Shameless Review – Criminal Girls 2 (PS Vita)

 Criminal Girls 2 was probably the most Hentai release of 2015 outside of the PC realm (I fear that I didn’t play all lewd games from last year). Even most Eroges would not be as perverted as this game is! This game is so erotic that it gets ridiculous and funny! Therefore, I made a video all about it! BUT WAIT! Maybe there’s something more about it! Something genuinely good! Or maybe it’s just my imagination…

8 responses to “Shameless Review – Criminal Girls 2 (PS Vita)

  1. It seems to me that lately ever since I finally caved and got a PS Vita, it has become more and more naughty over time (*cough*Senran Kagura Estival Versus for PS Vita/PS4. In new updates for SKEV, you can grope all the girls and kiss them, giving the game a bit of a dating-sim like feel to it), I did hear about Criminal Girls being ported in Vita format, I’m just still unsure on whether they would be worth checking out just yet. They look alright at best, though I think that maybe if they were a bit like dungeon rpgs such as Dungeon Travelers/New Tokyo Legacy Operation Babel, etc and kept all the erotica things in, they would be fine…perhaps. I think that I liked the first game better, all because Kisaragi reminds me of Kirino….maybe its her face…? I highly agree on the strange way of combat being done ingame, it doesn’t really look that interesting and doesn’t feel like it’s pulling you in and the backgrounds are like…uhhh…?
    I couldn’t help but laugh at the whole deal with the girls are being punished for stuff they didn’t do (or did do but they died already…?)…almost sounds like Minority Report, where you’re being jailed (or killed?) for a crime *BEFORE* you can actually commit it….it makes me feel a bit sorry them…regardless of their many sins and with you to guide them and help them through all their trials, they seem like a pretty lovable and cute harem bunch, although you’re just just punishing them and getting them in line, not dating them…yet *ahem*kidding!!! >_<;
    Ya gotta love those lovable and sexy harem heroines calling you Big Brother-san, though. In Senran Kagura and Valkyrie Drive, all you get called by your harems are loser, pervert, filthy scum, etc (although some girls don't mind if you touch them, hint hint…).
    It's really insane, man. Lately all I have seen on the PS Vita is very naughty D-rated games, compared to the now very dead (?!) PS3 and the PS4 (seems too new…?). Thanks again for the review!

    • Is this “Ero-trend” something new for the Vita? I thought it was always there to begin with. At least since the time I got my Vita.
      I’m not a big fan of the regular dungeon crawler, but even that would be a million times better than this system.
      Yep! Minority Report! My friend Ed said the same thing!
      From what the story implies, they committed many crimes already, but died before committing the huge sin that would worth sending them to Hell.
      You don’t have a Dating Sim system to date the girls, but it’s heavily implied that every single of them end up falling in love with the protagonist during the main events. Which probably means they are all a bunch of masochists!

  2. The Ero deal might be new to me, but I was still back in my Vita haterade days and only had my dying PS3 for all my so-called “Eroge”. I guess Natsuiro High School would probably most definitely be “Eroge”, to an extent”, due to limitless pantsu shots ingame from Avatar/Free Modes of gameplay. No other game for the PS3 has gone as far as that, as far as I know. But Vita-wise, Oh my GOD. When I first got it, I got both of the Senrans and later got Valkyrie Drive Bhikkuni….just think of better versions of the Ikki Tousen franchise and female only protags and playable character rosters.
    I’m kinda like you in away when it comes to Dungeon RPGs: yes, I have played one for the SNES called Arcana (Card Master in Japan) and ohhh my god, it was hell. The enemy encounter rate and the maps that slowly formed as you traversed the hard dungeons would really piss you off. I’m currently playing New Tokyo Legacy Operation Babel for the Vita which to me is a much better approach to Dungeon RPG and there is a way to speed up battles so that they are less boring (I never ran into any boring battles….yet…). It’s made by Mages 5PB and the art is very much like Rui wa Tomo wo Yobu. Speaking of dungeon rpgs, roguelike dungeon RPGs are also Demon Godly Hellish. Back when I owned a DS, I played some like Etrian Odyssey and Izuna the Unemployed Ninja, both which were very brutal to me back then I have Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable for my PSP which is Adventure/Roguelike Dungeon RPG. It starts off a bit tough but its very enjoyable. I’m just not really fond of that Kyubey thingy…oh well. 😀

  3. Maybe its me but I liked the battle system in the first game. There is charm in leave it to luck and besides the idea of raising friendship aside from the ecchi and learning skill its that they beggin to suggest the best attacks in the right moment. Like the girl who could revive anyone whose said skills only appeared when two or more allies died but only if you had high friendship.

    As for the rest of the game, it looks borderline hentai. I dont think it will get localized, shame I would play it, honestly. I think this game was upgraded because at least the shitty art of the first game is not present lol I remember that I also liked each girl backstory since they were really problematic, seems this game its a way better in that regard.

    • You don’t raise friendship in this one. Well, you get to do some side-quests which make them use less MP, but the frequency they use their best attacks don’t change. To try fixing that, they added items to use during battles that forces one girl to use her best attack one time, but it’s an extremely rare item.
      Wasn’t the remake of first game released in the west? Maybe there’s hope for this one, too! Although, I do rather if they focused localizing other games instead of this one. There are much better Japanese games coming out this year!

      • From NISA I dont think so, I could barely care about some of their latest non-Disgaea games. I think they could bring this one and have time for a couple more. A lot of japanese games will be brough by other companies, If we want Digimon there is Namco Bandai if we want Exist Archive, recently Spike Chunchoft opened his own english website annoucing Grand History so there is possibility of that one. Falcom games are being covered by Xseed, Star Ocean is international release, etc.
        Today it was announced that Gal Gun: Double Peace will come this year in english via PQube, didnt know them. I rather prefer Criminal Girls over that one but whatever. The best they could do is getting an english asian release like Moero Chronicles.

  4. well at least your childhood wasnt ruined with Puzzle Bobble though to be honest my friend was the only one who played Criminal Girls back on the PSP… though I swear I could play Bullet Girls 1 and 2… yes… it has a “sequel” no matter how shitty the game might be

    • I love puzzle bobble! I played a lot back in the days. It’s one of the most innocent and fun games I’ve played, but that mini-game from Criminal Girls 2 made me remember of puzzle bobble right away. Damn it!
      I actually only played the PSP version of the first Criminal Girls. I did got the remake for PS Vita for free on PSPlus, but I never touched it.
      I also hated the gameplay of the first one, so I used cheats to go through most of the game. I have no regrets!

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