Shameless Review – Blade Arcus from Shining EX (PS3/PS4/Arcade)

When you play Blade Arcus, it will feels like you get an Art Gallery filled with Tony Taka’s works, but you need to play a mini-game in order to unlock each illustration, and said “mini-game” just happens to be a fighting game. Undoubtedly, Tony Taka’s lewd art is the selling point of this game. But maybe, just maybe, there’s actually a very decent game hidden beneath all this shameless fan-service…or maybe not!

4 responses to “Shameless Review – Blade Arcus from Shining EX (PS3/PS4/Arcade)

  1. I think Shining Ark is the one game Sega is trying to bury and never shine light upon again.

    • I didn’t find it to be THAT bad, but it seems it wasn’t as popular as they were expecting. BTW: You can still collect plenty of Shining Ark illustrations in the Gallery.

  2. Interesting..perhaps I’ll import it. Haven’t any played shining game since SF3..And I usually enjoy fighters.

  3. Umaru, you did it again! Hahaha, killed it! I feel bad because sometimes I actually do play like that in Senran Kagura Shinovi/Estival Versus, when all the attacks are really simple to do! I was thinking of getting this one but not quite sure just yet. I could check this one out for the fanservice (LOL, who plays for that?! *ahem*) or perhaps the gameplay is at least decent enough to be a fighter game. I’m such a noob when it comes to fighting games however and Umaru immediately comes to mind when I play them: I play to WIN, DAMMIT! 😀 And end up getting my ass whipped by more experienced fighters or the AI (LOL…) Thanks!

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