Game Review – Grand Kingdom (PS4/PS Vita)

 For the first time, I’m doing a video review all alone. Well, not like most people ever noticed there were two voices before…Anyway! There’s nothing to joke about this time. This game is just too cool!

6 responses to “Game Review – Grand Kingdom (PS4/PS Vita)

  1. Just got me a PS Vita a month ago, so I may have to pick this up now. I was going to actually get a PS4, but I’m not real sure at the moment. It’s still a bit lacking in good titles just yet…maybe? This does really look interesting and reminds me of some certain RPGs that I played for other systems. Like you said, the art, graphics, yes, they really look well done. I wonder if there is a New Game Plus option available for it? And how is the online play or what can you do online? Also, I just love tons and tons of hours of gameplay on a certain RPG (I’m just a nerd like that. I love playing the same RPG over and over for many many hours and at least have 100-200 or more hours of gameplay clocked in. Looking at you, Tales of Phantasia Narikiri Dungeon X and Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 3…). I think Yggdra Union did a similar thing, where you find treasure items on the field of battle if you go in a certain area. Thanks for the review!

    • I didn’t play the Online mode for too long. When I play a game, I usually go for the single play for the story…except for one game (I’m looking at you, Splatoon!), but from what I got, you can do two things:
      1-Send a team you created to fight against a team created by other player. Both sides are AI controlled and the only way for you to watch the fight is through a replay once the battle is over. This mode may sound boring, but it’s a good way to level-up the characters you’re not using, while you play with a different team.
      2- You can go directly into a battlefield to fight for the Kingdom that you have a contract with. In this mode, every enemy is a character created by other players, but they are also AI controlled. If everyone in your side have a good performance, you will get lots of bonuses, including tons of money and even rare items.
      As for a new game plus. I don’t think so, because this game uses auto-save and you can’t create multiple save-files. But even after you finish the game, you’re sent back to the guild menu with all your characters and items intact, and you can just keep playing as much as you want. The only difference is that you will not have quest from the “campaign” type to choose anymore, since those are quests connected to the main plot.

  2. Hm seems pretty cool I liked Grand Knights History as well so yeah.

  3. Ah, I see, so maybe you can do play it like SAO Lost Song: you don’t necessarily *have* to play it online, that’s just to get together with a bunch of friends and do the very super hard quests, get better gear, and rack up ll that loot and experience, I really love the way this game plays out. And since you return back to the Guild after clearing the game, I guess New Game Plus isn’t really even necessary. Hopeful that you can keep your levels and whatnot. I’m looking at the game website right now to give it a look-see.

    • Yes, except for the part of “getting together with your friends”. Like I said before, every online interaction is with AI controlled characters. Probably because the game is turn-based, so it could result in many awkward and annoying situations where you would just wait for someone to make his turn. The only time the other players performances become relevant is to decide the winner of a war, which is the side that got the most victories by the time the “war period” ended. But there are ranks and the team with the best performances gets exclusive bonus and get its name in a poster for everyone to see! By the way, the current top team is called “Theodore”, followed by “FOXHOUND” (in romaji).

  4. Grand Knights History, what little I got to play, was a whole lot of fun. So this game was one of my most anticipated releases for this year. I’m so glad that it is turning out to actually be as good as I was hoping. Everything about it just sounds so wonderful.

    Great review on this game. I’m glad to hear such a positive one about it.

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