Galge Review – Akai Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai

c852500package“WTF?! A fan-disc for Irotoridori no Sekai?” That was my reaction when I first knew about “Akai Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai”, which is a sequel for yet another fan-disc “Irotoridori no Hikari”, a game from 3 years ago, while the original is an even older title, with 4 years old. Why did FAVORITE decide to make another sequel for this story? Did their last title – AstralAir no Shiroki Towa – bombed so much that they had to resort to their previous big-hit? AstralAir was nothing spectacular, but compared with all the shit being released at the time, it was pretty good, so I thought they would manage to get a good amount of money for that one. Maybe this is a sign of bad times for the Dating Sim industry!

Previously on this

ev00272It has been so long and the plot of the previous games were so convoluted, so I don’t really remember most of the details. I do remember it was about this guy named Kanoue Yuuma, who traveled across dimensions to do errands for his masters by fighting some monsters…while also commuting to a normal school to have a normal student life (of course! This is a dating Sim, after all!).ETC_e32aHe lived in an Inn together with his master, but soon enough, a bunch of cute little girls moved there and he started to be all lovey-dovey with them all.ETC_e03aBut no one was closer to him than Nikaidou Shinku (who has no relation whatsoever with the Rozen Maiden doll, unfortunately). This blonde kid haunts the boy since long and they created a very special bound. But she isn’t a ghost! It turns out she was a magician who became some kind of special entity as she got trapped between the boundaries of realities…Remember? Convoluted!ev00127As you go through her route, Yuuma is finally able to make her solid again while solving a bunch of problems in her former world and with her family in the process (still so convoluted!). They get together and have some delicious love-love-time. Eventually Yuuma goes on a mission again, but this time something bad happens and he gets in a comatose state, but not before impregnating his loli girlfriend.ev00290Fast-forward some years later and Shinku is still living a painful life without her beloved one, even though her lovely daughter Nikaidou Sora is always there for her. After another series of drama and struggles, Yuuma finally awakes and the couple can finally enjoy their lives together as a happy family. The End! …BUT NOT REALLY!

And now, the trilling conclusion!

ev00286Yuuma and Shinku still have different surnames, as they never really got married, and now the former warrior tries to live a peaceful life as a novelist in order to not leave his beloved ones ever again. Naturally, their daughter Sora is also there, and most of the fan-disc revolves around her, as their parents go through the trials of parenthood and learn many interesting things about their daughter and even about themselves (kinda like Usagi Drop, except that they don’t marry with their kid at the end…)ev00040I would have no problem with the game if it was only about this happy couple finally enjoying they long-deserved happy ending, but no! They had to add a bunch of drama in the story! About 40% into the game, even more tragedy befalls our heroes, as Shinku gets into an accident and is hospitalized. ev00275I know this type of development is not exclusive to TV dramas or soap operas, and it’s almost obligatory for a Visual Novel, but for Pete’s sake! Those two have got though so much and even more bad shit is happening with them now? This is not cheesy, it’s beyond cheesy!ev00322When so many tragedies constantly happen with the same couple, it becomes silly! They’ve experienced enough shit for 3 life-times or more! And what’s more! This recent accident makes Shinku lose all her memories with Yuuma, and like it wasn’t enough, she also become unables to keep more than 1 hours of memories. Yes! Just like that Adam Sandler movie, but even worse, because Shinku also has separated herself as some kind of ghost and she is slowly dying, so Yuuma and his friends need to fight against some shadow monsters in order to save the blonde loli from peril! Is there something cheesier than that? It’s so cheesy that stinks!

