Game Review – 6×1≠UNLIMITED? (3DS)

6x1-26Although those are not my favorite genres, the games covered in this blog are almost exclusively Galges and RPGs. However, today I’m going for a little change of pace, for I shall review “6×1≠UNLIMITED?” (the question mark is actually part of the title), which is a “Shoot ’em up” (or shmup)…with Dating Sim elements…DAMN IT!


6x1-17v2In a distant future, the internet is now known as the “digital region” and is universally accepted as a territory. Just like the sky, ocean, land and space, it is explored, exploited and populated by different governments and nations. Unfortunately, cyber terrorism has since become one of the major world threats, and a special organization was established as a countermeasure:  the “Digital Defense Division”. Leonheart, a 24 years old NEET is recruited by this division after answering a “certain survey”.6x1-16As their new Operator, Leo has to destroy all terrorists trying to invade their cyber-space. During his missions, he personifies a young, handsome and muscular man as an avatar, which is used in order to intimidate his enemies and inspire his supporters. Leonheart fights by boarding a special unit called CyDiS (an abbreviation for “Cyber Disaster-Recovery Supervisor…I know this is a huge stretch) which is a device equipped with a “digital-human interface” (in other words: an AI).

There are 2 things that bother our hero:

1- His new role as a CyDiS Operator must be kept as a secret from everyone, even from his relatives or closest friends.

2- All 6 different AIs fighting alongside him have personalities highly influenced by what was considered as “cool” in the old Japanese pop-culture, which are mere archaic fetishes in their current society.6x1-14Regardless, the novice Operator was willing to bear with those problems and give his all during battles, until he came to notice some unusual behaviors from the AIs. Little did Leo know that he himself was also changing, little by little…


6x1-09v2Tamaki is the responsible and kind companion type. Her shots are the most usual of the 6, being a “spread shot”. Easy to use, but not particularly useful or powerful.6x1-07v2Bridget is the ever popular “tsundere-type”. Her cocky and unfriendly behavior gets on Leonheart’s nerves at first, but he eventually gets used to her. She has the strongest damage among the 6 by far, with a small bullet that suddenly bursts into a huge explosion. Since you’re not affected by your own attacks, you can enter inside the explosion and use it as a barrier. Bridget’s only weakness is how slow her attacks are.6x1-05v2Braña is the obligatory loli character. She is energetic, innocent and likes to be spoiled by a “older brother”, but since Leo is not a “imouto-moe” type of guy, he’s not fond of being addressed as “onii-chan” by her. Braña uses a flamethrower, which in my opinion, is the most useless attack in the game. It is supposed to deal heavy damage, but it does not make up for it’s short range.6x1-06v2Raichi is your usual cold and mature one-san. She has one of the most useful shots: a huge round projectile that is shot to the oposite direction you’re facing. Not only it’s perfect against enemies following you, but the projectile also erases any enemy bullet that comes into contact with, fitting the ideal of “the best offense is the best defense”. You just need to get used to shoot backwards.6x1-08v204 (delta zero four) is the necessary sexy onee-san. She shots a homing attack, which is certainly very useful and easy to use, but her damage is the lowest in the game.6x1-10v2Reimu is a tomboy because you need to have one of those! She loves exciting fights and enjoys every mission like it was a recreation. She shots a laser that acts like a sword, which range is not too different from Braña’s flamethrower, but you can move the ship to swing the sword in order to cause more damage.


