Anime Review – Absolute Duo

absoluteduo03I kinda get the feeling we love to hate “anime adaptations of light novels about teenager girls who look like first graders fighting against each other by using magic powers, special weapons or/and familiars in a school where there’s almost no men around”! Lets see, we got Mahouka Kouko no Rettousei, Mahou Sensou, Seikoku no Dragonar, Seirei Tsukai No Blade Dance…am I missing someone? My point is: Why the hell we keep trying? What are we expecting to find by watching those? I don’t know! Maybe this Absolute Duo will clarify things around here!


absoluteduo04Kokonoe Touru goes for the opening ceremony of his new school: The Kouryou Academy, where many promising young warrior gather to learn how to use magical weapons called “Blaze”, which they become able to use in the good and old “Galerians” fashion: by using dangerous drugs! COOL!Absolute_Duo___01_HD.mkv_snapshot_11.45_[2015.01.06_12.59.38]v2Little did Touru know that the opening ceremony was in fact the Academy’s true final entrance exam, where they get forced to fight against each other and only the half that emerge victorious will be accepted as students. Well, all those students were super elite and stuff, but…maybe the principal was reading too much Azumi or something like that…absoluteduo13Whatever! Hell breaks loose on the opening ceremony and…Damn! Everyone in this anime loves to spin around!absoluteduo12v2Touru now needs to defeat the cute girl with giant boobs named Nagakura Imari, who he immediately befriended right when he reached the school grounds (The protagonist of a Harem anime indeed!).absoluteduo06Too bad for Imari, since she is kinda pathetic. Touru avoids all her attacks like she was a baby…absoluteduo14It’s when an attack that was directed at a little girl with a cold glare is redirected towards Touru, forcing him to reveal his Blaze: A shield, which was supposed to be impossible to exist, since Blazes are essentially weapons, but Touru’s shield has zero attack power, which means he is an irregular…at magic school! Looking good!absoluteduo15Well, it doesn’t look like the shield is a problem for Touru, since he uses a special technique that has nothing to do with Blazes and does a one-hit-kill in Imari. Even though she did everything she could to defend the attack, it meant nothing before Touru’s crazy technique.absoluteduo07This was pretty much Overkill! Was it really necessary for Touru to do all that to defeat Imari? She was already kinda defeated before that, right? This whole fight felt pointless…Ok! At least, now we know that the main character is a badass…because he pummeled a frail looking girl… I guess it works.absoluteduo16Anyway! The school has a pairing system to make students always work together. Everyone is forced to become partners with the person sitting next to them in the first day at school, which means Touru now has to live together in the same room as Julie Sigtuna, the mysterious girl who suddenly attacked Touru during the opening ceremony.absoluteduo17She took a liking to him and is interested in learning that special technique from before, but Touru points out it’s impossible for a little girl to learn how to use it, since it puts a lot of strains to the body. (Yes! She will probably learn how to use it anyway in no time!)absoluteduo10After accepting the explanation, poor Julie suddenly falls asleep on Touru’s lap, because she was so excited to learn the new technique that she could not sleep well during the night, ending the episode with a Moe scene!absoluteduo11


absoluteduo08So, did I hate this series guts? Actually, no! For the time being, the main characters are likable! Touru is a strong lead and Julie is quite different from the usual tsundere heroine. The battles are also decent, and the first episode was a pretty solid start for the series, giving exposition to most of the important elements in the plot. While the Blazes are not particularly impressive in designs and their abilities are not too creative, they got an interesting origin, since “drugs-that-give-you-super-powers” is not a concept you usually see in these types of anime. However, I don’t think I will keep following this series. “Why?” Because I did a facepalm whenever I saw the school’s principal:absoluteduo05And their homeroom teacher as well:absoluteduo18This was enough to convince me that this series will probably be pretty good, but it was not made for me! I guess I’m just too old for this kind of thing…

4 responses to “Anime Review – Absolute Duo

  1. -Too old for gothic lolis
    Step it up Sempai

    -Gothic loli is not main heroine
    Fucking dropped.

    • My main problem with this loli is her role as the principal. I just can’t take this kind of thing seriously, it’s so silly! Can’t they have a middle aged man/woman as the principal? At least someone who is an adult?!

  2. Can’t I not have a milf principal route? inb4 milf haters. Well anyway it doesn’t seem bad but I have this feeling that even if I like how it start I won’t like the rest.

    Maybe I’ll just wait for Jojo

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