches her bangs!Kinkinomaguna125There is a good variety of backgrounds, it’s just the enough to keep you from getting tired to see the same field during battles or events! Those backgrounds even look to be hand-drawn, and while I know it’s not the case, it still looks darn gorgeous! It even reminds me the hand-drawn backgrounds from the classic Marl Kingdom series!


Kinkinomaguna55Unfortunately, this game is very weak in the “voice department”, since this game have very few voices. You will hear characters talking regularly during battles, but during events, you will usually hear only one word being voiced for each phrase, leaving the rest of the sentence in total silence. This takes some impact and atmosphere from events, but it was to be expected, since the same was also true for the Rune Factory games, even on the PS3!


 The Music is so great! I really love the main theme “Into the Sky” by Joe Rinoie. It feels kinda romantic as it also makes you ready for some cool magic battles at the same time. The scenes in the opening fit really well, too!Kinkinomaguna142v2The composer is Morita Tomoko, who worked on nearly all Rune Factory games and even some Shining Force games as well! Most of her songs go from enjoyable to excellent! I really want this game soundtrack!

Miiverse Gallery

Hey! Do you know what sucks about taking screenshots on the 3DS? You need to use the Miiverse to do it, because it’s the only way! But not everything about the Miiverse is annoying! You can even find some really cute fan-art there! It’s impressive to see how much they can do with the 3DS stylus!Kinkinomaguna103-capBeatrice by capKinkinomaguna106-ナギペタBeatrice & Charlotte by ナギペタKinkinomaguna104-ししょー(コーヒー)Francesca by ししょー(コーヒー)Kinkinomaguna105-みさわんSarina by みさわん


Kinkinomaguna113I love this game! It sure was really short since I finished it in less than one week, and if I wasn’t as busy as I am, recently, I could have finished it even sooner! However, the little this game gave me was SO GOOD! It made me wanting to play even more! I would love to have optional farming and social stuff to do during my gameplay, just so I could play more of that amusing battle system while learning more about all the characters.Kinkinomaguna148By the way: When I play a Dating Sim, I usually find Harems full of heroines I despise, except for one or two. But I love every single character in this game! This is not something that happens too often…But everything ended so abruptly. Well, I guess it can’t be helped, giving the nature of this title’s development. I really wish this could get a sequel in the future, but I think there’s no future for this game, since the studio that originally developed it just died. I don’t even know if this will ever get localized…That’s so sad!Kinkinomaguna49Anyway, this was the first game I bought for my New Nintendo 3DS, was it worth? Of course it was! Every single yen  paid for it! I recommend this game! It’s great!

37 responses to “Game Review – Kinki no Magna (3DS)

  1. Oh I really wanted to see this game localized. Xseed told me they were interested in the title and I really hope they will bring it here. I like your review, seems the game wasn’t so bad as some people make them to be or other pay too much attention in sales.

    Sadly we know what happened to Rune Factory team and its sad because I love their games (play RF4 btw) so I expected this game to be incomplete =( but Im surprise of how straighforward this game seems to be because I really expected to be more slice like Rune. Not that I’m complaining because I like both formats when they are well made.

    About 3DS
    1-I won’t be able to play this unless is localized because my 3DS is from USA and it’s region locked I cannot play games from japan if not were the case I would had imported along with other titles like Digimon Re:Digitze

    2-Mii-verse sucks for me. Sure nice arts but not every game let you take pictures like that. That’s something awful for this console. I wanted to share some pics

    3-I read you also like SMT. Try playing Soul Hacker enhanced port for 3DS its cool if you don’t mind classic dungeon crawlers plus its fully voiced and the story its good for me even if not the main focus of the game. You can even fight againts two Raidous from the ps2 Devil Summoner! I would also recommend SMT IV but after Soul Hacker since once you get used to the changes in battles it’s hard to look at an outdated battle system in the same manner however SMT IV has 3D exploration akin to Nocturne/DDS and only first person battles which are greatly improved since Strange Journey. Those are my tops along with Fire Emblem Awakening which are the games that made me buy a 3DS.

