Game Review – Tokyo Xanadu (PS Vita)

2015-10-04-165402Nowadays, most game companies just play safe with the same old ideas, so I must praise Falcom for their attempt at a new IP! And, YES! This is absolutely the case for Tokyo Xanadu! Contrary to popular belief, this has NO connection to the Xanadu series, whatsoever. But how much original can Falcom get with this new IP? Did they deserve all that praise?


2015-09-30-231050A great earthquake hits Tokyo, leaving most of the area devastated and taking many lives in the process. Now in 2015, 10 years after the incident, people live peaceful lives, but many mysteries are still lurking in the shadows of Morimiya City, as there are many secrets to be unfold regarding the truth about the disaster.


2015-09-30-133811Tokisaka Kou is a student who urges to become independent. Even though his parents are working overseas, they provide him with enough money to live at ease. Nevertheless, Kou insists at making his own money by taking on many part-time jobs, and even took a liking to this life style.2015-09-30-134201At a certain night, he tries to save one of his classmates from a group of delinquents, only to get involved in a fight against creatures of another dimension. He eventually awakes the spiritual weapon known as “Soul Device”, and decides to fight alongside Asuka to help protecting the city in order to “protect his daily life”.2015-09-30-133849Hiiragi Asuka is the mysterious transferred foreigner student. She seems to act nice towards everyone, but she has a very cold and serious side when dealing with cases related to parallel dimensions. She is considered the Ace of the secret organization “Nemesis”, excelling in many areas. This gave her the bad habit of taking all the risks onto herself by never depending on anyone. However, when Kou and his friends become reliable allies, they are finally able to change her.2015-10-03-165656Ikushima Sora is a tomboyish childhood friend of Kou’s. She loves Karate and is considered a genius. She develops her own Soul Device to save her senior from the Karate club. She later decides to follow Kou’s steps by helping Asuka to fight against the invading creatures.2015-10-06-124040Shinomiya Yuuki first comes as a very mischievous shut-in hacker who cares for nothing in this world, but when his lovely sister is in peril, he suddenly becomes desperate and his feelings give birth to his own “Soul Device”. After witnessing his schoolmates going so far to help rescuing his sister, he convinces himself that “school wasn’t such a boring place, after all!”2015-10-05-210047Takahata Shio is the classic “big guy with a big heart”. Feared by everyone in Morimiya Academy as the “supreme delinquent”, he’s actually working hard in order to make amendments for his past mistakes. For the sake of his old friends, he also acquires his own Soul Device.2015-10-06-121012Hokuto Mitsuki is heir to the powerful Mitsuki group that runs the city from the shadows as the main family behind the Zodiac organization – A group of aristocrats who try to take benefit from the parallel dimensions phenomena. She tries to cooperate with Asuka, but their organizations are not in good terms. She finally becomes a powerful ally to the group thanks to Kou’s interference.2015-10-04-172059Kugayama Rion is part of the now famous Idol group “Spika”. She studies at the same Academy as Kou, although she rarely comes to school because of work. She gets shocked when she finds Kou is not a fan of hers (or of any other idol group either, for that matter). Therefore, she dedicates herself to “convert” the boy into an idol fan-boy. Ironically, since Kou doesn’t worship her like everyone else, he becomes the closest she has to a normal friend who treats her equally. Her singing voice seems to have some strange influence over people…

