Game Review – Valkyria Revolution (PS4/PS Vita)

Look at the size of that Valkyria’s….scythe! Ah! And she also has gigantic boobs! Oppais like these…It’s a Revolution! Welp! At least it seems they kept one of the things that made the original Valkyria Chronicles so popular, but what about everything else?

2 responses to “Game Review – Valkyria Revolution (PS4/PS Vita)

  1. Hi,

    How does the game run on the Vita version? I’ve played the PS4 demo from the Japanese PSN and it was alright but I’m really thinking of getting the Vita version when the game releases in the West.

    • Sorry, but I only bought a PS4 copy. Although I’ve heard the Vita version looks quite the same, save for longer loading times. The PS4 version even has an unusual screen resolution, because it’s supposedly based on the Vita version.

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