Monthly Archives: January 2016

Game Review – Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition (Arcade/PS Vita/PS3/PS4)

Yep! They made a sequel, but I don’t have much to talk about it…On a different note, there’s a new Chaos Code coming out on the PS4! Can’t wait to play that!

Shameless Review – Criminal Girls 2 (PS Vita)

 Criminal Girls 2 was probably the most Hentai release of 2015 outside of the PC realm (I fear that I didn’t play all lewd games from last year). Even most Eroges would not be as perverted as this game is! This game is so erotic that it gets ridiculous and funny! Therefore, I made a video all about it! BUT WAIT! Maybe there’s something more about it! Something genuinely good! Or maybe it’s just my imagination…

Shameless Review – Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel (PS3/PS4/Arcade)

The concept behind  this very peculiar title by Examu, Marvelous, and Nitroplus is nothing original, and it wasn’t even the first time it happened, either! But let’s leave the horrible past behind and enjoy the NOW, because Nitroplus Blasterz is, in fact, a very decent game!