Shameless Review – Natsuiro High School: Seishun Hakusho (PS3/PS4)

It has been long since our last video-review, but war never changes! Zebaca’s voice still sounds just like mine, we keep making billions of references that no one understand and we still talk about embarrassing games that most people would never play! Ha! Those losers are missing such a great game! It’s like a Dream C Club where you can actually go out of the host club and walk around town!…and then…you do nothing…IT’S AWESOME!

6 responses to “Shameless Review – Natsuiro High School: Seishun Hakusho (PS3/PS4)

  1. Those Metal Gear moments killed me hahahaha I imagined this game would be pretty empty and full of glintch. It hard for japanese to make open worlds although this one feels open school

    • There are even more funny glitches that I didn’t show because it would become too long of a video. Like when you get “teletransported” to the ground when you fall from the 2nd floor, or when dogs fly when they get too close to each other. So many mysteries in this island!

  2. Well, the bike problem was fixed with an early patch and now you can move holding the button…

    I bought the game because I loved the Dream Club series but not expecting much from it, but it turned out much worse than I feared…
    The first problem I found with the game is that was advertized with a huge emphasis in taking panty shots (the title and the OP still shows that) but is a really pointless thing to do. I expected taking ecchi pictures (and not get caught) to be the main quests, not “meet with X at Y”, “talk with Z” and “find my lost shiny item”.

    The second problem as you said are the characters, unlikable for the most part, that is quite unexpected for the developers of Dream Club, where most of the girls are likable (except Setsu and Chiri, I hate that childish type of characters). The Dream Club main character was kinda an asshole in the first game, but got better in the next games.

    The third problem is the most obvious one: the size of the world map. Too small and empty to explore but too big and time consuming to move around and find characters.

    Still, with some polish it have the potential to make a nice sequel.

    • Yeah! I mostly agree with you. Most of these were points I also brought up in my review, but I actually appreciate the fact you don’t need to take photos of girls underwear. I don’t really need this to be the focus of a game (which is why I never played Doki Doki Majo Shinpan, even though I freaking love SNK!), I just think they should put more work on the “meet with X at Y” stuff. With enough creativity, even this cliché of a game-design can become really fun!

  3. Your YT review gave me a laugh!

    Myself, I got this game due to the open world adventure aspect as opposed to the hyped hentai aspect of the upskirt photography part (plus I’m also a follower of the Dream Club franchise). But I didn’t have great expectations since Tamsoft doesn’t have that kind of design expertise (and that loading screen audio spoke the frank the truth). And your review hits most all of these points spot on. The majority of the content when it comes to quests and objectives is unsurprisingly dialog based with the “open world” aspects being more of an afterthought with having your character running around that open world (where there would normally just be a load screen/graphic).

    The main part of the game (the various alternate endings) requires the usual strict play through of hitting those conditional flags. And due to the games lack of proper conveyance (like you mentioned, no NPC markers or even a simple ping on the map) when it comes to many of these quests and events (made worse by the fact that you are time constrained by not just the daily time, but also the 3 month calendar), you don’t have the luxury of taking your time to figure out those puzzles/objectives (the ones that are vague). Each minute in real time equals to 5 minutes in-game (yeah, I actually went there and timed the thing with a stop watch).

    I even watched some Japanese players try to play the game w/o using any guides (this is how I thought I would be playing this game myself), and saw them thrashing around with just the FIRST quest (the black wallet) hitting up almost every single NPC student with the keyword to figure out where it was. Kusoge was often muttered after failing to get anywhere on the July 8th date.

    Myself, I just ended up using the crowd sourced Japanese guide to put me on the right track for most events and quests (so my first playthrough, I hit at least 70% of the achievements and 40% of the trophies). And there are a lot of quests and events (many pertinent to each heroines specific route) but if I were to play blindly, I’d no doubt miss many of them and/or not complete them in time (in other words, the game world would have felt really empty).

    And the clock aspect is one of the most “hilariously idiotic” things in this game where they don’t even have it your smart phone (so I have to be cognizant of where the closest wall clock is in the school; all the classrooms on each floor and the staff office on the first floor have wall clocks as well as the nurses office). But not even the watch or clock you can purchase at the antique shop is usable in that regards.