    • Without a doubt, this game’s biggest fault is it’s short length! It’s precisely because it’s so good that it makes you wanting to play more. If this game was boring and stupid, I would thank god for how fast I was able to finish it! Damn! This game is a big tease! I hope Xseed pick it! We need more games like this in the west!
      I already played Rune Factory 4 on my friend’s 3DS, but it was my least favorite in the series.
      I am also concerned with how difficult it is to take screenshots with the 3DS. I hope the next titles I play have this option!
      Thank you for the recommendations! I am not a big fan of first-person RPGs, but I don’t mind playing them as long as the story is really good, and I trust the SMT series would not let me down, so I will give Soul Hacker a try in the future! SMT IV is also on my list! I already finished Fire Emblem Awakening on my friend’s 3DS, and it was GREAT!

  2. On the contrary Rune Factory 4 was one of my favourites wasn’t big fans of the previous games. For many Fire Emblem Awakening is the worst FE but for me was one of the best since I wasn’t that big of a fan of the previous ones. Might be a similar case.

    First of all gameplay-wise I got used to RF3/4 faster gameplay because It was tough shit farming in the old games and even the Wii one.

    • Hehe! To be honest, I didn’t like Fire Emblem as well, until I played Awakening!
      I hope someday we get a new RF, somehow. Or at least something similar. Harvest Moon has its charm, but I also like to battle once in a while…

  3. Hey. I really really like this review! The sales for this game is actually not very encouraging but as far as I reemember, Xseed also mentioned they were very interested in localizing it! Looks like the battle is really simplistic and does not involve a lot of action, but it seems that it is still quite a fun thing to do!

    Favorite part of your review:

    “Another thing you can do aside of battles is to take a bath!”


    So uhm, how were you able to take a screenshot / gif of that girl touching her bangs?

    • Thanks! I made the .gif by using an old video from Nintendo Direct, but there are people who install a non-official video capture device on their 3DS. Although I didn’t do this with my poor 3DS…yet

  4. Ah I see, Haha. It seems that this review is also a New 3DS review. Everyone is annoyed of the damn screenshot ability, but it looks like despite the hardships, you found joy looking at Miiverse drawings. Those people who drew there are really geniuses. I wonder what their ages are, because I absolutely dont have the time to do those stuff.

  5. so… RF is dead :< ohh well not that I have a 3DS to play them anyway but I still have frontier with me but my Wii is missing :X RF:O was bad I cant consider that as an RF game

    • I was also waiting for a new Rune Factory for home consoles before I got my 3DS, especially for the PS3! I didn’t have a Wii at the time Frontier was released, so I got the newer one when it got released for the PS3. I still enjoyed Ocean, though. Even more than RF3 (better farming and combat), but now I am interested in Frontier too, since you said it is way better than Oceans…

      • yes Frontier is one of the greatest RF games before 3, but the combat in Frontier is still a bit clunky as you would expect it’s not as refined as you would have seen in 3 or Oceans since Frontier uses RF 1 system and characters

      • as you know my only gripe in RF:O was that it wasnt a real RF game but only RF in name considering how cheap the farming gets in RF:O its more of an RPG than it is a RPG/farming sim that RF was known for

      • but ok Hana Kana as Iris is passable enough for me… still…

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  7. I’m really happy to see another English speaker who’s played and enjoyed Forbidden Magna / Kinki no Magna. I definitely agree the game had major shortcomings (like lack of towns, slow battle speed, lack of text skip function and CG/cutscene gallery prior to the update patch and lack of relevance of Elenam’s townspeople) but I enjoyed the game for its stronger points.

    I definitely agree with your comment about the spirit girls cast, I ended up loving them all (even those who I thought I wouldn’t pay any attention to prior to the game’s release).

    I know you liked the entire cast but if you were forced to pick, who were your top 3 favorites among the spirits and why?

