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Game Review – Exile Election (PS4/PS Vita)

This new Visual Novel by Nippon Ichi and Regista is a good reminder for why I still give a go to this genre on consoles, even though it has been 2 years ever since I’ve stopped “playing” their PC counterpart (A.K.A. Eroge) because of how utterly stupid the big majority of them are! Granted, there’re still some absurdly retarded shit on consoles, too! But let’s leave the past shittiness behind to appreciate the elegant craziness of Exile Election.


Game Review – Persona 5 (Q&A)

Now that I got to the end of Persona 5, I’m finally free to play the usual silly and creepy Japanese games again! But before I go back to the darkness, I must put an end to this by answering a bunch of questions about this master piece of a game! Some were questions people asked me, while others are questions I’ve heard frequently elsewhere. Well…there’s one I asked to myself! Don’t worry! No spoilers! So you can watch this and prepare yourself for the English release!

Game Review – Grand Kingdom (PS4/PS Vita)

 For the first time, I’m doing a video review all alone. Well, not like most people ever noticed there were two voices before…Anyway! There’s nothing to joke about this time. This game is just too cool!

Shameless Review – To Love-Ru Darkness: True Princess (PS Vita)

 To Love-ru is To Love-ru! If you look for To Love-ru you get To Love-ru! You don’t go into it for an intricate plot filled with backstabs and conspiracies, and you can’t expect it to have epic dramas that question the very nature of humanity, either! In other words: To Love-ru is a “charage”, and nothing more than that! But I dare to say it’s a pretty good charage, at the very least! (if this ever means something…)

Shameless Review – Natsuiro High School: Seishun Hakusho (PS3/PS4)

It has been long since our last video-review, but war never changes! Zebaca’s voice still sounds just like mine, we keep making billions of references that no one understand and we still talk about embarrassing games that most people would never play! Ha! Those losers are missing such a great game! It’s like a Dream C Club where you can actually go out of the host club and walk around town!…and then…you do nothing…IT’S AWESOME!

The Sunshine Award (Update: August 19)

sunshine award01I thank  from Otaku Highschool Life for  nominating me for “The Sunshine Award” which is a way to raise awareness for other Japan-related blogs and to make bloggers socialize by answering and giving questions to each other.

Demo Review – Disgaea 5 (PS4)

Disgaea 5 (TGS demo) - gameplay - 2014-09-26 08-51-59.mp4_snapshot_01.02_[2014.09.26_13.29.22]Here is something special: A review for the TGS demo of Disgaea 5! The download code was given to me by ‏@I_e_on, so you have my gratitude! Thanks to you, now I really want to buy this game! The complete playthrough will be right ahead, followed by my text review with screenshots: