Game Review – Tales of the World: Reve Unitia (3DS)

TOW-ReveUnitia-62Originally released for Android cellphones as “Tactics Union”, Reve Unitia is a “Tales of” title from the “The World” spin-off line, and just like its predecessors, it features main characters across the whole franchise against a new threat. Since this new villain never turns out to be Thanos, I have to pity the fool who tries to defeat this army of over 40 epic heroes! After all, they already saved the world before when they were out-numbered. But this crossover is different, because now it’s Heroes VS Heroes! Ah! The irony!


TOW-ReveUnitia-02v2Revalia is the world of dreams connected with all other realities. A magical realm where the consciousness of countless beings travel to while they are asleep. A great menace for this world comes in the form of Vules – monsters who can consume the heart of any living being.TOW-ReveUnitia-37v2In a desperate attempt to save their world, the remaining members of the Rufrus tribe try to summon warriors from many different dimensions to help them fight against those creatures. However, there were only young and unexperienced Rufrus partaken this ritual, which results on a failure.TOW-ReveUnitia-04v2The heroes lose their memories, abilities and get scattered in an unknown world.


TOW-ReveUnitia-03TOW-ReveUnitia-23v2Terun is naïve and gets easily scared, but is the only one among the young Rufrus to be brave enough to go out of their village to look for the heroes. This androgynous green fellow is able to gather a team of reliable heroes of justice.TOW-ReveUnitia-39v2Nevertheless, as Vules were formally shapeless monsters, without Terun to purify them, those monsters would eventually return and they could easily take over the heart of the humans fighters. Therefore, they are very grateful to Terun and they form a strong bond of friendship that helps the young Rufrus to grow and reach the next level as a “dream guardian”.TOW-ReveUnitia-52v2Nahato is an adult from the Rufrus clan who was away from the village to fulfil his duty as the last remaining dream guardian by staying secluded on a temple to protect the seal of Rarph-Necriya – the creature who gave birth to all Vules. Although Nahato is most likely the strongest dream guardian on the history of his village, he was not able to keep the seal all by himself, as a little fragment from the monster was able to escape. When going out to look for the fragment, Nahato form his own team of summoned warriors, but coincidently, his team is almost exclusively composed of anti-heroes.TOW-ReveUnitia-40v2People who always get to do the dirty job, those who are used to take on the role of the bad guy, those who are not against making sacrifices to attain a greater good. Together, they come up with their own method to defeat the Vules and restore peace in all dimesions, but since Nahato and his party are much more well-versed on the situation, their actions feel questionable for Terun’s group, which sets the stage of Heroes VS Dark Heroes on a race to save their respective worlds.


TOW-ReveUnitia-43v2The first thing you must do is to choose which team you will follow. If you try to choose Nahato’s side first, a warning will be displayed saying it’s not a good idea to start with this path. But, why is that? Is it because of the difficulty or is it for the sake of the plot? The answer is: Both!TOW-ReveUnitia-34Playing Terun’s story after finishing Nahato’s plot can be kinda boring, since part of the fun on the Heroes side is to find out what exactly Nahato wants to accomplish, and by playing his side first, you pretty much spoil yourself. On the other hand, there are some new enjoyments by leaving Nahato’s campaign for last, like exclusive party members, new plot points and the challenge!TOW-ReveUnitia-51v2While Terun’s campaign is a walk in the park, Nahato’s is a journey through hell! Right from the start, you will be pitted against seemingly impossible situations, like fighting against an army of powerful monsters by controlling only two half-dead characters. I am not kidding! This is the third battle of Nahato’s campaign! Therefore, I would not recommend this side of the story for the weak of heart, even after finishing Terun’s side. It’s a frustraiting and unfair difficulty that should please only the most hardcore players.

TOW-ReveUnitia-58TOW-ReveUnitia-57The game’s flow is pretty much what you would expect from a regular tactics-strategy RPG. You start every chapter on your mother base (the Rufrus village for Terun and the temple for Nahato). You can go shopping, change equipment, buy new skills or complete some optional challenges. You navigate only through menus and the visuals are only still shots of maps. Outside the main-base, you can find the main battle to clear the current chapter, but there’s often some extra battles to recruit new characters. Those were originally all paid DLCs in the cellphone version, but they are all included for free on the normal package of this 3DS version.

TOW-ReveUnitia-36TOW-ReveUnitia-35On the subject, there’s also new DLCs, which are special battles that unlock special events with the “Tales of” heroes. Something very akin to the DLCs from Fire Emblem: Awakening. On the subject, there’s also DLC packs that give you extra skill points and make easier to get EXP, which is also similar to Nintendo’s strategy RPG.TOW-ReveUnitia-46v2The battles system is pretty fun and it’s pretty incredible how much the “Tales of” spirit was carried on to the turn-based tactics battle. I played a countless amount of Tactics RPG, but when I played Reve Unitia, I just felt like I was playing a “Tales of” game and nothing else.TOW-ReveUnitia-45v2Each unit is very unique, but they can feel a bit similar at first, as they share some basic attacks, but as you level your units up, they get some exclusive arts, like Lloyd, for instance, who learns Sonic Thrust and can deal heavy damage from a short distance. Flynn, on the other hand, can use some heal and support magic, like First Aid and Sharpness.

