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Anime Review – Akame Ga Kill

20140121_akame01This story tells the tale of a innocent countryside boy who wants to make himself known and rich in the big city. Being a big fan of RPGs I can definitely relate to this theme, even if it can be a little overused. Besides, this time we have a little different development from what you would expect at the end of this first episode. And I am sorry to say: SPOILERS.

Anime Review – Seikoku No Dragonar

Seikoku no Dragonar is an anime with a medieval setting that revolves around dragons. Well, I don’t know you but I love me some dragons, they are my favorite magical beings, so this anime has quite the initial appeal to me. Let’s see if it lives up to it.

Anime Review – No Game No Life

NoGameNoLifeNo Game No Life is an anime about a couple of siblings who end up in a new world where everything is based on games. Well, being an addicted gamer myself, I just have to take a look on this one!

Anime Review – Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

mahoukaWe are at the beginning of a new anime season and that means it is the perfect time to do some reviews. And for today’s review, I choose an anime that I know nothing about – Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei – to watch the first episode and give you guys my opinions about it. Let’s give it a shot.

Anime Review – Mahou Sensou

Mahou SensouWell, I’ve been kinda late on making a new review. To correct that, I went on a research of which titles I could write about lately. So, turns out there is an anime called “Mahou Sensou” on air this season. Well, since I like me some magic and some war, an anime with a title that  translates as Magic War or Magic Warfare (I guess the second is what is going around, since “Modern Warfare” is popular) sounds pretty good to me. With good spectations, let’s delve on this one, shall we.


Top Ten Favorite Animes 2013

top10bannerSo, it’s that special time of the year and lists of Top 10 have been showing up all over the internet. We could not stay out of it, especially because I love top tens, so we sculpted a list of the ten animes we liked the best from the great list of 2013 and we came up with these. Notice, it is top ten of our favorite, I am not saying top ten best animes, so you don’t feel like the anime you find better and is not here (And I bet there is a specific one that a lot of people are going to notice) has been offended. It is just personal taste.

On a important notice, we are trying a kinda weird format, the idea is to avoid spoiling the next position as you read, it’s a test and I ask you to say if you like it or it’s too much trouble for too little gain. Thank you.

And let’s get this list going already:


Anime Review – Strike the Blood

Does Kojou have a Reverse-Sayajin mode, like Nagi Souichirou?We live in a age where vampires stopped being seen as creatures from the dark and started shinning at the sun. But fear not, my friend, Strike the Blood may have vampires different from the nosferatu of the old, but so far has enough to keep us (and by that I mean me) interested.