Bottom Five Disliked Animes of 2014

OPYes, that one is new. This year I decided to make a list of the animes I watched that I disliked the most, after all, pissing your public seems popular for some reason. I choose a list of 5 instead of 10 because I was already going a little insane. It is important so say that this list, unlike the top 10, is all mine. Gangrelion has no saying here. Oh, and like the top 10, this is about what I disliked, not necessarily the worst for the public, so if you disagree, remember it is just my opinion. If you feel offended, sorry. Complaints are welcomed in the comments.



anime-dragonar-academy-Seikoku-no-DragonarWhen I watched the first episode I kinda disliked the series. It had that way too common “everybody treats the protagonist as shit” feeling and the interactions he had with the blond girl made me see her as a big bitch. Oh boy, I was so innocent back then.Loli-Dragons-6-650x365The dragon of the protagonist, obviously, had to be a little girl. She, obviously, had to self proclaim herself as his master and, obviously, had to treat him as if it was his obligation to take care of her, even by giving her his own bed.seikoku-no-dragonarAnd there is the use of the loli being a dragon as an excuse to get her naked. You see, I am not a newbie in this media, I am used to this kind of stuff. You won’t see me as a crusader against objectifying lolis in animes, it does not get me excited but it stopped bothering me a long time ago. I don’t care as long as it is a fictional and drawed character. But the problem I do have is the use of her being a dragon as an excuse, because this girl does not sees herself as “not a girl”, she complains about girl stuff. Don’t look at her sleeping face. Her naked body though, free to explore.

Top N-04

8 responses to “Bottom Five Disliked Animes of 2014

  1. Daimidaler has to be one of the most disgusting anime I’ve seen in my life, so I don’t even want to think about how bad that number one must be to beat it.

    I cannot agree with Twintails though. I may have a weak spot for Symphogear/Vividred type series, but it had an original premise, it wasn’t unbearably boring and didn’t make me hate the characters. It was better than Rurumo. And Blade and Soul. And Madan no Ou. And Chaika. And Wixoss. And World Trigger. And the dozens of card game adaptations for children, forgettable harems and fujoshi fodder (like Bakumatsu Rock or Dramatical Murder).

    Seriously, with so much crap out there, I think a series has to be particularly vile to make it into a top 5.

    • To be fair, I wanted to like Twintail. It has such a weird plot that I wanted to find it funny. But I just didn’t. As a comedy, I think that was very troublesome, but again, it may be that I just didn’t get it, it has happened before.
      I don’t recommend people to avoid the series I put on this list exactly because of that, I think it is possible for others to like even the one I put at the very bottom of them, and I am not even calling it bad taste, just difference.
      BTW, something important that I didn’t say is that I did not watch all the animes of the year and I don’t judge the ones I didn’t, so there may be some worse even for me that I just did not watch. I admit that I avoided some on purpose for how bad I believed they would end up being.

      Thank you for the feedback!

  2. This list IMO is the harder one to make, my way of thinking is that ” If its bad, just forget it.” so to be so bad you still remember it, it must be exceptional horrible, but somehow still make you watch it enough to actually recalled what a waste of time it was. For me. exclude all the craps cobrettini already helpfully pointed out, i want to add in horrible adaptations as well, and that means Brunhilde in the darkness,Tokyo Ghoul, and Break Blade.
    I really want to like Twintails and the first half of it was fun, but the later half saw a sharp drop down both from visual and story, its like after DragonGildy, they has no idea what to do with the next boss, it reminded me uncomfortably to Samurai Flamenco, another show that jumps between genre and plot like a drugged up rabbit. Still, i wouldn’t put it among Worst 5.
    Using ero power isn’t new, but Dakara Boku wa H ga dekinai done it in much more tasteful way, at least that didnt make me feel ashame of myself while watching it, though i never realized that Damidaler’s mech was a homage/throwback/whatever of masturbation.
    My list would have included Glasslip, and special mention to Persona 4 Golden Animation, the anime itself isnt bad, but the sheer shamelessly level of milking behind it is.

    • It sure is harder… even more when I had to watch more of some to be able to write about it. Brynhildr (I think), besides having the most obnoxious name I ever had to write, didn’t hurt me much since I didn’t know the original source. The later half of it did get me very, VERY, disappointed. Tokyo Ghoul too, I watched before reading. Good idea, I even liked it before I ended up getting the manga. Then, I did not like the anime much anymore…
      The other series you talk about, I kinda avoided from the start. And, somehow, I still watched the damn Lady in the Water mech anime…

      Thank you for the feedback

  3. Um I’m sorry if its a joke and I couldn’t understand it, but shouldn’t it be “Bottom Five Disliked Anime of 2014” instead of 2015?

  4. I quite enjoyed watching Daimidaler. It was campy all the way, and it even managed to make me think a little bit about the issues behind all the silliness. It goes under satire in my book.

    I agree with number 1 though. ImoCho was utterly vile and unredeemable. The only part that was remotely enjoyable was the ED, which tells the charming story of how Hiyori got hit by a truck.

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