Galge review – Sakura Nikagetsu

Sakura Nikagetsu02If I had 1 cent for every Bishoujo Game with “Sakura” on the title, I would be a billionaire by now. This is better to turn out into something special! Who is making it, anyway? Oh! Orange Yell, huh? They don’t release a game since 2012, so I’m sure this game has all those years in the making to back it up with lots of well-planned contents, right? Let’s see about that!


125The protagonist’s childhood friends dies in an accident, leaving him alone and full of grief, but when he was visiting her grave, he meets with a masked entity who gives the task to look after 4 problematic girls. If he gets to raise them into respectable and independent women within 2 months, the spirit will grant him one last chance to talk with his childhood friend.


130Mikadzuki Yasumi is pretty smart. He gets good grades and can take care of all the house chores by himself. He even knows how to manipulate people. However, he has one fatal weakness: He can’t resist “little girls” (everyone in the game insists on not saying “children”, like it would make any difference). He just loves them and would make anything to get on their good side, but would also do dirty things that they probably wouldn’t like. For whatever reason, he has high level abilities when it comes to raise children into full-fledge adults, which is why he was entrusted with the mission of raising 4 girls. He’s still a pervert, so when people act violent or cold towards him, he’s just reaping what he sow.008Hitotsu Hako is Yasumi’s shy childhood friend from a family with spiritual powers related to boxes. She has little to no knowledge about today’s society, suffering from a serious case of anachronism. Which means she has a hard time using electric devices and such. She is pretty dumb and can’t even take a bath on her own, so Yasumi needs to “lend her a hand or two”.103Daikokuten Nayu is the little sister of one of Yasumi’s school friends. She spent most of her time training to be a shrine maiden with the ability to see and manipulate the threads of fate linking couples together. For that reason, she’s also oblivious to everything that’s common knowledge. She has a mind of a 10 years old child, being extremely naïve. Which is why she firstly came to Yasumi’s house to be trained into becoming a respectable wife, but since he did all kinds of perverted things with her, she concluded that she actually was sent to become HIS wife all along and just accepted that. She is always together with Lucchine, a little daruma doll that seems to have a will of its own. Ah! BTW: She has huge breasts!162Shirotsumegusa Shimai is a cursed girl that brings misfortune for whoever gets closer to her. For that reason, she has lost all the motivation to do anything and just wants to spend her life alone. She was sent by Yasumi’s older sister, whom Shimai seems to have respect for. She is the only smart girl among the heroines, but is too lazy to do something about yasumi’s crazy antics.039Fujisaki Mamori comes from a distinguished family of mediums, but her abilities pales in comparison to her little sisters, who have a bigger chance to become the family’s next leader. She came to Yasumi to become his disciple, since his family is also pretty famous in the business, but upon seeing he has no talent at spiritual arts, she decides to make him into her slave and to use his name to raise her status. Little did she know the exact opposite would happen. Since she has next to nothing resembling common sense and a childish pride, she is extremely predictable and easy to manipulate. Most of times she doesn’t even notice when Yasumi is doing lewd things to her nor when he’s mocking her.