    Because many quests and events are time triggered, you spend a lot of time frantically speeding through from place to place and then using either the urinal (10 minutes per pee), the nurses office (30 min nap, 90 minute nap, 5 minute rest), or a rainbow ryu-dama (1 hour) to move the clock forward as needed. Some days though, there are so many events and quests that become available that it isn’t possible to hit them all (some do roll over to other dates though, and some are clearly designed as conditionals that make or break the flags for specific routes).

    The ideas are actually good ones BUT the execution and implementation are where this game has a ton of issues. And Tamsoft doesn’t have that kind of design experience with open world adventure games. Which is unfortunate as had it been executed well, this game would’ve been fun to play w/o having to rely on crowd sourced solved playthrough guides.

    I finished one alternate ending (Yayoi) to unlock the Ranko route and am playing hers now to set the game up for the rest of the heroine routes (up until July 25th, there is a common route but it requires completing most all events & quests up to that date) where the rest of the alternate endings can branch out from. This will reduce the early repetition and requires just playing those dates pertinent to the remaining heroines. I figured I bought this game and I might as well try to clear it as much as my sanity will allow.

    But yeah, seeing how those conditionals are setup in the decision tree as I played through the first time, and then Yayoi’s ending; getting to these specific good alternate endings is not within reach of most players who would want to just play the game normally.

    Some of the bugs though are useful for quick travel (especially using the one to get to the house ruins) and sometimes funny. Hell, the only way to take a picture of Mister X for the gallery is using these bugs to try and drop yourself into his 3rd floor office. The bike was pure insanity in the original release code (you still need to constantly press/release R2 to move at the bikes fastest speed though when your character is leaning slightly forward as just holding R2 will move it at a slightly slower pace).

    The lag issue with spawning NPC’s into the world is just pure bad programming though and they took the lazy way out with just zapping characters in/out of existence during an event/quest transition.

    To be blunt, the game just feels rushed and unfinished (compared to how long it was hyped). And to add insult to injury, the recent 1.0.2 update on the PS4 fully disabled the ability to broadcast share the game for streaming, and any screen shot/video recording ability has been completely removed in Free Mode (not to mention, they removed some motions and the ability to place character models close together with certain poses). So an external capture device would need to used.

    I mean, they hyped the upskirt photography and designed this free mode photography system into the game. And D3 Publisher knows the kind of niche demographic they serve; it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the kind of content that some in this playerbase would concoct with that mode. So they now lock it down completely (and checking on ni-channel, see players utterly disgusted by this latest “downgrade”). Myself, I wasn’t even interested in that; but its the principle of how they are removing functionality and not fixing the games biggest issues.

    Basically, this new franchise is toast and D3P may have pissed off a portion of their niche customer base IMHO with how this game turned out. It doesn’t even set a good precedent for what kind of improvements to expect from a Dream Club game on the PS4 when it comes to better game play than what existed on the previous generation consoles (basically seeing this game, I don’t even see any promise in them taking advantage of the available horsepower of the hardware).

    • Thanks for watching our review and thanks for all the info.
      I knew about how to fast time forward in the nurse office, but I got to know about the toilet thing much later after I noticed I was missing some events by pretending I was Duke Nukem. Hehehe! Sorry!
      There’s so many bugs I didn’t know about. Like the one to transport to the old house. It sure sounds useful! I wish I knew about it early!
      Every single guide I read says that you need to get a bad ending in order to unlock Ranko’s route and any other ending wouldn’t work. Any chance that you might have done the bad ending before Yayoi’s, or was this “bad ending” thing just wrong info?
      When I was playing it, I still needed to press R2 all the time for the bike to move, but lets be honest, if you are going through the trouble to use the bike, you will want to go at maximum speed right?
      I wasn’t interested in that Free Mode either! It’s not like I wanted to use that to create H stuff, understand (being tsundere?). Actually, I did use it once to take photos for the title card of this review. It was pretty useful for that, but then I noticed this mode is also pretty awful! The lack of options and the difficult to move from place to place. The slow method to change the character you’re trying to use and much more! Even this mode is full of flaws and bugs of its own! But I do understand why they had to lock it! I didn’t know they ended up blocking the whole game for share and stream! This was a bit too far in my opinion! I think it would be enough to limit this prohibition just to this Free Mode.
      Oh well…It isn’t like I’ll ever play this game again. Different from you, my sanity meter is nearly empty, and I must save some for the next games to review! All I can do wish you good luck and pray for the possible sequel of this thing or a Dream C Club sequel to be better than this thing!

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