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News – Manga to Anime & New Galges

Nowadays is a rare phenomenon when a manga gets an anime adaptation, it’s even more rare when this is a shoujo manga. This is such a case to “Super Seishun Brothers” (Super Youth Brother). It seems to be about two couples of bracon/siscon siblings.news10-01 There are new games coming from big companies soon: Lump of Sugar has “Sekai no Sekai no Mannaka de” (Between Two Worlds), there is a imouto, an energetic girl, a quiet girl and “slow-paced” kind girl. It’s schedule for a December 20 release.news10-02Frontwing decided to attack with a Kawaii-type Galge (maybe a Nukige?) Innocent Girl, It will be released only on February 28, 2014.news10-03Meanwhile, more info was given for BaseSon’s new Sengoku†Koihime, but with no release date.news10-04

News – New Manga from Akamatsu Ken

It’s called “UQ Holder!” and it will be feutured on Shukan Shounen Magazine No 39. It will have a first chapter with 82 pages and front colors! They are putting quite the confidence on this title. It is being rumored of being in the same universe as Mahou Sensei Negima, but this time being all about Shounen Battles since the beginning.news09-01

News – Good bye to a Mangaka

Accordirg to the Asahi newspaper official web site, the mangaka Sadogawa Jun was found dead. Apparentely he hanged himself, but the case is still being investigated. Nevertheless, this is really a big loss. He was the author of Muteki Kanban Musume, I loved this manga…


News – Movies, Live Actions & Shield Energy

Silver Spoon (Gin no Saji) will receive a live action adaptation. Famous actor and Idol Nakajima Kento is posing for this very blurred shot. It seems it is being schedule for a 2014 release. There is also Hirose Alice as Mikage Aki and Eushima Ryuhei as the “president”. Yoshida Keisuke is the director.  news07-01A new Hunter X Hunter Movie was announced. It is subtitled as “Last Mission” and it promises to uncover the “darkness” behind the Hunter organization.news07-02A new countdown for a new MAGE’s game started on 5pb’s homepage. However, they gave just too much of a hint! Shield Energy is a message that appear in a lot of scenes from Infinite Stratos.news07-03

News – D-Fragments & Titans

A anime version for the wackiest love comedy in nowadays was announced! D-Frag is about a deliquent joining a school club of girls who say to have control over the elements. However, this anime has no magic powers whatsoever…news06-01

Recently, Japan have been really mean to us. The new Star Ocean is a social game. Breath of Fire 6 is a browser game, and even the very anticipated game version of Shingeki no Kiyojin is also a browser game.news06-02But fear not! Spike Chunsoft announced in the pages of Shonen Magazine No.10 that they are working on an epic game for the 3DS and will still release it this year!news06-03

News – Rorona no Remake

Scans from the newest Playstation magazine shows that a remake of Atelier Rorona is in the works. It will be released for PS3 & PS Vita. There will be new events, items, changeble clothes, battle systems, and better graphics. The game will have cross saving features and the first press edition will come with a code for Rorona’s swimming suit. It seems that the game is not being made by the regular Atelier team but by a group from Koei Tecmo.news05-01news05-02White Album 2 will also be out for Vita on November 28.news05-04Have watched the anime Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko? If yes, then how about playing a Galge for the PSP? You choose how to react to the girls topics by selecting being honest to your feelings or just fake a reaction.news05-03

News – No More Berserk

There is a rumor going on 2chan about a new Idol M@aster being announced on the next Tokyo Game Show. Kentaro Miura will never work on his manga again…news04-01

Talking about rumors, there is one going on in the other side of the world about a pack with the PS4+PSVita for 500 bucks. Interesting…

Did you even imagined having to buy games with covers like those below? Acording to this, it seems that is a new reality on Chile.


Dark Souls is now a FPS thanks to a hack made by this fellow called “Soul Slasher”. It seems more generic than ever.

Dengeki Online Informed about the remake of Criminal Girls for the PS Vita. New characters, scenarios, costumes and punishment. However, nothing about better graphics, which means the game will be a papercraft show once again.