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Demo Review: Monster Hunter Stories (3DS)

I would love to play the hell out of this game once its out next month, but because of certain circumstances, I’ll not have the free time to do it. Therefore, I’ve reviewed this demo in advance for the time being, but I’ll certainly come back with a more in depth review for it!…Eventually!

Game Review – Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 (3DS)

Yes! I’m so glad that I got such a freaking badass game to be my first 3DS video review, instead of the creepy JP games that I usually review. However, worry not! Reviews for bizarre 3DS stuff are to come in a not too distant future. But, for now, I get to play this amazing sequel to one of my favorite games!

Game Review – Fire Emblem If/Fates (3DS)

fireemblemif-113Fire Emblem If is one of the few games that makes worthy getting a Nintendo 3DS just to play it. Awakening was already a pretty damn good RPG, but this new entry manages to surpass the previous one on pretty much everything! Well, most of it, anyway…Considering that it is actually three games in one!

Game Review – Stella Glow (3DS)

stellaglow131v2Imageepoch is one of my most beloved Japanese developers. Thus so, I wish I could love every single inch of their last game, but the truth is I’ve got quite the love-and-hate history going for this title. Is it worth paying around 6000 yen on it? This is up to you, but I can help by giving a rough idea of the best and the worst of Stella Glow.

Game Review – Bravely Second (3DS)

bravelysecond88Bravely Default was one of the best RPGs to come out lately. Together with Gunvolt, it’s one of the only two games that I consider to be so good that it’s worth buying a Nintendo 3DS just to play it! Naturally, the sequel has lots of expectations to live up to, but…Hey! No pressure there! Let’s hope that it is at least as good as the first one!

Galge Review – New LovePlus+ (3DS)

newloveplus+23v2Recently, I felt like I could just throw my life away to try playing the game that has been enslaving thousands of Japanese Otakus: New LovePlus! This 3DS title a sequel to LovePlus – an already equally popular game for Nintendo’s previous portable: The DS. LovePlus is basically the ULTIMATE CHARAGE! You don’t believe me? In that case, believe in Konami instead! When the company responsible for such titles like Castlevania and Metal Gear says it will make the supreme Charage, it will do just that! There is nothing that can be done to stop this giant!

Game Review – Etrian Odyssey Untold II: The Knight of Fafnir (3DS)

etrian60Here I am to try yet another item in my black list: Etrian Odyssey. My dear friend zebaca hates this series with a passion! I never played any of those titles, but it’s rare for me to like dungeon crawlers. Well, what I know? This was one of such occasions!