Galge Review – Koi Suru Kanojo no Bukiyou na Butai

koikano04Certainly, there are Galges that were being much more hyped than “Koi Suru Kanojo no Bukiyou na Butai”, but since I am losing my patience with this genre, I decided to pick only titles that don’t piss me off. This Charage by CUBE was the only title that my filter left for me to play for this month. I suppose this is what I get for being too picky…

Story & Characters

0838_0837Miyakuni Ichigo has a talent for writing stories and his tales captivated Togawa Mayuu – his childhood friend – who enjoyed acting in the roles of the characters he made. This, however, brought to light an even bigger talent in Mayuu, the talent for acting.0006_0005Mayuu quickly became huge in the world of theaters as one of the greatest genius actresses to appear in this century, which naturally resulted in many proposals of work overseas. Nevertheless, she didn’t wish for this, which was why she officially retired from the stage to go back to be a normal high schooler, just so she could stay by the side of the one and only person she will ever love: Ichigo.0433_0432She was satisfied being the sole member of the literature club, aside for Ichigo as the president. After all, it was like their exclusive love nest. This was until the coming of Nanase Sena to the club, which put an end to their “alone-time”, causing Mayuu to dislike this new member, especially when she is a cute girl who shows admiration for Ichigo’s writing skills, as she is also a writer and even works professionally.1154_1153On Sena’s case, her talent was awakened from the stories she told to her childhood friend – Chiyoda Momoka. A very rich lady who was born with a very frail health. Since she couldn’t do much from her bed, Sena wrote many stories about the beauty and excitement from outside. Momoka eventually got to watch Mayuu’s acting, which made her inspired to become an actress. Now, as the president of the drama club, she dreams about the day when she will be able to watch her idol acting again.0806_0805Alice Third Macy – the president of the student council , was also always around, since she is quite fond of Ichigo. The same can be said of her little mascot, the puppy she calls Cerberuskoikano05…No! This isn’t right! This Cerberus is not cute enough for a Galge!0393_0392Anyway! On a trick of fate, Alice gave a norm of activities for all clubs, which culminated into Ichigo and Momoka joining forces. For their clubs, which have a shortage on members, this was the best solution.koikano02They already had something quite promising going on with Mayuu’s overwhelming talent combined with Ichigo’s and Sena’s writing skills, but now they also have Momoka’s beautiful singing voice, as well as her personal Maid – Kokonoe Maria, who is considerably reliable for her age.1564_1563They also got Enomoto Chisa, who is the teacher responsible for their club activities. Although she is not very reliable for her age or her position. In the end, even Alice herself got involved, somehow…0096_0095Regardless, this somewhat “dream-team” was ready to make a spectacle of a presentation. However, everyone’s feelings are put to test as they start to expose themselves during their preparations. And at the center of everything, there was Ichigo…

Routes & Themes

koikano03What can you expect from a main character who is treated as a “sub-character” by his own creators? Ok! Ichigo is not exactly a remarkable protagonist, but at least he gets the job done! He doesn’t stay too quiet during conversations, and he says more than “Yes!”, What?”, “I love you!” or “I’m cumming”. Let’s say that I would not understand 100% of a scene if I ignored his lines, and he even got that writing skill, which disqualify him to be a “ordinary teenager with no special talents”, and as far as protagonists goes in Galges, this is already more than you could ask!1528_1527Nothing much to say about those routes! You get more of the stuff that fans of this genre love. There’s not much depth for the heroines, and they even feel shallow at times. One good example of this  is Alice…0803_0802In her route, it’s revealed she knew Ichigo from their childhood. She got lost when her parents were visiting Japan and Ichigo tried to help her. Even though they couldn’t understand each other, Ichigo was such a nice guy, that Alice fell deeply in love with him to the point she dedicated all her live to learn Japanese and to get a scholarship to study in Japan, just so she could go to the same school as Ichigo and, hopefully, become his girlfriend. All of this, just because of a couple hours talking with each other when they were brats…Actually, this is kinda creepy! An overseas Stalker!0033_0032When talking about being creepy, Mayuu always comes to mind! She tossed away a brilliant career as an international star just to stay together with her childhood crush. I do feel a bit bad for her when I don’t choose her route, but it’s impossible to not feel a lot of pressure coming from her, like: “I abandoned everything for you, now take responsibility!”. This could develop into an interesting drama, but no! Whenever Ichigo dumps her, all she gets is some comical reactions…0419_0418Taking everything into account, I still believe Sena’s route was the weakest one in the game. It’s just a basic cliché plot about her looking for references for her erotic novel. One thing leads to another, and this quickly ends up with her and Ichigo suddenly making snoo-snoo with each other in the name of literature. This route is downright a Nukige, and I am not a big fan of this sub-genre…himawari03With themes such as “Theater, acting, writing, and such, It’s inevitable to remember BRAVA!! which was one of the best Galges I played in 2013. However, it gets really overwhelming when comparing those two games, since BRAVA took those themes and actually used them, while this game is trying to have them as a proof of how much Mayuu loves the protagonist, since she couldn’t care less for acting. The only reason she is in the stage is to get Ichigo’s attention. It gets a bit difficult to convince that Mayuu is as good as the plot is trying to make her be when she is so indifferent to this activity.0070_0069This is that recurring flaw on most galges: Since Eroge writers don’t want to develop the elements they are adding to their plot, they simply make their heroines into super genius. They do this for the sake of making their heroines more “interesting” and “complex”, but since those girls are able to accomplish everything so easily, those elements end up looking really boring. It’s the same here. This world of drama and plays don’t feel interesting, at all! It’s just something they did to kill time.


