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Game Review – World End Syndrome (PS Vita/PS4/Switch)

It’s World End Syndrome! And if you watched any of the trailers, you will notice  that there’s something very fishy about this visual novel right away! Isn’t that MOE?!

Game Review – Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator (PS3/PS4)

I can’t complain too much about my current gaming life! The fighting game genre became popular again, so there’re lots of new titles coming out for every taste and style! Nitro+, Shining Force, even Dengeki Bunko have their own fighting games! This created what many have been calling “anime fighters”. However, for me, those titles were just warm ups for the REAL THING: Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator! The “supposedly” final chapter to the Xrd arc! And it is GLORIOUS!


In this episode, we watch the end of the epic saga that started two years ago with Code: Embryo. The amnesic “watashi” (who is totally not Nine from Blazblue) explores another dimmension in search for her “imouto” (who is totally not Celica from Blazblue). This chapter shall be remembered as the Genesis of the Blazblue universe!…Totally!

Game Review – Guilty Gear Xrd ~ SIGN (PS3/PS4)

Guilty Gear Xrd – SIGN is so freaking powerful that it simply destroyed our youtube channel! But we don’t give a damn! We just created a new channel to post this fucking review! This is how much we love this darn game!!!

Also, check Blazen for some funny comics!

Shameless Review – Under Night In-Birth (PS3)

The people at French Bread got tired of waiting for those TYPE-MOON dudes to deliver new story for their Melty Blood, so they decided to ditch (almost) all the “Nasu-verse” stuff and we ended up getting this new title insted. That was a excellent decision! This game is even better than what I was expecting! Thank you for being a lazy bastard, Kinoko Nasu!

Game Review – Magical Beat(PS Vita)

magicalbeat04I love me some RPGs and Fighting games! Those are my favorite genres, but there are times where one must give a break and try some other genre as well, and maybe even have some interesting surprises!


Galge Review – Getsuei Gakuen – Kou – (PS Vita)

getsueigakuen03Once upon a time, there was a very weird guy called Tomokazu Sugita. He was a talented voice actor and was even considered to be one of the best seyuu of his era by the peverted people from 2ch (and in a world where K-ON and AKB0048 are the law, this is impressive). Wishing for more, Sugita decided to write a novel. Feeling the smell of profit, Arc System Works used the same engine from XBlaze to make a visual novel out of Sugita’s work. The result is quite something…