Themes & Plot Analyzes

persona-ead-adeptusNowadays, it’s pretty clear how huge of a success Persona 4 was! Not only it got many spin-offs and two anime adaptations, but it also has influenced many Japanese game companies to develop their own “Persona 4-like” RPGs. Games such as MIND≒0, Conception 2, Sen no Kiseki and even Fate/Extra CCC are heavily influenced by that Atlus title (while some titles directly rip-off some of its characters or elements). Tokyo Xanadu is yet another RPG to use this popular formula, or at least it was what everyone thought at first…2015-10-12-213045In the end, Tokyo Xanadu was much less “Persona 4-like” than I expected. It incorporates most of Falcom’s favorite tropes: A world filled with conspiracies, a guild of vigilantes who help the common folk, a group of aristocrats who try to manipulate everything, the military who usually stands neutral, secret organizations with convoluted plans, a group of inquisitors working for the church, FF7’s materia-like magical stones…2015-10-03-175709And even a protagonist who uses an unusual weapon (Rean from Sen no Kiseki being an exception). There was even a point where I suspected this was actually connected to the Kiseki universe, somehow (that was not the case, though).2015-10-12-212651Unfortunately, the Persona 4 elements are still there, though. They are just being poorly used! For instance: Shin Megami Tensei tells about Gods competing against each others by giving many trials to the humanity. In Persona 4’s case, the TV world was a dimension created by prejudice, rumors, misunderstandings and simple desire. That world tested the true nature of those who ventured into it, pitching them against their own “shadows”. “To test humans”, that was the ultimate purpose.2015-10-14-090254But let’s go back to Tokyo Xanadu now and ask the big question: “What is the reason behind the great disaster from 10 years ago?” Nothing, really! It just happened! That’s right! The “parallel dimension” and its monsters are never properly explained. No one knows its real origins or purpose. They are there just to feed on people’s negative emotions in order to spread terror. The creatures don’t have a mind of their own, which also means they don’t have a clear objective. This made the main plot feel pretty underwhelming! Maybe Falcom is saving those explanations for future sequels, which is not a good excuse!2015-10-08-204211Everything else that is not related to the “parallel world” can still be interesting to a certain degree. It’s a bit disappointing that “intrigues between powerful organizations” is nothing new to Falcom games and that feels a bit out-of-place in this real world setting, but at least it’s still well-written…for most part, anyway.2015-10-03-174306The biggest flaw to this plot comes from the many NPCs connected to those powerful organizations. They are all living in the city since the very beginning of the story, and yet, they do nothing to save the day from those monsters, even though they are all way stronger than the protagonists themselves. It feels like the writers included those characters in the last minute, or maybe they were not THAT important in early stages of development.2015-09-30-135904The way how the writers deal with the “secrecy” of supernatural elements is also odd! In the Kiseki games, the existence of magic and monsters are common knowledge, this was not to be the case in Tokyo Xanadu. Even though Asuka is constantly erasing people’s memories “MIB” style with a “neuralyzer” app on her cellphone, it feels unnecessary because, by the end of the game, the number of NPCs who always knew about the other world easily exceeds those who knew nothing about it. Maybe this was to make some NPCs feel more special, but consequently, this made the central element in the plot feel banal!2015-10-12-140930The plot structure can also be quite repetitive! Most chapters have the same following elements:2015-10-05-1422291- Kou and his friends have a normal school day, until someone in class start talking about a suspicious new event that seems to be connected to the supernatural.2015-10-03-1750452- A person is abducted to the parallel world. Most of times, this person has no negative emotions or fault in the matter. Being just a damsel in distress.2015-10-05-1335223- Someone related to the victim wants to help, but it has none of the special powers to do so, until suddenly, a light coming from its chests becomes a magical weapon by chanting an activation spell.2015-09-30-2305344- This person will immediately join the party, and after a boss battle, the victim gets successfully rescued and “neuralyzed” (if possible).2015-10-07-0105455- Everyone become friends, and they go back to their normal daily lives…at least until the next chapter.2015-10-09-002911This formula starts to change a little by the final chapters, but still…At the very least, the characters are pretty charismatic. They are probably this game’s main strength! I bet most people will strive to finish Tokyo Xanadu just to see what happens to them at the end. Which is really a shame, given how unsatisfied I was by the end of my playthrough.2015-10-14-090707There’s also a serious problem with the way those writers depict “a normal Japanese teenager living in the real world”. He’s always talking in a very dramatic and hot-blooded way, and everyone listening to his chuunibyou lines act like it was the most normal thing for someone to say. Nobody talks like that! It seems those writers think they are still working on Legend of Heroes.2015-10-05-212557There’s a “social-link”-esque system where Kou form deeper bounds with his friends. This doesn’t change the endings in the slightest, though. You only get a special conversation before the (not really) final dungeon. Those special conversations have no romantic implications to them, which doesn’t give you the feeling of progress (most likely because the writers already have a canonical shipping in mind). This should be rather disappointing for those who love Dating Sims.


