Game Review – Zanki Zero (PS4/PS Vita/Steam)

What a pleasant surprise this game was! I was not expecting Zanki Zero to be THIS good. And yet, here is a video of me praising it to no end. I regret nothing, though!

One response to “Game Review – Zanki Zero (PS4/PS Vita/Steam)

  1. Which version did you play? I’m kinda worried about the vita version since zanki zero is also on ps4, but dungeon crawlers and VNs are just more fun when you can play them wherever and whenever you’d like.

    Also, I know most people don’t mention it in reviews, but adding what difficulty you chose when you’re talking about challenges or unfair moments would be extremely helpful. Of course, you can change the difficulty in this one, so it wasn’t as important, but some of us go into new games at the highest or lowest difficulties and it would help to know how you personally experienced less flexible titles.

    Are you going to play & review Mary Skelter 2? I’m curious what it’s like. Compile heart games are often disappointing, but the first one sounded promising (and comes with the sequel?)

    I can’t tell if you need to play Mary Skelter 2 on your jpn psn user account to play the first game or if you need a separate download code (which means I’d need a new copy?) It’s very confusing.

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