Shameless Review – Kaihou Shoujo SIN (Liberation Maiden SIN) (PS3/PS VITA)

In the Visual Novel realm, there’s a secret war between Console & PC games. It’s extremely rare to find someone who play titles from both systems, and PC gamers hardly ever talk about console-only releases. Which is why it took me so long to get to Kaihou Shoujo SIN! The reason behind such disregard for console-only VNs comes from a common belief that those are “cheap games with poorly written stories and mediocre graphics, made by people who know nothing about the genre”. I beg to differ! From what I’ve seen, PC-gamers from the Galge community may not be exactly the “master race”, and Liberation Maiden SIN is yet another reason for me to believe in this!

5 responses to “Shameless Review – Kaihou Shoujo SIN (Liberation Maiden SIN) (PS3/PS VITA)

  1. Well, I liked the first game, short but charming on its own. To think the sequel become this (it jumped platform to boost), I not sure if I will be among those “if you liked the first game you’ll like this” that you speak of. But that last song is awesome, can i have the name ?

    • I suppose I was not clear enough (We try to be brief in those videos). When I said “who played of the previous game will probably like this one”, I was thinking about the story aspect (since this sequel is a Visual Novel, and this genre has not much to offer beside the story), but I understand what you mean. If the player doesn’t like Visual Novels, I think it’s pretty unlikely this sequel will be a exception…
      Ah! I almost forgot: that last song is the opening theme for Tokkei Winspector!

      • Might be because of audio quality or its just my ear, but my overall impressions is that neither of you rated this game highly, stupid characters (all the additional characters including the self-insert guy), poor gameplay (cut off the best part of the first game), so-so music (did you guys even mention music at all?). I dont think the story alone can save this. How irony, when i played the first game, i wanted a sequel has more character interactions,beware what you wish for, indeed.
        Old Sentais song sure is catchy. Thanks for the info.

      • Ok, I suppose this is kind difficult to explain even in a video, or maybe you just hit the skip buttom nearly the end to avoid spoilers?
        Just in case: Beware for spoilers!

        We actually love most of the characters in the game! Specially Azuma and the protagonist (who isn’t as much of a Gary Stu as the video made him look. He do need to work hard and he have many weaknesses. He even fails sometimes). Most characters are charismatic, interesting and relatable, but we didn’t like some of the Liberators (Shouko’s new companions, who are a bunch of Mary Sue), because during the first half of the game, we thought they would be the same as those heroines from love-comedies, who are “god-like” perfect in everything they do, while the male protagonist is just an average and boring guy. Usually, those kinds of heroines do as the please, which includes humiliating, insulting and hurting the protagonist. However, different from “Love Hina” and such, this wasn’t played for laughs. All heroines who did bad stuff are treated as villains and get a properly punishment for their sins, which was really satisfying to see (I may be a sadistic bastard).
        I love this because the game was not trying to make me feel sorry for them just because “they are cute”. At this point, I was able to forgive all the crap I got from those new heroines, since the story presented them as infuriating and annoying girls in order to justify why they need to get punished later (instead of the usual “to look moe”).
        But this games is definitely not for people who would always forgive a cute, girl no matter what.
        We didn’t talk about the music because the video was already long enough, but we loved it! It’s very well-composed and most track are performed with real instruments. There are a good variety of tracks and they all fit perfectly in every scene. Most of the soundtracks I hear in Visual Novels are very forgettable, but I still remember most of the tracks from this game! Yes! The music is GREAT!
        As for the gameplay: We praised the gameplay many times in the video. It’s not too different from the old “pick the correct answer to win” but they used this in many different ways that makes the player more involved with the events in the game. Yes, the gameplay is also great, but if you don’t play Visual Novels, this will not surprise you.

      • Yeap, i skipped the spoiler part, that explains why i didn’t know the character developments in your explains outside their basic setting in the first part of video. As for the gameplay, I not much of a VN reader (being Japanese illiterate sucks), so I prefer the straightforwardness of the first game. Even though the read-the-yellow-text seems interesting, my lack of experiences in this kind of game makes me unable to appreciate this feature like you guys did.
        Thank you for your detailed explain and your patient with me.

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