Galge Review – Sakura Synchronicity

Sakura Synchronicity03Damn it! I hate you so much, WHITESOFT! You made the 2nd worst Galge I’ve played in my life! But then, it came “WHITESOFT Albino”, who is even whiter than its parent company, and Sakura Synchronicity is their first game! I suppose it’s safe for me to play this new title, since there is no one from that awful game involved in this! At least, it was what I thought when I first saw this game…


ev00209The Kamishiro twins are super “synchronized”, to the point it gets disgusting and awkward even for them, who are always on good terms. They know exactly what the other is thinking even when they are far away from each other. But it’s not as simple as that! They also feel like there’s a presence living inside their minds, and they believe this is to be another version of themselves living in the mind of each other. But this premise was getting too interesting, so lets just have them going back to some city to study at some academy where they will reunite with childhood friends and make new friends. Because GALGE!


ev00208Alright! Let’s start this with the protagonist! This time, it seems the main character is not just a generic-looking placeholder, because everyone keeps saying he got a very noble and elegant appearance, and since he is the twin older brother of the main heroine, this makes sense! After all, everyone keeps saying they look exactly the same, and his sister looks really unique! Oh Boy! I can’t wait for this…ev00004FUCK MY LIFE! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!……………..Ok! Whatever! This dude is Kamishiro Haruka, he’s…pretty average at everything he does…but at least, he’s really, really kind, I guess…ev00018At first glance, Kamishiro Rise looks like a very creepy, mischievous and eccentric girl. Unfortunately, she is just the usual “sweet and naïve little sister who loves to be spoiled by her big brother”.ev00122Udzuki Saki (A.K.A. “Usa-chan”), looks like a mature onee-san, but she is actually in the same class as the protagonist. She is very helpful and kind. Her hobby is gardening. In fact, she loves this so much that her official profile says that she can use photosynthesis. This is so stupid. No, Wait, No! Just a second!MGS3HD_3_The_EndNever mind! This idea is actually pretty cool!ev00152Kokonoe Yukari’s family runs a café store, and she works there as a waitress. She is pretty energetic and is always having childish discussions with her blonde friend.AsagiAsagi was supposed to be the main character in the next game made by this company, but she was killed by Lord Zetta, who is such a freaking badass overlord, that he was able to invade the the universe of the next game. Now, Asagi has to travel back and forth between other games in the hopes that someday she will get her own game to be developed, so she can finally be the main heroine!ev00075Ok! Now for the real Asagi in this game: Mikuruma Asagi is yet another energetic monkey who likes to tease and fight against Yukari. Later, it gets revealed she is actually a clone of a much older woman with the memories of the original, who was a super mad scientist and I don’t really care about her…


