Shameless Review – To Love-Ru Darkness: True Princess (PS Vita)

 To Love-ru is To Love-ru! If you look for To Love-ru you get To Love-ru! You don’t go into it for an intricate plot filled with backstabs and conspiracies, and you can’t expect it to have epic dramas that question the very nature of humanity, either! In other words: To Love-ru is a “charage”, and nothing more than that! But I dare to say it’s a pretty good charage, at the very least! (if this ever means something…)

6 responses to “Shameless Review – To Love-Ru Darkness: True Princess (PS Vita)

  1. I was pondering whether I should buy it for whenever I just want to relax on my couch, but some Japanese reviews claimed it’s basically ~1h per route and most of the scenes are supposedly nothing but carbon copies of manga panels, which made me defer the purchase. What’s your impression in that regard?

    • Like I said in the review, it has been a long time ever since I’ve read the manga, but I can see that some of the events were probably taken from there, mostly the ones involving Lala’s inventions, because the characters mentioned something about “re-acting events from the past to bring Rito’s memories back”. But, aside from Lala’s antics, I don’t think the rest was in the manga at all, since the events in each route has Rito actually getting romantically involved with a specific girl and developing real feelings for her, and we know this isn’t how To Love-ru rolls (or any other Harem manga/anime, for that matter). I guess fans will get nostalgic from seeing some of the old gimmicks being brought back in this Visual Novel, while they will also get something new from it. And Yes! Unfortunately, the routes are pretty short and take at least 2 hours to finish (1h is a bit of a stretch), but you don’t need to re-watch the same events again and again, since there’s no neutral route, and considering there’s 11 heroines and many extra events, there’s plenty of content!
      However, if you never enjoyed ANYTHING from the To Love-ru series, this game will not do miracles for you. Just go play something else instead!

      • It’s not like I consider To Love-ru a masterpiece or anything, but I always appreciated it for delivering some harmless, light content that is easy to digest when you’re in the mood for that kind of thing, so I WAS looking forward to this game.

        Judging by what you said, I suppose those Japanese reviewers were just getting a bit too salty since the game betrayed their stellar high expectations they unreasonably had or something.

        Thanks for the info, guess I’ll give it a go the next time I find myself with nothing left to do.

  2. Only one gif describes my reaction to this game:

    • I still had more fun playing this than any Galge released for PC this year, though. Shame on you, Galge industry!
      Wait a minute! Ley Line and Bishoujo Mangekyou are for PC and are still from this year! WOW! It feels like so long ago! Anyway: As a charage, this To Love-ru is surprisingly decent!

  3. this is actually funny . you are so hilarious. Especially the Nemesis part . Well edit you got there

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