6x1-11There’re no opition menus, special modes, or whatsoever. Once you get to the main screen, and button will start the game right away. You start with Tamaki as your default shot, but you can immediately change to the other 5 at the same moment you gain control of the ship. There are 2 ways to do so: you can use the 3DS’s bumper buttons to change between weapons in a fixed order, just like in Megaman games.6x1-18 You can also use the touch screen to change to any weapon you wish by simply touching a specific icon (naturally, there’s no fixed order for this method). The touch-screen sensibility was adjusted to be responsive even without the use of a stylus, this means you can change weapons with your naked fingers alone with no problems.6x1-21You move around a spherical stage, which reminds me games like “Super Stardust Delta”. However, the similarities end here, as you don’t get to control your ship movements and the directions of your shots separately. Instead, you get a good variety of attacks from the aforementioned AI-girls.6x1-24Each stage is divided into many parts (going from 3 to 6) with a boss battle at the end. As you progress through the stage, you come across a mini-boss that will release a power-up once defeated. Acquiring this power-up not only will give an upgrade to the current weapon equipped, but will also give a graphical change to the respective AI. On a shout-out to the game’s “old school” style, each heroine begin with a 8 bit visual, with the first upgrade, they become kinda 16 bit-like, and the second and last upgrade will give them a more modern look. Any subsequent power-up to a maxed weapon will only give you extra points.6x1-28v2By finishing each stage, the story line will progress with the current weapon you were using as your partner, which means a heroine’s affection for the hero raises as you finish the stage with her. You don’t need to use a specific weapon for the whole stage to see her events, you only need to be equipped with her for last before the stage is completed.6x1-30v2Another thing akin to Megaman is how each weapon is really strong against some enemies, but not because they give extra damage, it’s because they can adjust easily against their patterns. Therefore, some hard bosses can suddenly become pathetically easy with the use of the right weapon. Although an expert player could be able to defeat all bosses with any weapon…probably.6x1-27v2You get 3 lives (the first two being represented by a spaceship-like icon, and the last one by having no more ships) and 2 continues, which can feel like the game is very forgiven, but don’t be deceived. This game’s difficulty is hardcore, as it suffers from “R-Type syndrome”, which means you lose your upgrades whenever you lose a life!6x1-20Ok! I must admit: This game is way more forgiven than R-Type, since here you only lose the upgrades for the weapon you were currently equipped with (giving players with quick reflexes a chance to switch to a weapon they don’t care before dying), but as the game progresses, you reach some parts where only a certain weapon at a certain level could save you. Therefore, if you get far in the game and lose just one life, you better just give up and start over, because you probably will get no chance to recover from it (unless you’re a crazy Asian kid!)


6x1-19v2The art is pretty nice and cute. The main character also looks really badass. Everyone has a Tron-like visual, which makes sense. The heroines all look a lot like someone from the Vocaloid family, I don’t know if it’s intentional, but at least they are different enough. Nothing as shameless as the “Black Rock Shooter” or that chick from the “Kagerou Project”.6x1-13The graphics during gameplay are nothing to write home about, being just a bunch of polygons take forms that are very reminiscent of old shooters like Asteroids. It’s simple but it’s not an eyesore.


Unfortunately, there are just a few tracks, 5 or maybe 6. They are all techno-beats, nothing remarkable, but they fit the mood and don’t become an annoyance as you listen to them.


6x1-23v2Unfortunately, since this is a cheap game, you get only some voice clips for each girl during the gameplay while the cut-scenes between stages have no voices. (the protagonist, on the other hand, has no voice at all!). There’s not much I can say about the seiyuu’s acting skills, as they only say some short lines, but it works!


6x1-33Overall, if you ever enjoyed ANY Shoot ’em up in your life, this is a nice addition to your 3DS library, specially for it’s low and fair price, being only 500 yens! (which is almost half the price of a Shining Resonance DLC!). There was a bug after completing the game, but it seems it has been fixed now. The only complains I’ve heard about this game was from some people on Miiverse complaining about the game not having any “save” feature, which is absurd, since this would make it too easy!(there are some “secret codes”, though. But I don’t know how to use those). Each playthrough can last less than 30 minutes, making it a perfect game to play casually.

2 responses to “Game Review – 6×1≠UNLIMITED? (3DS)

  1. Oh the first time I saw the intro photo ..vocaloid came into my mind o.o .. If I were to play this I might not like it much, this kind of genre but! The characters I must say..They seem pretty interesting. If this was to be made into an anime, another harem will be on the loose. I liked the complete spice on the girls. From the “usual” or more like typical type, then there’s our loli of course, a badass always needs one. The overrated tsun-tsuns and onee-sans haha.

    • I agree! The heroines in this game are pretty cute and surprisingly charismatic, considering they are all based on overused stereotypes!
      They really do look a lot like Vocaloid girls, right?! I was shocked to know they didn’t actually use any of the Vocaloid softwares to make the soundtrack. I was expecting the soundtrack to be something like the one in Demon Gaze, where every track is made with Hatsune Miku’s humming.

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