Shameless Review – Sword Art Online: Lost Song (PS3/PS VITA)

According to sale-charts, this title is doing pretty great, but I didn’t have much fun playing it. Well, this is how licensed games usually are. Still, we did this video review to show the truth about this game! And also because I wanted to do something meaningful with this thing. It was expensive, after all!

BTW: Thanks for the thumbnail, @P3_Messiah! Now the love for lord Kirito-kun can reach even more people!

14 responses to “Shameless Review – Sword Art Online: Lost Song (PS3/PS VITA)

  1. 10/10 ending. I couldn’t stop laughting.

  2. I’m glad that you did a review on this one! I wasn’t sure if I should get it and I ended up getting Dragon Quest Heroes (I should have waited…hell, the game is very good, but…I hate the annoying male Hero so I chose the female one instead. He seemed like a pompous ass to me). But anyways, I looked over the review and I have seen gameplay footage on FC2Live of a japanese player playing it very well. It does look really good and there is a huge cast of characters as well, as well as Quests and such and….you can fly! LOL, sorry… xD
    I agree, the price over PSN is a bit steep, although Super Robot Taisen Z 3, their newest Z tops that at a bit over 8000 yen. I’m unsure of what to snag next,though I am looking at SAOLS as a potential game that I think would at LEAST be a bit better than Dragon Quest Heroes. I stupidly missed the swimsuit dlc but I hear that during the few months there is a schoolgirl dlc that will be available till sometime in June, sorry, that’s probably not really that important. I kind of understand the review a bit and I guess its up to the person who may want to check it out or maybe pass it for something that might be better, perhaps. I don’t see much over my Japanese PSN at the moment, the Aquaplus games for PSP as well as PSP are definitely must gets, other than that, there is a very awesome looking simulation game that takes place in warring era Japan called Senkokuhime (? maybe its Sangoku or Sengokuhime, not really quite sure…) 5, released for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. I haven’t seen gameplay of this juuuuust yet, but those are the two biggest games that I can think of snatching at the moment or the trap protagonist adventure game Rui wa Tomo wo Yobu, which also sounds very good, too. Thanks for the review! It was very hilarious! xD

    • Well SRW is understable with all the license maybe they are charging Bamco for more than previous installment. Still the last Z wasn’t 10/10 lots of good ideas that felt rushed but I would still recommend it and also the psvita version is cheaper.

      Shining Resonance is 8800. You think may think its fine since its a ps3 game with more production value but is it? not only I think the game is expensive but it also has like 130 dlcs!? including expensive ones like characters and extra stories for 1000 yenes. I dunno how japanese can stand this prices or maybe they don’t and thats why some games sell less.

  3. *Gack, I said PSP twice, meant PS3, har har har…

    • Thanks for watching!
      Since you’re thinking seriously about buying this game, I feel that I must give you some extra info that might be important to you as a RPG-gamer rather than a fan of the series:
      1- There’s no EXP or levels. During events, they do talk about those and I remember that the ALfheim Online in the light novel had those as well, but in the game adaptation, your only way to become stronger is to upgrade your equipments.
      2- There are Original Sword Skills, but different from the light novel, you can’t create your own skill (the excuse to this is that Kirito is too busy trying to beat the game, so he won’t bother with this). You can get those from other heroines through events, but this process takes long.
      3- All the side-quests are just fetch quests, and the main quests are extremely easy, to the point it gets silly. For example: Inside a dungeon, if there’s a locked door, the key to open it is usually inside a chest at the room right next to the one you are.

      Well, that’s basically it. Other players could have other points that they didn’t like either, but for me, those are the things that really bothered me while playing it.

      Also: I think the game you’re thinking is “Sengokuhime”. I’ve heard its a Visual Novel with some few elements of strategy game. They also say the story is pretty weak and most people play it for the moe & ecchi aspects.
      I recommend Rui wa Tomo wo Yobu. It has a very well-written story with interesting characters and it deserves to be on the consoles, since it still works really well even without all the H-scenes, thanks to the plot, which is actually the most important part of a Galge, for a change.

  4. Sengoku Hime its always better in pc, always, don’t play it in consoles, never. The story is kinda interesting, normally you get to choose which kingdom your mc will appear this change the story by a lot since the main heroines are the ones in said kingdom and your mc while being the same has a different background in one he was a mercenary that lost but is recruited because of his abilities in another he is a civilian who enter a clan an become one of the girl servants, etc. However the character interaction fall flat most of the time and depending on the kingdom some stories may be a way better just because the heroines are or the may events are. There are plenty of male characters at least and you have bro events with them, some are old men and the leaders of a said kingdom so not everything is lolified.
    Gameplay for me is boring. It has very interesting ideas but the execution never worked for me. Dividing the turns in like 4 phases and you need like 100 turns to complete eveything for just one fucking kingdom with shitons of territory while battles are very bland turn based ones that don’t feel anything special. If you like playing politics is cool thinking in your economy, on how to handled people before they start rioting and things like that but just organizing your units take like half an hour haha. In the end you may be better just dowloading a savedata, Sengoku Hime is one of those novel where you can see every event and dialogue in the gallery and not just the hentai ones.