    For me, it’s personally a tie between Beatrice, Adelheid and Elfriede. I really liked Beatrice’s calm/reserve personality while still being capable of getting heated up (be it about battle or about Charl). Adelheid because I’m a huge fan of the oneesan types and I really did think it was sweet of Luchs helping her get through the trauma Kaiser gave her + some of her slight insecurities about whether or not she’s fulfilling her role as the older sister. Adelheid being lovesick during the first part of her final ETR Event I didn’t see coming. Elfriede mostly because she’s had a lot of funny moments in the game and I dunno…she just grew on me especially after reading your translation about her story + the fact she created the weapons.

    • I’m also happy to know someone who was able to play and enjoy this game!
      Every single Artemis is very gentle with everyone, which I really appreciate (it seems this is becoming rare these days), but my TOP 3 would be 1-Beatrice 2-Charlotte 3-Elfriede.
      Beatrice is number one because I’m really weak to her type. calm and serious who secretly wants to be spoiled. I also love who she is not perfect and she admits it. She even admires and envy Charlotte, even though Charl herself thinks she is inferior to her older sister.
      Speaking of, Charl comes next because she is just so honest and hardworking! Even though she is clumsy, she is always giving her all, so it makes me want to root for her.
      Elfriede comes right next to Charl in my ranks because of her backstory. Since she is not present in the boxart, I thought she wouldn’t be important, but when I got to know her better through the ETRs, I was really surprised! At first, I thought she would be a happy-go-lucky girl who cares more for her inventions than the well-being of her friends, but I was SO WRONG! Usually, the heroines from these type of games are really predictable, but characters like Elfriede show this is not at the same level of a cheap DatingSim!
      I feel like I could like the other heroines even more (Like Diana, I love the gap with how she wants to be a strong-looking warrior, even though she likes cute stuffed animals). Saddly, some of them take too long to become allies…

      • I fully agree about your comment on Charlotte and Beatrice. I really love the parallels both of them have. At first I thought Charl and Trice would just be a boke and tsukkomi duo of girls in a lot of cliches but it’s clear they both care for each other and they do have conflicting thoughts about themselves and how they perceive others. Yeah, Trice’s moments are really cute, especially her blush portrait in her ending route.

        I’m with you about Elfriede. I’m glad she didn’t become another mad scientist comic relief cliche and she naturally cares about her family. Honestly, the small scenes I’ve seen of Elfriede chasing the girls out of her lab inside during the ending credits I’ve interpreted more as “Get out I dont want you to get hurt” than “Don’t disturb me”. She’s a great character, yeah.

        I have a few questions…

        Question 1: whose endings did you go for exactly?

        Question 2: I mentioned this in my first comment but if you’ve seen it, why was Adelheid sighing at the first part of her 3rd ETR Event? I interpreted it as her realizing her growing feelings for Luchs and just being confused.

        Question 3: What sort of trauma is elaborated in Adelheid’s 1st – 2nd ETR Event when they’re discussing Kaiser? It seems to have shaken her up considering she was crying (in relief and happiness) after she got settled into the inn. Beatrice angrily going “I’m never going to forgive Kaiser” after that made my heart melt.

        Again, I can’t elaborate it enough but I love this cast. I know there’s harem/romance elements but they all feel like one giant dorky, adorable family. Bart and Amelia included. I’m happy that Amelia didn’t follow the typical childhood friend cliche and instead saw through her own flaws and emotions. I always felt like some scenes shipped Bart and Amelia together though. They’d fit, haha.

      • As expected, I did Beatrice’s ending! Unfortunately, I didn’t watched Adelheid’s ETR’s events, so I can’t answer your other 2 questions. Sorry!
        Yes! They really work just fine as a big family! I think Bart is a nice guy who needs more love, but I don’t know if Amelia would be interested in him, as it seems she only have eyes for Luchs…

      • True. I thought that scene with Bart and Amelia after Gabriele’s chapter was heartwarming though but the convo was mostly about Luchs, haha.

        Are you thinking of doing another playthrough just to see ETR Events you missed? The text skip from the patch helps.

        Question, if you don’t mind, may you please translate this? (It’s from the FM Perfect Guide) ::

        It’s a paragraph summary of what’s dealt with in Adel’s ETR events.

        Have you had a listen at the FM Drama CD tracks (if you got it with your copy)?

