Game Review – Net High (PS Vita)

Net High – when a person become overly-positive and active, and starts to act like it is “High”.

It makes sense! This was probably how the developers were feeling when they created this game! But in this case, this would actually be a good thing! Because Net High is the best Marvelous game I’ve played since Muramasa Rebirth, and that one was actually by Vanillaware! Anyway! This is a bizarre and yet fantastic game that MIGHT be coming to the US soon! So, give a look at all the wonderful absurdity that is the JP version!

3 responses to “Game Review – Net High (PS Vita)

  1. Hear good things about this. Looking forward to it if it ever comes over.

  2. The concept, gameplay, and aesthetic are quite interesting. If the rumour you mentioned proves to be true, then the business can count on my purchase.

  3. Man looks awesome, didn’t realize it was this good of a game until I watched your review. Here’s hoping XSeed picks it up, or someone else

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