Game Review – Exist Archive (PS Vita/PS4)

What do you get when you cross a Minotaur with a Valkyrie? The answer is: Exist Archive! A ultra colorful RPG by tri-Ace and the character designer from Love Plus! It looks exciting, stylish, cute, badass and even a bit dark! But the truth is that this game may be very different from all those first impressions!

2 responses to “Game Review – Exist Archive (PS Vita/PS4)

  1. Nice video, I agree with almost everything (I’d never tell Yamatoga to shut up, loved that voice the whole time!). I think this was the first JRPG in a couple years that I actually dropped without finishing it. Like you said, the repetitive dungeons (and especially, going after those damned crystals for each and every party member) were such a chore. It probably didn’t help that I played the Vita version with long load times, too. Less sidetracking, more main story!

    • It actually took me very long to get tired of hearing Yamatoga’s voice (I also love this voice actor), I was close to clear the game when it happened, but I know of some people who actually couldn’t take him anymore before the first 1 hour of gameplay. I had to be very patient to go through all the repetitiveness in the game, and the same Takehito voices playing over and over again didn’t help.
      Thank God I got the PS4 version, I wasn’t as wise when I bought Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna, though…

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