    That’s my little review about the series. Ah yeah avoid the old games the art is horrible. The new ones are a way better in design but still inconsistent since different artist handled the character one girl just look a way better than the others, male characters tend to look better.

    • Thanks for all the helpful info!
      I think Shining Resonance is a pretty good RPG, but even I think 8.000 yen was too much! I also hate how some stuff that should be in the game from the start ended up only as DLCs. There’s even some “Asura’s Wrath” style DLCs! Those suck really bad!

      Maybe it would be for the best if the SRW series just dropped all the licensed characters and hired less ultra famous seiyuus. This not only would make the price drop, but it could also become the first game in the series with full voice over for all the scenes! I’ve heard the most popular characters by far are the original ones, anyway!

      About Sengoku Hime: “avoid the old games the art is horrible” you say? Is the first game in the series that legendary kusoge with awful art and absurd bugs? If this is the case, I can’t believe how this series is still going strong even now!

      • “Is the first game in the series that legendary kusoge with awful art and absurd bugs? If this is the case, I can’t believe how this series is still going strong even now!”

        Believe me they improved a lot and people like it now:

        First games:

        Latest ones:

  5. Thanks, guys! Yeah, I’m unsure just yet but…wow, so you don’t level up….at all…?? This isn’t too new to me, as a few RPGs are notorious for you not leveling up, its all just upping your skills and increasing the power of your weapons and armors…hmmm, yikes, I’m glad that you mentioned that. I don’t mind not leveling *cough* level grinding, since a lot of games whether they are just normal boring grinding level ups, that auto increase your strength, etc, with you not having to do a damn thing. I’ll say that I didn’t mind Super Heroine Chronicle’s way of leveling up too badly, as you can get a max of 100 points per level for weaker characters until they get powerful enough that the points only become 1 per level, ugh. Ack, never mind THAT game! I think I have seen the old Sengokuhime games, well a few of them and oh man, not so good. I think the newest one looks alright and there are a few affordable dlcs for new heroines that you can purchase for only 500 yen each for all consoles that the game is on. I saw the Vita version and their dlc is just a few Scenarios and characters exclusive to that version, PS4 also does this as well. I purchased To Heart 2 DX Plus and was hoping to take a much deserved hiatus from RPGS that annoy me at the moment. ToHeartDX Plus is VERY GOOD. The characters actually move when they talk, get excited or pissed off (LOL, Manaka and Konomi…). I am SERIOUSLY LOOKING at the Rui game, too. The Fan Disc is included?! Happy hour! I DL’d the hentai version a few weeks or so ago, just having gotten around to playing it yet but, I’m glad the protag appears to be a female and is even voiced by a female and isn’t one of those punk lame male protags with voices and they sound either wimpy (insert Claude here from Super Heroine Chronicle…) or just some pompous narcissistic fucktard who gets the girls to like him anyways and they stupidly fall for him. Sadly, a lot of these male protags are the same for hentai/anime as well, just some generic loser, whose parents leave his ass alone to travel overseas to a foreign country because of their job and BAM, suddenly he gets lucky and finds girls that like him! LOL…In a way, I was kinda hoping for a more Yuri kinda game but, I totally understand how Rui works. His mother, before she died raised him like a female so Tomo just stuck with his mother’s wishes, all the characters are connected as well, which is pretty cool, my faves so far are the Russian-Japanese girl Atori and the…*ahem* “Loli” Koyori, if I decide to snag this, I will start their routes first, before moving to other characters.
    I’m doing some game research to find what I like and dislike about certain games right now (should have done before I snagged SHC and DQHeroes, hahaha…), as well as some gameplay footage and some advice from you guys, your reviews really do help out a lot! Again, thanks! I’m trying to pull myself back into a gaming mood, I sometimes rarely game at all, even though I have a lot of very good titles over the years of creating a Japanese PSN! Sadly, the PS3 will be long dead and the PS4 and Vita re kicking the most ass right now, though PS4’s selection of games is still bare bones, after looking them up on the Japanese PlayStation Store website, nothing that I really like or want so I’ll just tough it out with my old beat up PS3. hahaha

    • You said so many things at the same time, calm down haha

      Sengoku of course has level but you raised them by training in one of the turn phases or battling if you decide to attack but since some enemies are strong by default you are better off training them first. You pick a dojo option and put like 10 characters to train and they gain exp. About DLC….well you can get it for free in pc hahaha

  6. I laughed way too hard at the ending of the vid. Blessed be Lord Kirito-kun-sama-dono-san-sama, we lowly mortals are not worthy to bask in his cancer-curing, cherubic brilliance. Amen.

  7. Sorry, hahaha, playing so many different games all at once and each game giving me different feelings, it’s hard for me to stay on the topic that I was first typing about, lol. But you make the Sengoku Hime game sound pretty good. I really do like simulation games and I may end up giving this one a look to see how it is.

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