Routes & Themes

ev00011This is a pretty short fan-disc, and before I knew it, it was already over. There is only one straight road through Shinku’s after-after story with no multiple-choices and no after-stories for the other heroines. You do get some cutesy scenes with some other girls, but it seems FAVORITE has fully embraced their identity as a loli-ge manufactor.ev00037As such, Most of the girls Yuuma interacs with are a bunch of underaged-brats! This includes his own daughter, his Master’s daughter and his friend’s grandmother (who just happens to be a loli!). To spice things up, Grandma Ichigo-chan doesn’t really care that Yuuma already has a wife (of sorts) and a daughter, so she is willing to have a threesome with them.ev00376Furthermore, she even encourages the guy to have sex with his own daughter, but Yuuma never goes that far (although they hint Sora would totally be ok with it, and everyone keeps saying her first boyfriend will be exactly like her father, because she loves her oldman SO MUCH!).KYO_FD_e06a3Nevertheless, not even those lolis get a special route nor H-scenes! You only get two H-scenes with your waifu Shinku, and nothing more. It probably doesn’t feel like much, but I think that after 2 whole games full of H-material, the writers couldn’t come up with even more different ways for Yuuma to fuck with his loli-waifu…ev00144Urushibara Yukito is in charge of all the writing again, which is good of the sake of consistency. Thus, no one could complain about all the silly stuff being the fault of FAVORITE hiring a cheaper writer for this short fan-disc. But I’ll bitch about it anyway!akaihitominiutsurusekai01There is a chapter where a producer wants to scout Yuuma’s daughter to make her into a Pop-Idol! But it turns out he was talking about Shinku! How Wacky! I do understand why the guy had this misunderstanding, though…ev00391There’s also a sequence where all the team plays a VR game using a super-advanced-technologic device. Once inside this simulation, Yuuma needs to do all sorts of cutesy things with his girl friends in order to win! Yep! Pretty silly stuff, but at least it’s harmless!


ev00015Shida Kazuhiro, Natsume Eri, GT. This same trio return to take care of all the illustrations used in the game. Like always, they do a gorgeous job with CGs, and there’s also some CGSDs for those who enjoy this stuff! The consistency on art-style is perfect! It’s really hard to tell when the artist changes from character to character, or between CGs.ev00360For me, the highlight of this team’s art lies on the colors, specially those used on the backgrounds to give special effects like lighting and shadows. It helps you to get in the mood for whatever is happening during a scene.


KYO_FD_e07f2Just like the previous game, the seiyuus working here are pretty high level. There are many big talents who don’t usually work on Visual Novels, this includes Kadowaki Mai, as it seems FAVORITE has a tradition to include her somewhere in all of their games, and this one is no exception! I have nothing to complain about, since I love her voice.


Eufonius is singing the opening song again which is called “Growing World” and it’s a pretty good music! However, I’m not a big fan of all the cheap flash animation used all over the opening video. I feel really embarrassed from watching that! It’s like I’m watching a show for kids because I think only a child would be impressed by those effects! Still a long way from being near the level of Vanillaware…or this weird VN called Rondo Duo, that has some truly impressive animations, but its content…well, this is a story for another time!ev00036With most of the library from the 2 previous games being recycled here, there’s not much need for new tracks, but the composer Shinobu added more there anyway! Like in most FAVORITE titles the BGM is not fantastic, but there’re still some pretty good stuff in there!


ev00088If you want something heartwarming to distract you from all your daily stress, this is the game for you! Well, at least half of it! The other half lies in the drama+chuunibiyou territory. Nonetheless, it’s still a good Visual Novel, and those are rare nowadays, so be grateful for the few that you still got!ev00293Now let’s all hope that FAVORITE never makes another fan-disc of this series. Poor Yuuma and Shinku! Let them enjoy a happy ending already! And this game ends in a vague scene that suggests that Shinku will die very soon or that she is already dead and is only a spirit now, since Yuuma feels very lonely and sad as she keeps talking stuff like “I can still walk besides you for a little longer”. GOD! If things keep like this, the next fan-disc will be about Yuuma making a pact with Mephisto to bring Shinku back to life…WHICH IS SOMETHING THAT HE ACTUALLY CONSIDERS TO DO IN THE EPILOGUE! Enough with this depressing stuff! Go watch something funny now! Like Tom’s dance!Tomdance

13 responses to “Galge Review – Akai Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai

  1. At the very least FAVORITE never go full retard like other company when working on fandisc, but I agree that FAVORITE shouldn’t make another fandisc of Irotoridori series anymore. I would rather Irotoridori series get anime adaptation next than see it get more fandisc.

