Top Ten Favorite Animes 2014


In the number 0 I will, again, make the honorable mentions of the year:


Top-anime-2014-34I really wanted this series to be placed in this Top among the numbered spots, even among the higher ones, because it was such a pleasant surprise! The basic premise have Murakami Riyouta willing to risk his life to help the transfer student Kuroha Neko, who is a runway subject to secret experiments that gave her supernatural powers. They eventually gather many other fugitives from the same laboratory, but thanks to Riyouta’s high intellect, they are able to survive through impossible conditions.

This series is heavy! They need to take a special drug regularly or their skin start to decompose and blood spills out of their body. However, what caught our attention was how the protagonist IS NOT very kind! Naturally, we won’t watch while someone dies besides him, but isn’t unnecessarily nice with everyone, even if it’s a really cute girl who wants to have sex with him…Unless this person is Neko. Riyouta lets clear that he’s going out of his way to help the heroines ONLY because Neko looks identical to his childhood crush!

Our ratings for this series suddenly got really low from episode 9 and fourth, when many weak developments came one after another. There was still some enjoyment in the series, but it lost a lot of respect with us from that point on.


Top-anime-2014-33A studious boy uses his techniques to score high on tests to play Tennis, and he finds out he can be really good at it? This sure sounds silly, but the way Baby Steps is presented makes it believable by showing character progression. Maruo Eiichiro is not a genius with a sudden spur of talent, he needs to learn the basics little by little, which is why this series can be so interesting, even for people who don’t know anything about tennis, since you can actually learn the sport while watching it. Unfortunately, this is also the series biggest flaw! Slow pacing, uninteresting opponents and mediocre animations made this series fall a lot in our ranks, but it was still a fun watch!


Top-anime-2014-36We really love this shounen-space-adventure about mutant astronauts fighting against humanoid cockroaches on Mars! It is an absurd concept that gets executed in the only good way possible: Featuring lots of exciting fights with superpowers! The anime, on the other hand, suffers from lots of censorships that made all fighting scenes look like a huge joke. Also, the adaptation was very hasted, cutting lots of interesting and vital explanations.


Top-anime-2014-38Tokyo Ghoul is a slice-of-life of a young human who became a man-eater monster. Much like Terraformars, it’s a splendid manga with a not-as-splendid anime adaptation. Saddly, this goes tenfold for this series. A lot of important plot points got unused in the anime version, which made it look just like a desperate and easy cash-in.

Top N-01back…..



2 responses to “Top Ten Favorite Animes 2014

  1. Except Aldnoah Zero….I’m ok with the rest of the series.

  2. I really like your anime too! Still, I believe that Gekkan Shoujo, Noragami, and Barakamon deserve higher ratings… 🙂

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