Game Review – Okage: Shadow King (PS2/PS4)

There are times in your video game life when you see a game and think: “I need to play this! I WANT TO PLAY THIS! NOW!”. At least, this was how I felt when I first read about Okage years ago. For my despair, I had no way to actually play it at that time. But those days are gone! Now I can just pay 10 bucks and get this super rare, crazy, creative, obscure and creepy RPG originally released for a newly born PS2! I love nowadays conveniences! But not as much as I love this freaking game! Yes! It was everything I was expecting, and then some! It was destiny! How romantic!

2 responses to “Game Review – Okage: Shadow King (PS2/PS4)

  1. Still loving the reviews, keep it up!

  2. I remember this. A store owner told me that this game was nice and funny years ago.

    Never played it I guess I should though,

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