Themes & Routes

090It’s good to see a Galge protagonist who isn’t a loser once in a while, but I can’t help but be bothered by how things easily go Yasumi’s way. It’s not that he’s too smart for his own good, it’s the girls around him who are too dumb to do anything about it. This usually goes the other way around in Galges, when the writer is not as intelligent as the heroines he wants to make, so he just make the hero to be a retarded dick-head. Even though it feels like poetic justice to see the opposite happening here, it doesn’t make things any better at this end if the protagonist is as self-inserted as the Mary Sues from other Visual Novels. Well, at least Yasumi is bested by them from time to time.002Still, the way how all the heroines are convinced by Yasumi to have their bodies washed by him is too preposterous! It has been long ever since I’ve last saw a H fan-service that’s this shameless. But again, there’s that new Galgun game coming soon…151The romance goes from Ok to weak, being specially weak for Shimai’s route, since she is too cold and cynical towards the protagonist, and this ends up being no good for herself. Fortunately, you still get to see some lovey-dovey and heartwarming stuff, but nothing noteworthy.137 The development is mostly weak and hasted! When you less expect, all the turmoil going on during a route gets solved in the blink of an eye. This is because of the huge Deus-Ex-Machina granted to the protagonist at the start of every specific route.134Since he favored a specific heroine, the spirit says he ultimately failed in his mission to raise them all equally. As a parting gift, the spirit gives him a tree branch filled with her spiritual energy, so if he happens to be in trouble, he just needs to make a wish to that tree branch and all his prays will be immediately answered. What a shameless and convenient plot-device! This little twig has the power to fix anything! From broken hearts to lost lives. It makes it feel that the protagonist don’t quite deserves the happiness he gets by the end of a route, since he didn’t even had to struggle for it.025Nevertheless, it seems he always gets a sudden happy ending regardless if he used that tree branch. During a certain route, it gets established how troublesome will be to deal with a certain powerful family who is getting in the way of Yasumi’s romance, but before anything happens to him, before he even tries to do something about it, his friends use their influence to solve this problem for him, and he doesn’t even get to meet with his enemies!059Talking about characters who were supposed to be important but don’t even show up in the game, there’re a lot of those. Including Mamori’s little sisters, who should be an important plot-point for her. This was probably done to cut expenses on hiring seiyuus and creating graphics for them.gallery_006However, this doesn’t explain Suzu. She was the main heroine from Orange Yell’s previous game from 3 years ago, and it isn’t like that game was a big hit, so I don’t get what was the point of bringing her into this newer one. I only found out this was a cameo because Suzu is one of Yasumi’s huge plot-devices who is always helping him and yet she has no graphics depicting her appearance, being just an invisible girl on the scene. This didn’t feel right, so I made a quick research and voilá. Now I know this game is set on the same universe as the previous one. Not like this matters anything, anyway!Sakura Nikagetsu01The writer Harukane Kakeu also has this terrible habit of naming his characters after lame puns. Like Hako – who has box-related powers. Shimai – Whose powers to bring misfortune will eventually bring people’s life to an end. Mamori – who is skilled at making talismans of protection. Or even Korobu – who is a total klutz and is always slipping everywhere. These are all weak Japanese wordplays, and it doesn’t seem the writer is self-aware about how stupid those sound!129Ah! I almost forgot! There’s a “true ending” of sorts, which you get once you finish the routes for the 4 main heroines, but this supposedly “grand finale” takes less than 30 minutes and the whole point of it is to make a big reveal, which is something pretty predictable. There’s no H-scene in this “true route” either, which is a bad thing for a Eroge, I guess! In short: You will not lose much by skipping this “True Route”


156Okitsugu is a novice Eroge-artists and his drawings are ok! Nothing to write home about, but at least he’s better than Kakeru (not-related to the writer) was back 3 years ago (although it seems he improved a little since than, now that he has been working on Light Novels). Okitsugu has a strong base to his art, so I couldn’t see any big flaw in his drawings.


057The voice acting is mostly ok at best. It can get pretty awful when they try to do things that are too emotional, though. Like crying. No wonder Kanematsu Yuka is the most famous seiyuu working in this game. After all, she is this game’s best seyuu by far.110She reprises her role as Suzu, but it must have been quite the trouble to bring her back to the team just to play a small part, since they also used her on many other minor roles, probably to make her worth the trouble.


085This is a game to multi-task-play on Auto while you do something else and only when you got no better Galge to play, which was my case. It’s a pretty short game and the plot is pretty simple, so it’s pretty harmless. Judging by how things are going for Orange Yell, I don’t think we will be seeing a new title from them any time soon. Oh well! We will manage to survive, somehow…

9 responses to “Galge review – Sakura Nikagetsu

  1. As usual I love the text on the pictures.

    Thanks for the review Gangrelion, I’m glad I don’t miss anything by not speaking japanese after all !

  2. I have my fears that I didnt touch this game… wow your super M… but perhaps not M enough to be like warum

    • Nah! This is definitely not a great game, but it’s not awful. From your blog, it seems you’ve played much worse than this. You still have many things to teach me that I rather not learn! Hehe!

  3. Touka from Tenkuu Corona will always be my #1 when it comes to protagonist rating, and the problem with protagonists nowadays are that they’re either really dumb or shameless perverts; if a protagonist can just avoid these qualities, I’m sure it’ll make any game much better.

    • If you say so, I have to try this Tenkuu Corona any of these days.
      There’s a lot of awesome protagonists nowadays, though. They just are not from Eroges. What a shame! I guess most of the fandom doesn’t care about that…

    • Corona? of all games and eroges you choose Corona? you have plenty of good mc through the story of eroges.

      • I’m not quite sure what your authority on commenting on eroge protagonists, but just note that I don’t say things like this without thinking; I’ve played well over 300 games and thoroughly observed the protagonists from each and every game since that’s essentially who I’m “role-playing” as in the story.

        Obviously, the game companies can’t be ridiculously specific about these characters, but the general rule of thumb for defining a “good character” is that he/she is dynamic throughout the story, contributes majorly to the story and its elements, and in the case of defining a “good protagonist”, someone who can become a role-model or target of affection for the heroines. Quite unfortunately, “dynamic” protagonists are more rare than a shiny pokemon, not to mention the other features that they lack to be considered a “good protagonist”.

        If you, by any chance, have your own opinions of which protagonist may be the “best”, please feel free to make a suggestion. I would love to evaluate your opinion since that’s only going to open up more doors for me.

  4. I’m commenting here just to tell you that I also love the image captions. Keep it up! lolol

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