ev00201During the first minutes of my playthrough, I noticed something really weird! EVERYONE WAS SO NICE! How can this be? This is a WHITESOFT game, the heroines can’t be that nice! At first, I thought it was suspicious, and then, I started to appreciate this, but later I felt it was getting too awkward, and finally, it became really disgusting!ev00211Those writers don’t seem to know how a normal human being acts! They try so hard to make their heroines into the cutest creatures on Earth, that they end up acting like nothing that exists in this planet! When Saki first met Haruka, she insists to make him call her by her first name by talking like this: “come oooon! I will count to 3 and you have to say my first name, okeeeeeey? And 1, and 2, and 3! GO! WOW! You did great! Clap, clap clap, clap!” Hahahaha”…ev00114THAT’S FREAKING CREEPY! Is she on drugs? Or is this just an acting and she is actually a psychopath? NO! She is just super nice and innocent! To make matters worse, she has already fallen in love with the main character at this point! Yes! It was love at first sight! In fact, the same happens with all the other heroines! Apparently, Haruka is REALLY attractive! But the writer real intention was to give continuation to their main theme: “Synchronicity”, or just any kind of synchronism! Therefore, they all fall in love for each other because they “synchronized” in some way…That’s rich!ev00156On the subject: This whole plot is so messed up! Fujiki Seki had an interesting initial idea when he started to work on the scenario for this game, but everything quickly became too convoluted. Not to mention the story suddenly changes from a wacky school-life to a super-serious sci-fi drama involving clones, spirituality, psychology and whatever Seki could shove in before his dead-line!ev00031There’s no decent building up for those serious stuff. The only thing we get are some very annoying connotations, like the way Haruka always needs to use quotation marks every time he mentions his sister, because by doing that, “Rise” will feel like an important piece of a much bigger scheme, because “Rise”, could not be the “Rise” we know or neither the “Rise” the protagonist believes he knows!ev00124They never use her name without the quotation marks, but as this wasn’t enough, there are many other “hints” repeated over and over, that doesn’t really mean anything. Like the protagonist keeps repeating these things during his narrations:  “the me who lives inside “Rise”, and the “Rise” who lives inside me” or “since when am I a male?”ev00030Fujiki Seki is not being subtle here, but he’s confident that the twists coming later in the game will impress everyone. He believes no one will be able to predict the out coming of the story, and those “hints” of his give the impression nothing is going to be so obvious, but it is!ev00167The things that are not obvious are things that came out of nowhere. And those only work against the game, since it’s difficult to take something serious when it has a sudden transformation from night to day, like Asagi, who goes from an airhead on ecstasy to a super villainous mad scientist who is above everyone and knows about everything. And then, it turns out she was not evil after all. Even though she constantly did that hysterical evil laugh…ev00069It’s like if you suddenly found out Tinky Winky was an evil master mind who has been controlling everything in your life, and now you need to fear and respect him because he’s serious business!tinky-winkyWhat’s more. I get the impression that elements like spirituality and psychology got used just to tie the loose ends related to the scientific stuff, since Fujiki Seki doesn’t seem to be that smart. Like during this scene with Saki going onboard of a Victoria Amazonica Leaf. Those things can’t really sustain the weight of a teenager human being, you know? She would sink right away! But she doesn’t, and she even invites Haruka to join her!ev00111At least, it doesn’t take too long to finish each route, and there’s only 2 H-scenes per heroine. This shows how WHITESOFT was really trying to focus on the plot, rather than the H stuff, which is quite sad…


ev00202There are two artists working in this title: Aruto Seneka (who is responsible for Rise and Saki’s design) and Korisu (who got the remaining two). “Why divide the job between two artists with such different styles?”. Probably because Aruto charges two times more than Korisu! Nevertheless, both artists follow the current trend to give gigantic balloons to all the heroines instead of normal breasts, and I got the impression that their sizes are constantly changing on each new CG. I guess it was wise of them to not include cup sizes in the heroines’ profiles.Sakura Synchronicity02While I find Aruto Seneka’s drawings to be “ok”, I must confess that I find Korisu’s art to be really awful! It’s not just the breasts! The proportions of the whole body is just wrong! And those eyes! Actually: The entire head is so “super-deformed” that his heroines look like SD characters! Well, at least I can’t say the breasts he draws are so enormous that each is bigger than the heroine’s head. And that’s a good thing, right?ev00163Seneka’s fashion sense is a bit off, but I can’t say I dislike it, since Rise’s dress was what caught my attention to this game in the first place. I had the impression she would be kinda crazy (or at least a chuunibyo) to be dressed like this, but I was wrong.Sakura Synchronicity04I have the feeling that the writer and the two artists didn’t care for what the others were doing and they just kept doing whatever they wanted as long as they were able to make cute heroines. That’s why Rise’s facial expressions and clothes don’t really correspond to her personality.Sakura Synchronicity01But the biggest problem I have with the visuals in this game is the way how all the heroines hop like a bunny all the time! Even during the important and serious scenes! This is the kind of thing that is so stupid it’s amusing!blankAnd above you can see a CG with the sub-characters and mob-characters! What? “There’s nothing there” you say? That’s because there’s no graphics for any of those characters, so this is pretty accurate! All the other characters beside the main heroines are invisible? Would this be one of the results of the experiments conducted by the mad scientists in the main plot? Or is this just the developers running out of money? You choose in what to believe!


