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Game Review – Toushin Toshi: GIRLS GIFT (3DS)

toushintoshi94Until recently, I believed the port of “Pastel Chime Continue” by 5pb for the PSP was the last time something from AliceSoft to be released outside the PC realm, and like most of their games, Pastel Chime is a SRPG without too much focus on the “RPG” aspects, which are just a “side-dish” for the DatingSim parts. This is not to my liking, but I suppose nothing can be done, since this isn’t their line of expertise. That’s why I got high hopes for this remake of Toushin Toshi II for the 3DS, since they got Imageepoch to develop it for them, and those guys really know how to handle this genre! Romance, battles, drama, conspiracy and a little bit of “ecchi”. Those are the elements that define the most controversial game on the 3DS(?).