sennokiseki (60)I bet the prototype for this game was just a modified Sen no Kiseki build with Rean running around in a dungeon while using field attacks that can actually hurt his enemies, instead of just stunning them, because that’s exactly how the gameplay in Tokyo Xanadu feels like!2015-10-06-230344The physics, speed and camera proximity are the same, and other party members can’t act together, so you need to change the attacker while the rest of the party keeps in stand-by. Of course, there are many additions to make this work more like an action RPG, like a dodge and a jump button, a command for magic spells and a special gauge to make you temporarily stronger, which are pretty common-place for games of this genre. Maybe even a little TOO common!tokyoxanadu02The action is not as fast-paced and frenetic as Ys. Likewise, the world is not open and full of alternative paths, either. Therefore, you don’t get any gimmicky ability to open new routes or to explore enemy’s weakness. Boss battles are simple brawls in a circular arena, without any trick involving new abilities or different environments to defeat them.2015-10-14-091530Each character has an element affinity and a unique type of weapon with different strengths. Kou is the all-arounder, while some of his allies may move faster, hit harder, have stronger magic, or a better range, the difference between them and Kou’s attributes are insignificant, so I see no reason why you shouldn’t main the guy.2015-10-20-221425You can’t change weapons, but you can change special stones to give new abilities or to burst your attributes. Those work pretty much like the Orbments from Legend of Heroes, but aside from those, you can also upgrade your special attacks for a certain price at specific shops. On the subject, you can exchange crystals you gather in dungeons for yens, similar to Legend of Heroes (did you notice the pattern?)2015-10-16-231642During his quest, Kou will have three virtues constantly measured for each of his actions: Wisdom, courage and benevolence. You raise wisdom by reading books and by making the right choice during certain events; You get more courage every time you clear a dungeon (more points for higher ranks); And finally, you can raise benevolence (and sometimes, a bit of the other two as well) by completing side-quests during your free time. You can check those attributes by talking to Kou’s grandfather. Collect 8 stars in total to unlock the real final chapter, and subsequently, the true ending.2015-10-13-205850By the way! Most side-quests are rewritten side-quests previously found in Ao no Kiseki and Sen no Kiseki, so…this means that it’s just like Legend of Heroes! YAY!


2015-09-30-231337Many assets are reused from Sen no Kiseki, like texture, animations, 3D models and more. To give even more similarities, the character designer was also confirmed to be the same (although his name is not listed during the credits roll), and he did an ok job, but sadly, certain characters lack a bit more of…creativity!2015-10-09-002412Some look too much like certain Sen no Kiseki characters, but others look similar to characters from this same game! Like Sora, who shares the exact same generic short blue hair and tomboyish style with the idol Akira! I wonder if they are being limited by how many different visuals they can depict with their simplistic 3D models.2015-10-03-171831Morimiya is a ficcional setting, but it was based on the real Tachikawa city, and they have done some pretty impressive job! Locations really feel like a real modern Japanese city.2015-10-06-130430v2 This world is rich in details, much like other Falcom games. NPCs even have their own little character-arc and will say different things at certain points in the story.2015-10-12-150801v2What really doesn’t impress are the dungeon designs. Aside for a couple exceptions, all of them look the same: old temples! This is a huge waste, given that the plot implies that parallel worlds are created by people’s negative feelings and their surroundings. Therefore, I was expecting that the world formed by the director of an art gallery would be filled with disturbing art pieces coming to life. Or maybe the dungeon that emerged with the whole school could be a bizarre version of the building, with teachers and bullies turned into monsters.2015-10-08-230321Nice ideas, huh? Well, at least it’s much better than the boring temples that you will be forced to explore throughout the game! I wonder if this is because they are making those dungeons only by recycling old assets from Sen no Kiseki as well…2015-10-08-192420Animations are mostly reused from Sen no Kiseki, without mentioning that the Falcom staff didn’t got any better at animating stuff, either. This means that everyone still move like robots! Which is specially awful during the live concert of the idol band Spika. I’m not a big pop-idol fan, but at least I know they are supposed to make energetic and cute choreographies, but here, they just walk around the stage while exchanging some smiles with each other. Naturally, the attack animations used by your playable units don’t look any better, either!

Voices & Music

2015-10-06-232536There are a fairly popular cast of skilled voice actors. Toriumi Kosuke – who voices Shio – is by far the most famous seiyuu in the cast, but the highlight goes to Numakura Manami, who voices Rion and also (supposedly) sings many songs together with her fictional group Spika, including the opening theme “seize the day” (although Spika gets official credits for it).  I have to admit that this song is pretty catchy. Also, kudos for the girl who screens like a Banshee at the beginning. It gives me the chills!2015-10-17-111333Aside from a couple songs recycled from Sen no Kiseki (again!), the soundtrack is all new and pretty catchy, as always, thanks to Falcom jdk band’s brilliant compositions. My only nitpick is that sometimes they want to emulate the sound of an electric guitar, but the result is a very poor midi noise.