ev00213The voice-actresses working here are of “third tier”, which means they are not hired very often, not even to work with Eroges. As the only “second tier” in the cast, SHIZUKU is an exception. She is a growing talent who voiced over 20 important Galge heroines last year, which is why she was tasked with the important role of Rise – the main heroine. Regardless, their low level is not too noticeable during the school-life scenes, but once the dramatic and serious stuff kicks-in, it shows…


Once again, the BGMs did nothing for me. Most were so generic that they become easily forgettable or they give you the feeling you’ve heard them somewhere else before (like most other generic Eroge soundtracks)


ev00212This is a pretentious game, trying to be much more than what it could ever be. It’s because of titles like this that I end up playing more charages, because they don’t try too much. The lesson of the day is: If you don’t have great writing skills, just take it easy!Take_It_Easy!

6 responses to “Galge Review – Sakura Synchronicity

  1. No Asagi route!? one where we need to help her to steal a game so she can be the main character? buuh.

    • Of course not! If there was such a thing, this game would be good! Buuh, buuh! Sakura Synchronicity buuh!

      • Both of you need to get out.

        Aside from that, looks like another crappy game and since I’ve already bailed on Whitesoft, don’t expect me to try this title either.

        It’s almost as if the company doesn’t even try to make a good game, and just want to produce something mediocre since dumb weeaboos fork over their wallet at anything with huge breasts, pink hair, and sex scenes… No wonder the quality of games have been decreasing…

      • And you, sir! You need to know Asagi! The real one! She’s awesome! We need a heroine like her in Visual Novels!

  2. LOL, I love the review. I agree that a lot of the music for most or all eroge/galge are pretty cheesy. I DL’d this one just to give it a chance out of curiosity but I got a ton of retro ones from AliceSoft, which are probably your better bet. I mostly have a bunch of yuri themed visual novels, since I’m extremely sick of the lame male protagonists of a lot of the visual novels I have (Virgin Roster, especially), although some are actually somewhat decent and not a bunch of wussy, Claude-like dillholes. Let’s see, here is a small list of what I have so far, purchased from the J-List Store:
    Virgin Roster (you play a wannabe sex-crazed pervert who goes after a select group of females at this well off Japanese school)
    The Sagara Family
    Jast Memorial Collection-three classic eroge in one: Season of the Sakura-VERY GOOD! The best game of the three! Runaway City-it’s an alright game, and Three Sister’s Story-also alright.
    Snow Sakura
    Little My Maid-one of my faves but very hard, lol…
    Tokimeki Check-In!
    Doushin-Same Heart-you play as one of three Sister instead of a dulltard male protagonist, the three sisters somehow have the ability to senses what the other is sensing, even if they are far from each other.
    Amusement Park-you play as a male who is taking over an amusement park from his late father and interact with the girls there-extremely easy game, written by Hirameki, a company that has longed died off. Sadly, the game is chockful of grammatical errors and the it is rated M for Mature, although there is no ecchi scenes in the game, you just see a few panchira shots. When you beat the game, you’re given a “secret code” to view the girls in various states of undress, although not naked. I may have forgotten a few, my list of eroge isn’t the best but, one game that really caught my interest was Critical Point. A sci-fi visual novel that takes place on the Moon. World War 3 is going on and you have been sent to Moonbase to see what the hell is going on, mostly run by women commanders/soldiers who wear very revealing skimpy clothing and get heavily involved in lesbian encounters. Have you tried this one? zif not, I’d say give it a try! I encountered many bad ends (yeah…you die…a lot…). Sadly, the story is very slow and boring, you could skip most of it. Speaking of dillhole male protagonists, Rance definitely comes to mind. I’m surprised that only a few women actually get impregnated by him, depending on the game, he practically bags every gorgeous female he runs into! Thank goodness Alice is safe from bagging!

    • That’s quite an interesting list you got there! I didn’t know most of these titles, but I will be sure to check some of them. Dulltard protagonists are also a huge problem for me, but recently I’m having a good experience with console-only VNs, and these usually have better plots, too!
      I think Alice-soft is one of the best companies when it comes to Visual Novels. I’m looking forward to play Evenicle!

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