    Btw, FAVORITE so far is still very consistent in erogamescape. From Hoshizora no Memoria until now, their eroge never get rating below 80, including AstralAir. Yes, AstralAir that some people thought it’s really bad.

    My hope next for FAVORITE they release fandisc of AstralAir or new eroge title and my hope next for Urushibara Yukito is he write new story and never continue on Irotoridori series anymore.

    • An anime adaptation would be nice, but it’s not that easy! Not even the money used to develop 3 Visual Novels would not be enough to pay for a 12 episodes TV-series. Take a look at all the struggle that has been to make a Dies Irae anime! Maybe someday. Lets wait for when FAVORITE gets two or three more big-hits …

  2. I hope there is an anime studio that realize how great Irotoridori series and they want to make its anime adaptation. That will be much easier.
    Yeah, I know it’s not that easy to make anime adaptation, but it’s still my wish to see Irotoridori series get anime adaptation.

  3. yo man this is the second time their very own daughter saved their asses once more its nice that your daughter is very plucky a bit too plucky

  4. plus FAVORITE wasnt being meta enough to release this game on july 21… maybe thats the reason? maybe because they thought that the ending of irotoridori no hikari wasnt enough

  5. I’ve been reading the first VN of the irotoridori “series” and would like to know if the true route (nikaidou jinku) is worth reading through… Since I was a little bit disappointed with some parts of the previous 4 heroine routes …

    I kinda just went ahead and started reading other stuff and so on, I unlocked the true route but haven’t even began reading it… So is Jinku’s any good? I liked her character too of course and after reading some references about “how great” her story’s conclusion is, I’m really wondering if I should give it a go :3 (And yes I liked hoshizora no memoria and I am currently having a blast reading AstralAir)

    • I think Shinku’s route is the most complete route and probably the best one too. Specially if you like the character. It’s also the longest route by far, so it has plenty of time to set up things.

      • Oh thanks for the quick reply, I’ll give it a go then! Great work here, I just found this site and I’m really impressed by it.

  6. just get a savefile data and just play Shinku’s route then go to itotoridori hikari and still do shinku’s part a route, save data part b route, then straight to akai hitomi.
    astral air… Ochiba’s route is the best written route of all the heroines including Yuuki… unless you like loli snow fairies… aliens… I dunno

    • Yesyes, I had just reached Shinku’s route (after skipping 3/4 of Tsukasa’s route, yes I’m evil like that) so that’s all set ready to go!
      And Astral air, yep finished Ochiba’s route it was pretty good, god how I loved the conversations between/with the kindergartners xD… Currently reading ichika’s route which gives me a decent impression right now, I’m just hoping that the story will reach a climax at some point like in Ochiba’s… Oh well… I don’t know I just like the flow of the story a bit more in Astral’s :D.
      Do you by any chance now some other vn’s (or developers) with a style like this one and irotoridori? (Except from Favorite and Key, because well they’re the obvious choice :p)

      • stuff written by Shumon Yuu likely Itsusora which is fucking long

      • actually family oriented drama? well Anzu’s route in Clover Day’s
        beyond that… uhhh Minato’s route in Akasaka my top list

      • Well erhm thanks, I should’ve been a little bit more precise with what I mean… I was actually referring to the story setting, the somewhat special powers, magic or “chuunibyou” type of abilities in a +/- modern day setting. In which said powers are more or less the focal point of the story, like in Hoshizora, Irotoridori, Astralair or even Rewrite (Key),
        but hey thanks

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