2015-09-30-135039Generic character designs, repetitive plot, recycled assets, unimaginative dungeons, battle system lacking creativity and many missed opportunities are the main problems in Tokyo Xanadu, but this is not a bad game, by any means! I had lots of fun playing it.2015-10-12-142446There’s over 50 hours of different stuff to do and collect and I could feel accomplished by doing most of that. Besides, compared to the shit I’ve been playing recently, this is like GOLD! But honestly, if you enjoy Falcom games (specially those from the Kiseki franchise) you will most likely love this game, too. And I love them very much! But the fact is: It could be so much better!2015-10-17-113436

25 responses to “Game Review – Tokyo Xanadu (PS Vita)

  1. Looks like we’re on the same page with this game. I was playing it on nightmare and yet the combat didn’t really offer much of a challenge. There’s simply too much leeway in terms of reaction time ’cause the combat is rather slowish compared to for instance ys.

    It was also a big bummer that both endings pretty much sucked. The normal one didn’t make any sense (the should’ve at least put a ~5 years time skip there for a couple reasons, but mainly in order so that that reincarnation bs made at least half sense). The true ending however was just yolo deus ex machina and while they didn’t allow you to freely choose the girl you want to have romantic development with, they didn’t fully go through with the default shipping too! wtf.

    Apart from that, I gotta say, there’s one thing that bugs me about Falcom titles in general and that is hidden quests. The way it’s done is just horrible game design. There are literally no hints whatsoever, you just have to talk to every damn accessible npc before you advance the story. That’s boring as fuck, which is why you usually just look them up in walkthroughs, but if there is no walkthrough available yet….. fun.

    • I also hated the endings! Specially the True Ending! I actually prefer the normal ending, because at least someone dies, and it was even someone important to the protagonist. But now, think about this:
      How many people died on the disaster from 10 years ago?
      And how many died on this last disaster?
      This makes mortality feel like a joke! I couldn’t feel worried for anyone’s safety, because everyone was super prepared for whatever pops up! And even if someone dies, there’s a BS God living in some BS parallel dimension with a BS power to revive anyone! Plus, nobody got even injured in this game! Everything was so convenient in the end that felt silly!
      But, to be honest, I feel like most of my complaints are just nitpicking, because there was nothing about the game that could completely ruin the experience for me. I even like every single character in the group! And in my case, this is pretty rare!

      • Well, same here. The characters pretty much saved the game and the story was pretty much okay overall, there’s A LOT worse stuff out there and I enjoyed it like I do pretty much every falcom game. It’s just a bit frustrating that there was so much wasted potential. On that note, that element with other super strong characters randomly popping up and being stronger than the main cast strikingly resembled Sen II. I hope that won’t become a reoccurring pattern since that made Rean & his happy friends look like total noobs in comparison to Lloyd’s crew.

        There’s also that I’m kind of upset with falcom in general, which makes me sound more negative than I actually am. Here I was hoping we’d get to the Calvard arc next, and instead we’ll get Sen III… there’s only hoping that most class 7 members will be axed since I can’t stand most of them. Seeing how alisa is the most popular character in japan, we sure are bound to see more of her though….. hurray!

      • Actually, I wanted Rean and his happy friends to look like a bunch of noobs in comparison to Lloyd’s crew! Just like Lloyd’s crew looked like next to Estelle and Joshua during Zero no Kiseki. It would be only natural! After all, Lloyd and his friends already finished their biggest adventure, they even defeated someone close to a Goddess! They should be at epic levels by now, but unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case, since Rean still humiliated Lloyd and came back hope safe and sound to report he was “nothing special”. This kinda pissed me off!
        I also hope they just forget about class 7 all together. After all, Rean was set was a villain to be defeated by the end of Sen II, so maybe we can get new heroes fighting against anti-hero Rean in the next game.