TOW-ReveUnitia-47TOW-ReveUnitia-42Some characters can also act together at the same turn when they are close to each other. You press Y before attacking and you choose an Art for the other character to use.

TOW-ReveUnitia-44TOW-ReveUnitia-50Making characters fight close to each other and attacking together raises their affection levels for each other. By leveling this up, you can get “battle skits” between those characters, which can be quite amusing or silly, just like all other skits from “Tales of” games! Each character has specific partners for those skits, some from their game of origin and others from different games, to make fan-service!TOW-ReveUnitia-63v2You can’t change weapons or armors, you can only equip accessories, but there are only a few of those. You can’t cook either nor can you talk with NPCs or explore the world. There are not much collectables or secret stuff as the game is pretty straight forward. While you can get additional units by completing optional maps, they are nearly inexistent during the main plot.

TOW-ReveUnitia-55TOW-ReveUnitia-54You still got an Over Limit Gauge that can be activated to raise the parameters of a unit during three turns, during which the Hi-Ougi (Mystic Art) can be released. You get a Hi-Ougi simply by raising the level of your characters.


TOW-ReveUnitia-56TOW-ReveUnitia-48Since this was originally a mobile game, the graphics you will see here are not impressive even for 3DS standards, but it’s still pretty decent. You don’t have events using 3D models, instead, you get only 2D graphics on a visual-novel style, which makes a good portion of the game look like a huge skit! Those 2D graphics have a good amount of animations and poses, but the lip sync is very poor!TOW-ReveUnitia-18v2Different from other Tales of Crossovers, you get a bunch of CGs and anime cut-scenes to make events more interesting and vivid. Unfortunately, you can’t replay those on the gallery mode after finishing the game.TOW-ReveUnitia-16v2This is a rare “Tales of” game where you can’t change the appearance of your characters. Not only weapons and accessories, but clothes neither. The background are nothing impressive either, as they are very basic and without animations.


TOW-ReveUnitia-15v2This game is fully voiced! Each dialog on each skit! After playing Kinki no Magna, which was nearly deprived of voices, this is really refreshing! All seyuus from classic to modern “Tales of” games are reprising their roles, and their acting skills are still as great as ever!


This remake got a proper Opening theme: “Shining Darkness” by Nakagawa Nami, which is a nice J-pop song that gives an epic atmosphere for the Heroes confrontation. The rest of the soundtrack is also great! I don’t like the soundtrack from “Tales of” games that much, but they got only the best songs from each game in the series. The music playing on the village, on the world map, during events, even the battles themes! You can hear almost all battle themes from Phantasia to Xillia 2!


Taking screenshots on the 3DS still sucks! But since I need to access the Miiverse to do it, here are some nice fan-made art from there as a omake! Curiously enough, I had a bit of a hard time to find good ones. Maybe, Tales fans are not as skilled as Kinki no Magna players…TOW-ReveUnitia-28-あーちゃんTerun & Nahato by あーちゃんTOW-ReveUnitia-29-もやゆよAnise by もやゆよTOW-ReveUnitia-31-マナミMeredy by マナミ/NDTOW-ReveUnitia-30-はるYuri by はる


TOW-ReveUnitia-19v2Like most Japanese 3DS titles, this game is too expensive, even on its digital format! Being almost ¥6.000! Therefore, unless you’re a big fan of the franchise or of the genre, I would not recommend this game, since one most likely will not be able appreciate this game as much as I did, since the story is only “ok” at best and the graphics are below average. Regardless, this was an enjoyable game! I only hope next time the 3DS can get an exclusive “Tales of” developed with the portable specs in mind…

6 responses to “Game Review – Tales of the World: Reve Unitia (3DS)

  1. Question when does the dlc battles show up or are those the extra. And what is the big monster that shows up occasionally in free #1? Haven’t figured out what level I need to be to beat it. I miss being able to move your view around then just 4 angles and 3 degrees of depth.

    • Sorry, but when I bought DLC battles, I was around middle-way into the main campaign and they got avilable right away, but I don’t know exactly when.
      And since I didn’t play free battles very often, I didn’t know about this big monster you’re talking about.

      • It’s labeled Gianto (something like that) on top of free battle #1 icon on the map. The monster looks similar to a giant dragon. It shows up sometimes on the free mode map (as far as I can tell, I only just defended the town from Luke.)

      • This is what I got from a Japanese Walkthrough:
        *Gigant monsters appear at random in free-battle maps during Terun’s campaign, but they do not appear at all during Nahato’s campaign, so be aware!
        *They are really strong, and some even appear as bosses during main events, but the ones you face in free-battles have an exclusive feature: They can drop skill-scrolls.
        *If you can’t see any gigant at your free-battle maps, you just have to finish any event or battle so they maps can re-load, giving another chance for them to respawn.
        *They can appear at free-maps 1, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16 and 20.

      • Oooooo can you send me the walkthrough link!

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