Shameless Review – Shining Resonance (PS3)

Neddles to say I’m stunned for how great this game is, and it’s easy to see! Like 1+1=2 and 2+1=3. It was destiny! Just a matter of opinion…

6 responses to “Shameless Review – Shining Resonance (PS3)

  1. no as Sega said no more games coming to the states… look at PSO2 <__>

    • Well, if this is the case, maybe the localization will be made for “Shining Resonance Extend” an upgraded version to the PS4…Ah, wait! SEGA is not the same company responsible for Blazblue! Those DLCs for Resonance are so full of bullshit that they almost fooled me!
      No, seriously now: I didn’t know that. That’s too bad! Let’s hope the next big SEGA game is not for PS3, then.

  2. Oh man, I know I won’t be playing these PS3 games, but the reviews you make for them are absolutely hilarious. I especially loved the Aokana you added in the end

    Tony Taka seems to be one of the artists who weeaboos rave about, but I’m not quite sure if this game would be popular because these same weebs can’t read Japanese.

    Regarding the game itself, it kinda defeats the purpose if the J-pop gets in the way since the “music” element seems to be a bit strong.

    • YAY! It’s Pumaman!

      Tony Taka has a great art when it comes to drawn cute girls, but he doesn’t like to drawn all those fantasy creatures (it’s not like he can’t, though), which heavily changed the atmosphere in this series! I miss the time when the main concern for the developers was not about “how cute and pure the heroines are”…

      For most part, the J-Pop is harmless. When it’s used as special abilities during battles, they usually go with a calm melody or even a chorus, which works! it’s much better than previous games in the series, where they used a “J-Pop rock” of sorts to give power-ups, which really didn’t fit the medieval world at all! Saddly, in this game, there are still some songs with electric guitar and that Zest’s theme, which plays during the main events and completely ruins the mood! Damn you, Zest! You’re so evil!

  3. the more I play this I’m reminded of a lot of games.
    A. because Hayami Saori is in the game it reminds me of Love Plus as she voiced Manaka
    B. the conjunctions with the M.O.E. system which I absolutely abhor (Shinning Hearts started this) because I’m no native reader and dates reminds me of thousand arms.
    C. because… Tatsuya… I mean Resty is here you have Rising Dragon… Jesus in the game… Miyuki is in as well I mean Kirika I mean… BAH!!!! Yuuchin and Hayamin… Mahouka… also now a game…

    • I do understand your problems with Shining Heats, I also hate this game, but I never played Love Plus and, to be honest with you, I love Thousand Arms!
      Also, for me, Lesty’s seiyuu will always be Hazama/Terumi more than any other character, so I will always love his voice! Or else, he could Jayoku Hōtenjin me in the face…

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