      • That’s exactly what makes the whole thing so messed up. On one hand, you have Rean and his happy friends who even totally lose against squad leaders from the Zephyr Brigade, on the other hand you have Lloyd and Co. beat up the currently strongest mercenary, Sigmund. They also beat up Arios. Then you suddenly have Rean basically humiliate Lloyd without even using his demon powers and after that he even goes and states that he’s supposedly still nowhere near Arios’ level (which is pretty dumb in the first place since he never even met him). It makes no fucking sense. If they had made Rean and co. win the fights in the final dungeon (not counting the epilogue BS) by themselves, it would have made things a lot more consistent overall.
        It’s pretty safe to assume that they plan on setting up a character that will act like a counter force to Rean, maybe Lloyd judging by the dialogue in the side arc. I mean, I doubt they pointlessly mentioned that there was supposedly another mech in Lowengrin Castle that is already gone and since it was neither crow’s nor testarossa, the thing needs to be somewhere else.

      • A Mecha for Lloyd! For great justice! Lloyd could even become a new pilot for Crow’s Mecha (now that Crow won’t need it anymore). They could even break Crow’s giant two-point sword into two parts to make giant tonfas! Instead of Celine as a co-pilot, Lloyd could have Tio (who is also cat-like). Since Lloyd would be using Crow’s robot, this would enrage Rean and he would get a “villainous breakdown”. It would be perfect!

      • That’d be truly perfect, especially the Tio part. Now there’s only hoping falcom’s writers are as much of a genius like you!

  2. I also preferred the normal ending, albeit a bit short. The true ending felt kinda anticlimax, like, there was no impact at all. But I have to say, that foreshadowing with Kou doing PT-jobs was pretty great. The idol stuff mas meh, and I usually don’t mind such stuff.

    But yeah, a lot of missed potential for a otherwise great game for Kiseki-fans.

    • Yeah, at the very least, different from games like Luminous Arc Infinity, the idol stuff didn’t have a big influence in the plot or in the atmosphere, so I think it was harmless.

  3. i did finish the game tho was pretty meh I was hoping a lot love story between kou and asuka example like alisa and rean( sen series), I just don’t like shiori at all ==

    • How weird! I didn’t remember ANY love story between Alisa and Rean in my playthrough, though…
      This game was far from being at the same level as most Kiseki games, indeed! But I still enjoyed it way more than the first Sen no Kiseki!

      • I mean something like いちゃいちゃ haha hopefully the next game will be good

      • I never wished for Kou to get any closer to Asuka, but I did had him flirting a lot with Rion and Towa, and there was lots of “いちゃいちゃ” between them, so I was pretty satisfied about that “Galge” part! Even so, I still don’t think I would want a sequel. Unless Falcom makes it to be at the same level as Sora, Zero or Ao…

  4. I’m a Kiseki fan.. or I was, until Ao which was the last and the best for me.
    But Sen are terrible, especially the second one where the plot is : You try, your ass is saved, you try something else, someone else save your ass, and so on. Everything is so easy to guess, there’s no surprise.
    Lloyd should just kick Rean’s ass by so far Rean would go on a journey to think on the meaning of his life.
    Probably one of the most frustrating game I played.

    My wife bought me Tokyo Xanadu. I’m trying to forget the CLEAR Kiseki fingerprint on it.

    • The Sen arc is undoubtedly the weakest in the series, but the first Sen is still my least favorite by far. It was way more repetitive for me, as it had all the school setting tropes imaginable. Without mentioning that the basic concept is too similar to FF Type-0. But I do understand what you mean: The second Sen had lots of old and new allies to be introduced, so they always put the protagonists in a pinch, because an ally would come to save them, which would give the impression that this character is really cool and necessary. Randy did the same thing in Ao No Kiseki, but it was just one time and it was a really badass scene!
      Although I know how you feel, you shouldn’t think about Tokyo Xanadu as a “Kiseki “clone, when it is actually a “Sen” clone! You should do what I did: Go play (or replay) Sora no Kiseki Evolution to revive your feelings of joy for the series!

      • sanjilecuistot

        Yeah I just mis-said the “kiseki clone” thing. If it was a Sora/Zero/Ao clone, I wouldn’t mind, ah ah.
        Anyway, I don’t know about other Kiseki fans, but for me, it ruined everything. The 5 firsts were so well written and special I would have never imagined it would become so weak. I think I was “ok” with the first Sen because it was… the first… I thought. Ok, it’s showing characters, new systems, it’s s school, so preparation for a great future.
        But no.
        And I know we’ll never go back to the great 2D Kiseki with amazing characters and all now, which just completely killed the story for me (as well as Falcom more or less).
        Some people would think I’m over-reacting, but when you can’t… you can’t.
        It’s just impossible for my mind to enjoy and accept a bad game coming a series like this. If the stories were not related, whatever. I’d stop without caring, but here, it’ll use old characters and story while making atrocious scenes and writing. And what do we get, thousands of DLC for clothes. Thanks Falcom !
        It’s just so sad and frustrating.