      • Yes! I have the will to play it again, but not the time. I don’t usually play a RPG more than one time, even when there’s a “New game +” feature. Too much things I have to watch again… Once I finish a playthrough I give priority to newer games, since this also means more material I can review.
        However, whenever there’s a period with no new games I wish to play, I’m willing to play Kinki no Magna again.

        “Adelheid firstly appears before Luchs and the Artemis as an enemy while being cursed by the powerful “superior order” received by Kaiser. After getting herself free from it, she still retains the memories from when she was controlled like a puppet by him, so she knows this horror better than anyone. This experience was frightening enough to give her a trauma. Will she be able to overcome this to fight against Kaiser?”

        Unfortunatelly, the taxes are just too high to import this game to my country, and it takes a long time for the game to arrive, that’s why I bought the digital version on the E-store. It was only after I finished the game that I found out there was a Drama CD. I really wanted to listen to it, but it was just impossible for me…

    • Thanks for the translation! Yeah, Adelheid always came off as wary of Kaiser in her first and second ETR Event but I’m glad she gradually faced her fears. Seeing Adelheid telling Kaiser off at the end of the chapter where they infiltrate his empire’s lab was awesome.

      Ah, I see. The drama CD tracks are really fun to listen to. I liked Adelheid/Luchs’ track in particular. Chiwa Saitou did a good job voicing Adelheid.

      How would you feel if for the next Rune Factory game, FM’s character designer were to take over for the official bachelor/bachelorette designs?

      As for the romance, from what I understand it’s not as heavily emphasised as it is in games like RF4 or the Shining Games but the element of romance itself is there, right? Like, they made it so that it was subtle but not too subtle at the same time. Heck, Adelheid and Beatrice’s flush portraits only appear if you go to their respective routes (although Ade’s appeared in the aftermath of that infamous bath scene),

      Adelheid looks really sweet in this portrait though:

      Prior to this game coming out I never imagined her being able to make this kind of expression, haha.

      • I hope we can see a new Rune Factory (or a true spiritual sucessor) soon enough. I think, character design wise, each series has it’s charm. I like both, by the way, but I like Kinki no Magna’s style a bit more.
        I think the romance bits in this game are fine, but maybe I would appreciate some more romantic scenes, as long as those are well-written.
        On the other hand, Rune Factory’s atmosphere always feels like a vacation, so I think they could use the series atmosphere of the main plot from Kinki no Magna.

      • Are you referring to the fact RF seems laid back even with the serious bits? Like in RF4’s plot during the Sechs arc for example. Aside the business with Ventuswill / Venti, there didn’t seem like tension was existent and the stakes didn’t seem high either. Heck even during the last boss of the Sechs arc the townspeople seemed relax when plot scenes weren’t occurring. Although RF has its own charm so I don’t think a dark plot would fit for something more story driven like Forbidden Magna.

        Btw, what ever happened to Luchs’s father, Dr. Edward? Flashbacks show Kaiser siccing the brainwashed spirits against him but Luchs still has memories of him. Did the brainwashed spirits finish him off or is his fate as to how he passed on left ambiguous? If he was slain in battle, I think Luchs would know.

      • I don’t want Rune Factory to have a dark atmosphere either, but like you said, it feels like there’s no tension, and I would like for that to change.
        By what I could understand, Edward is not Luchs’s father, but an old ancestor, since Luchs mentioned his family has been keeping the Inn since before the generation of his grandfather, which means the person talking with the child-Luchs about the Inn during the flashback was not Edward. (and also implies the Artemis are all much older than they look) Kaiser is probably still alive and young because he’s able to use the power of God

    • Really? I had no idea. I had the idea that Scientist Edward was Luchs’ dad Ibecause Adelheid made a reference to a “father” at the start of the “Happy Family” chapter of the game. So, when the spirits wrecked havoc under Kaiser’s control in Elenam, that was centuries ago, right? And this is why the mayor or the townsfolk dont recognize them when they confront them. That and Luchs DIDN’T recognize who Scientist Edward was in one of the flashbacks. If he were his dad, he would have known immediately.