0819_0818Kantoku is one of the few artists who’s albe to make decent graphics without those awful proportions discrepancies. His art is also cute and pleasant to look. His heroines measures are more “normal” than most recent galges, which I really appreciate.1566_1565There’s also MITAONSYA doing all the SDCGs. Those are cute and all, but I never see the point in those things. Just give more money to Kantoku and ask him to drawn more normal CGs!


1142_1141Was there any? I can’t remember a single track right now, which probably is a good thing! Galges BGMs are usually below average, and when I remember something from the soundtrack, it’s usually because it was remarkably bad! Therefore: Average music!


0062_0061Mayuu is like Dakota Fanning and Macaulay Culkin fused together with a bit of that kid from The Sixth Sense. She is THAT good…Or at least she was supposed to be. Everyone goes crazy just by being on her presence, but I don’t quite get why. Outside the world of this Galge, her voice actress (Shirano Miyuki) isn’t THAT good at acting.0106_0105She uses a grave voice when Mayuu needs to show her talents. This voice is very forced out and it doesn’t feel natural at all. But even if she was able to pull that out, it doesn’t matter how many wacky voices one is able to do, without the proper acting skills, it’s just a different voice.1132_1131Morino Maria, I am sure you have a nice voice, but when you are in the role of Momoka, I hate you so much! Damn, that voice! I already had to put up with Meredy from Tales of The World Reve Unitia, but when it comes to annoying cute voices, you take the cake!0824_0823If there’s something good to say about the voices in this game is that…they don’t suck…too bad. At least, Alice’s “Engrish” doesn’t make my ears bleed. Thank you for not being completely awful, Moria Misono!


koikano07Giving a second look at what I wrote, it feels like I hated this game, but it’s not like that! This is a good game, but everything it tries to do, was done better by other titles (like BRAVA!!). But, in the end, this is a charage, which is one of the specialties of all the brands belonging to the Cuffs family (the other one being incest, which there’s none in this game! Such blasphemy!).1475_1474This is the perfect game for those who want to see cheery moments with cute stuff. Nothing exceptionally good about it, but nothing exceptionally bad, either. Among the Galges released at the end of November, this was the sole title I considered “bearable”. And for me, this means a lot!

5 responses to “Galge Review – Koi Suru Kanojo no Bukiyou na Butai

  1. I checked the CG list and I’m not sure if I saw things right but… 3P?! wait… wut… anyway people think this is a landmine but eh no laptop to attest to so I dunno

    • Yes! There’s a 3P with the two sub-heroines. It’s nice!
      This isn’t any “kamige” or anything, but it’s a perfect game to let running on auto to distract you while you do other stuff. You don’t need to focus too much to get the simple plot, and the characters are not annoying enough to piss you off. I don’t know about other people, but since I don’t feel like killing someone after playing this galge, it’s already this month’s best release for me…

  2. I’m currently playing this game, and almost done with Mayu’s route. If anyone liked KoiChoco, you will enjoy this game! Similar background with similar situations, and most importantly, the protagonist, Chisato and Mayu reflect each other.

  3. Quite unfortunately for me, my first game with Cube was “Natsu no Ame”, which was an amazing game. This actually kinda “set” the standards for me when I look at Cube, and as the other two games didn’t even come close to how awesome the first game was, I’m sure their newest title won’t compare either.
    (Sad Face)

    • Cube and the brands related to it have a history filled with ups and downs. This is hardly the worst they can get, and NO! I’m not talking about Yosuga no Sora. People complain about that game non-stop while Cuffs’ Garden goes unpunished. Even though Garden is the most good-looking title from this family of brands, it’s also some poorly finished shit! Garden is like “Day One Garry’s Incident” of the Galge genre, so if you don’t want your opinion about this brand to get even worst, never get close to that title!

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