Let’s Play – Summon Night 6 demo (PS Vita)

The hype is strong with this video, as we make a pretty detailed analysis of what we got from this trial to predict what is to come on the full version. If anything, it was a nostalgic ride!

11 responses to “Let’s Play – Summon Night 6 demo (PS Vita)

  1. Wow, damn! I saw this on the website but wasn’t really sure of it….until now! And immediately you see Aty…THIS was the reason I snatched Summon Night 3….4, too, though I hear in Japan of rumors that Summon Night 4 was not as good as the third game…….like I care! I got that one, too, LOL. Because apparently, you can bring over lots of people from Summon Night 3 into this game t join your party. But wow, I’m glad that the Summon Night series is still being made. I missed the 5th game, sadly, however…but anyways, yes, Aty is my most favorite character…and I chose her as my alterego, plus she probably has the biggest boob size of any female in the series…maybe rivaling Mint from Summon night 4…who knows, LOL. BAty is indeed very hot, and sexy-ish and I’m hoping during the Night Events ingame that there is a bit of Yuri…maybe not. *sob*. I’m not fond of Summon Night 3 and 4’s males….Summon Night 3 and 4 from what I have played, have very wonderful openings anime-styled and the gameplay isn’t too hard…yet…just got to be very careful of your party members getting slaughtered or it fucks up your Karma….and if your Karma is very bad, that leads you to the BAD END. *shiver* *AHEM, I have had problems with the Karma a lot…even during Free Battles to level up weaker characters, you just have to make sure they STAY ALIVE ALL THE TIME…easier said then done, as some enemies will really tear into your party. And if you use your “Over-powered” (?) Sword thingy in more tougher battles, that also makes your Karma go up…a certain person later can fix your Karma, though…anyways, this is the kind of Simulation RPG that I love, it’s way better than a certain game…yeah, you know which one…moving on. The leveling up is pretty interesting and the person in your party who kills the last enemy racks the most of the EXP, which I thought was pretty interesting. Everything you seem to do increases your EXP, even healing…perhaps? I hear that this is also going on PS4. I may have to decide on versions, as I only have the PS Vita right now…however, I DO plan on striking down on the PS4 eventually! Time to get up with them newer consoles! Hell, they will still be churning out games for the Vita and PS4 in the many years to come, amirite? 😛

    • As I said in the video, Aty is the most popular character in the series right now, but…I still chose Rexx as my MC in SN3. He’s pretty cool, and I regret nothing! I never felt like playing as Aty (Maybe because I’m not very into yuri stuff?).
      Karma isn’t a thing in SN5, so I believe it will be the same with this one.
      The way how you get EXP and SP is still the same here, so you will probably have fun grinding in this game again.
      And, Yes! It will be also available for PS4 (It also said so in that big “Congratulations” screen at the end of the demo).

  2. My bad, I didn’t realize that you had played Summon Night 3 as well. Rex does also seem like a very nice and warm-hearted protagonist, too, I guess the reason why I chose Aty was because before I had actual played this game or heard of it, I was reading up info for the series on the Japanese website (this was back after I had played Summon Night Swordcraft Story 2) and immediately I was somehow drawn to her. I just got done playing the very short demo and man, was it really cool! I felt real at home as I tried out the combat, and using your new techs/skills, everything is still very familiar, as well as having new abilities and things added. The protag that you play as is really awesome. His voice sounds…very familiar, I wanna say Kirito…? Hmmm. Looking forward to seeing this hit for PS4 or PS Vita. I’ll probably just get it for the Vita for now although I’m sure the PS4 will be a much better choice. I missed 1 of the Braves but wow, that made me flashback and feel so hard…looks like I’m gonna be playing Summon Night 3 and 4 tonight after a long hiatus, due to other games getting in the way, lol. 😀

  3. Nice video, I’m really on the fence about Summon Night 6. On one hand, it looks really pretty, but on the other hand I’m afraid it might end up just being nothing but references to the previous games. Since I’ve only played Summon Night 3 (no 1,2,4,5), I’m afraid I’d miss out on a ton of stuff. I’m looking forward to your thoughts on it if you do buy the full version about whether or not it stands on its own as an independent new game or just constantly relies on the returning characters.

    • Thank you!
      I also felt like the full version will be full of references to the older games (it’s almost a given, since there are so many returning characters), but I’ll buy it for sure, since I’m a hardcore fan of the series!

  4. I really should just watch the video but what’s your favorite SN game?

    And what do you think of the main games each?

    And hello it’s been awhile.

    • That will take a while, but:
      My favorite is the 2nd one. The 1st was also enjoyable, but the story and graphics got a huge improvement overall in the 2nd entry. Also, SN1 had an over-simplistic battle system filled with flaws, the Visual Novel elements were still poorly incorporated, and all the partners were basically the same character.
      The 3rd one was cool, but I find the protagonists to be just too perfect at everything (which is also a problem in SN5), they are also just too kind and happy to everyone. The 3rd entry also ditches the journey theme from the 2nd, (where they were always moving to different cities to meet with new people). Instead, the whole game happens in just one island, which gives you a “headquarters” of sorts, (and I hate “HQs”! It gives a feeling of safety, which is not what an adventure should be about).
      The 4th is also guilty for keeping the whole story in just one town, and most of the cast are cute little children, which makes difficult to believe that they are opposing a dangerous group of criminals feared by the entire world. For most of the time, the protagonists act like brats, which gets annoying. The story is also too positive! One of the strengths in this series is that it pretends to be all cute and happy, while it actually is pretty dark, but in SN4, no one gets a bad ending, not even the villains. Everyone gets saved and forgiven. Too convenient!
      SN5 is the dawn of a new age, and I admire that the writers basically made a whole new world with lots of new elements to its culture. However, it takes all the convenient and positive atmosphere from SN4 and amplifies it to the infinity. There’s no racism, war, slavery or conspiracies. There’re 2 evil groups, but one is just a “Yakuza” type of good guys who do evil stuff. While the other group is very small and gets completely defeated in the same game. The MC is as “perfect” as the MCs from SN3. (BTW: The heroes from SN3 are so OP now, that no villain will ever pose a threat, so I hope Rexx/Aty is at least put out of commission for a direct sequel).
      Bonus: Summon Night U:X is the true sequel that I wanted! The plot is excellent! It gives you a fake sense of safety and happiness, but then, lots of dark developments start to happen one after another. The new characters are interesting, and the old characters return all grow up and changed. It’s just GREAT! Too bad it’s just a light novel…
      BTW: That’s right! You should watch the video and give me some feedback…Please!

      • Hm..I see then. Thanks it was nice to hear your thoughts on the series.

        And yeah I’ll watch the video too of course.

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