Game Review – A Certain Magical Virtual-On (PS4/PS Vita)

Believe it or not, Virtual-On surprisingly fits in the Index universe! Both series’ plots don’t make much sense, but the fights are super cool! Just take a look:

4 responses to “Game Review – A Certain Magical Virtual-On (PS4/PS Vita)

  1. Great video. I’m glad it’s finally been reviewed outside of Japan – very little has been written about the game outside of a brief look back from TGS 2017 (

    I’m really enjoying it myself. Originally I was worried that the move to single-stick controls would feel wrong but they’ve done a good job adapting it to a controller here.

    Would you be up for playing this online with me at some point? I have it on PS4, and I assume it has cross-play with Vita. But the online servers for mission mode and versus are practically dead.

    • Sorry, but I’m currently not subscribed to PS Plus. (ㄒoㄒ)

      • You shouldn’t need Plus to play online on Vita 🙂

        Do you happen to know whether the Vita version supports local multiplayer? As far as I’ve seen, it doesn’t on PS4 – the network options on the title screen and in mission mode only allow for online play, no split screen or system link.

      • Unfortunately, the Vita version doesn’t support local multiplayer, either 🙁

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