      So who was Adelheid referring to as a father at the start of said chapter? I remember Gabriele having a voiced “Otou-san” right after.

      And that makes sense that Edward (the scientist under Kaiser) is Luchs’ ancestor and not father since it’d make no sense for his own son not to have any idea. That and it explains why the old lab in Diana, Adelheid and Francesca’s chapter looked as if it was abandoned for centuries.

      Although does this mean that Kaiser has been ruling his empire for possibly centuries while he outlived generations of his own forces? (Human soldiers are seen among his empire iirc)

      Scientist Edward and Artemise shared no romantic relationship, right? Iirc it felt more like a father-daughter relationship between him and them. And only with Luchs do the spirits gain actual romantic feelings.

      What’s Beatrice talking about in her monologue during the ending credits? (since the monologue at the credits is the same for all girls)

      This is from Beatrice’s ending after the final boss and I know the line involves love but what is she saying here exactly?

      • Well, I can’t prove I’m 100% right about Edward not being Luchs dad, but I think it makes sense. Even though Edward could not be Luchs father, from Adelheid and the others perspective, he is still like a father for them. Also, it was said that, thanks to Edward’s ultimate sacrifice, the Artemise were sealed for years, so they don’t have the mind of an adult yet.

        About the fact only Luchs develops a romantic relationship with them: I think this is more of a “Japanese Otaku” thing to want their heroines to always remain “pure” prior to the relationship with the hero, with not previous lovers or even romantic interests.

        At the end, Beatrice (and probably, all other heroines) explain how everyone forgot about Luchs, except for her, and how this makes her suffer, until…

        At this scene in the link, she is actually referring to Kaiser and how his love for his wife was real and it was so strong that he keeps thinking about her even after he became a monster. She says later how Kaiser’s feelings are not too different from their’s, and how they could become just like him if something was to happen with Luchs.

        Anyway, you sure have many questions and I don’t dislike this at all! If you want to chat more about games and other Otaku stuff, follow me on twitter! I also use Skype with the e-mail . Those should be faster for me to answer and easier to send long messages for you

  8. Pingback: New Domain Registration Suggests Xseed is REALLY Localizing Forbidden Magna | The Sun Rising Blog

  9. Awesome review, I played the game too, well, a part of it. But because I know no Japanese I was bogged down by all the text without really knowing what to do. I do know I loved the battle system, and like you wrote, I felt like I was missing stuff. I can hardly believe they made the whole field for crops just for streetpass!

    • Too bad that you was not able to read the story in Japanese. thankfully, this game will get a localization, so maybe you could use region three to play it even on your Japanese 3DS…

      • Yeah, I know it isn’t much of a story, but I still like to understand what’s going on, and your review helped me see the background.

      • Too be honest, I thought you were commenting about another game. This new wordpress layout still confuses me a lot. I’m sorry!
        It’s true that there’s a lot of content that was cut from the final version, but if one pays attention to some events, there’s actually some pretty interesting stuff going on in the plot, but no one bothers to talk about in Japanese communities, and I don’t know why. Without mentioning the characters are all really charismatic, so being able to understand what they are saying has a huge pay-off…At least for me!

      • Exactly, that’s why I was glad to find your background story. Though I must say I balk at the bath scene…they could have left that out as far as I’m concerned 🙂

      • To be honest, I didn’t watch any bath scene. I got the swimsuits screenshots on the Miiverse.
        There’s also an event later in the game where the protagonist best friend envites him to peek on the girls during their bath, but I choose “no” because I thought it would be too out-of-character for the protagonist, since he’s a good boy (and I care for this Role-playing thing), but even if you refuse to do so, the animated scene will still appear in your gallery menu…

      • I bet that once this game makes it West, that part will be left out! So out of character over here, right?

      • I don’t think they will reach the point of cutting a whole animated scene, since those are expensive. But even if they did cut those bath-related parts from the U.S. version, I bet a lot of players would complain about it…

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  12. you know thinking back… Ototsugu Konoe… type-moon… Beatrice… Len… a cat is fine too?

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