Top Ten Favorite Animes 2014



Top-anime-2014-28Nanatsu no Taizai, or Seven Deadly Sins, is a lot of fun to watch! It’s perfect for those who love shounen battle series, as this reaches the very core of it! Cool battle scenes, sexy girls, new powers born from strong feelings, Aaaand: It has NOTHING to do with this Seven Deadly Sins:Top-anime-2014-27It is about a group of super powerful soldiers who are forced to run away from the country they defended when they are accused of a coup. Now, the princess of that country is looking for them to ask for help saving the kingdom.Top-anime-2014-29

What makes this series so good is it’s characters. The members of the Deadly Sins that have already appeared are all very cool and funny, relating with each other in a variety of ways. They kinda resemble the crew from One Piece, being criminals who do good things, but not always the legal way. All things considered, Nanatsu no Taizai made what Fairy Tail was trying to do, but it was better at it. The anime is still going and, as long as the characters keep being so good, it should be one of the best shounen series going into 2015.

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2 responses to “Top Ten Favorite Animes 2014

  1. Except Aldnoah Zero….I’m ok with the rest of the series.

  2. I really like your anime too! Still, I believe that Gekkan Shoujo, Noragami, and Barakamon deserve higher ratings… 🙂

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