  5. I haven’t play the game, but really do like Falcom trying new stuff with the Sen graphics engine. At first sight, I thought it was a Ys x Kiseki hybrid, but seeing that plot and character development is strong as written in your review, I can’t help but to doubt the immerse influence of Kiseki in this game… which may be a turn-off for me.

    On a different note, I would like to say that Sen 1 & 2 are great in their own ways. The restricted environment and story progress gives a bottom-to-top point-of-view of the Erebonian political and social settings. Players would have more time to understand and appreciate the socio-economy scenario of the biggest country in Zemuria.

    • I wouldn’t say the character development is as good as in the first Kiseki games, but most characters in Tokyo Xanadu are already likable enough in the very beginning. I saw many English-speaking players who ended up liking every character in the main group (well, maybe not so many fans for Asuka, though).
      As for Sen no Kiseki problems, I don’t think the restricted environment is one of them. Sora no Kiseki FC literally had guards blocking your way to not let you come and go freely to other cities, while the entirety of Zero & Ao no Kiseki were set on just one single city. I understand most western gamers care only for “open-world” games, but this format can also work.
      I guess old-time fans wouldn’t hate Sen no Kiseki as much as they do if it was a completely new IP not related to the other Kiseki games. The old games are just THAT good! Just look at how the recently localized Sora no Kiseki SC is getting praises everywhere, even though it is almost a 10 years old game! It’s a timeless classic.

  6. The ending felt unresolved, and the true ending felt like a kick in the sensitives. We get to see that Shiori had died ten years back, yet she lives somehow to become one of those monsters, and gets free pass to live again? If she died, shouldn’t she… I don’t know, stay dead?

    As for Kou’s relationship with the girls, Towa is his cousin, possibly his close cousin, and is supposed to be twenty eight years old. Rion is like a stalker, and I had enough of that with Tharja in Fire Emblem Awakening…the creepy witch. So, I go with Asuka.

  7. I have two issues with this game. One, are the characters long or short waist body build? If long waist, than the hands should come to the hips, not the mid thigh, that’s for short waist people. Yet the hands on the characters come mid thigh when it looks like they are long waisted.

    The other is the character of Jun. For most of the game, and in the swimming event, he is a male. But come July 8th loop, when he gets revealed as the figure in the white cloak, as well as injured, the moment he is only in the black underclothes, he is a she with a sizable bust, along with the voice to match. So which gender is he/she suppose to be?

    • Huge spoilers, huh? But I’m pretty sure he’s male. It just happens that his voice is done by a female and he has feminine traits, which is pretty common in animes, Japanese games and such.
      As for the body build, Falcom’s graphics are lackluster in many areas, so I wouldn’t expect much. It was even worse back in Ys Celceta.

  8. I have very mixed feeling about recent Falcom games and have been quite disappointed by the twist they’re taking in their games direction. I have no idea about Tokyo Xanadu, but it seems to me as a post modern kiseki game with hack&slash gameplay, one-dimensional characters with boring backstory and extremely repetitive dungeon gameplay with boring choir music (I may be wrong, hope so at least!).

    I’ve played both localized Trails of Cold Steel games with a lot of discomfort (and some disdain too) and now this the game has been announced to release in the west this year, I’m a bit hesitant about picking it up or not. From your experience, do you suggest trying it out despite its disappointments? Or to go play me some minecraft and touhou (⊙▽⊙)

    • I’m not into Minecraft, but Touhou is RAD! There’re many Touhou games that worth your time way more than this game, but if you absolutely love Falcom, maybe you will like this one. I find it mediocre. The plot is all over the place and the soundtrack is kinda unremarkable, save for one or two tracks. If you want to play a good action RPG by Falcom, how about Ys 8?

  9. Wow, that is just freaking Towa and Alisha there… these are not similar character models, they are freaking the same 😀 And the main hero is Albarea, with black hair 😀
    I dont mind per say, but damn 😀
    Also, the no romance thing is dissapointing, it doesnt have to be there, but romance usually makes the story more compelling and realistic, at least for me! Great review.

    • It seems they intend to make sequels with the same cast, which will supposedly feature more romance and even canon shippings for everyone in the main group, as there’re parings that get constantly teased in the promotional material.

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