Game Review – Monster Hunter Stories (3DS)

Slipping under everyone’s radar, comes this little JRPG that turn out to be one of the best games I’ve played this year. I know everyone is going crazy over the newest Pokemon, but Monster Hunter Stories may be just as good, or maybe even better!

4 responses to “Game Review – Monster Hunter Stories (3DS)

  1. This was a great review! It points out just how great Monster Hunter Stories really is, and I’m still hoping Capcom and Nintendo will do something to ensure this one gets launched in the West (due to the anime being licensed by Funimation here).

    It really looks like the sort of JRPG that we’ve been missing for so long now since the Vita launched a whole new wave of more fanservicey JRPGs. And while I have nothing against those games (a few are sitting as titles I’m eager to get my hands on when they release here next year), it’s nice to see something that just oozes what made JRPGs appealing for me as a child (and an adult) so present in such a nice package – and bonus points for it not being a remake of a classic title.

  2. Since the game is coming out next month on the west, i’m sold after watching ur review. More interesting that i initially thought it’s gonna be.

    I do hope you still remember me btw 😛

    • Yes, I do remember! It has been a long time since we talked on blogs or twitter, though. What happened to your site? Can’t open it!

      • I was working on a new layout but it’s back up and running now. Blog moved to just for archive purpose. Will probably work on other project next year tho, but not relating to blogging.

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