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Galge Review – Akai Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai

c852500package“WTF?! A fan-disc for Irotoridori no Sekai?” That was my reaction when I first knew about “Akai Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai”, which is a sequel for yet another fan-disc “Irotoridori no Hikari”, a game from 3 years ago, while the original is an even older title, with 4 years old. Why did FAVORITE decide to make another sequel for this story? Did their last title – AstralAir no Shiroki Towa – bombed so much that they had to resort to their previous big-hit? AstralAir was nothing spectacular, but compared with all the shit being released at the time, it was pretty good, so I thought they would manage to get a good amount of money for that one. Maybe this is a sign of bad times for the Dating Sim industry!

Shameless Review – Natsuiro High School: Seishun Hakusho (PS3/PS4)

It has been long since our last video-review, but war never changes! Zebaca’s voice still sounds just like mine, we keep making billions of references that no one understand and we still talk about embarrassing games that most people would never play! Ha! Those losers are missing such a great game! It’s like a Dream C Club where you can actually go out of the host club and walk around town!…and then…you do nothing…IT’S AWESOME!

The Sunshine Award (Update: August 19)

sunshine award01I thank  from Otaku Highschool Life for  nominating me for “The Sunshine Award” which is a way to raise awareness for other Japan-related blogs and to make bloggers socialize by answering and giving questions to each other.

Game Review – Stella Glow (3DS)

stellaglow131v2Imageepoch is one of my most beloved Japanese developers. Thus so, I wish I could love every single inch of their last game, but the truth is I’ve got quite the love-and-hate history going for this title. Is it worth paying around 6000 yen on it? This is up to you, but I can help by giving a rough idea of the best and the worst of Stella Glow.